[Approved] Funding request for ETH Milan 2023 - Ina DAO at ETH Milan 2023

Hi Creatives DAO!

INA DAO is looking forward to representing the Creatives DAO diverse community as one of the OG DAO’s in the ecosystem that is dedicated to female artists.

We have plenty to share about what we have accomplished and help the curation team and production of the event.


  1. Knowledge Sharing and Learning: INA DAO seeks to foster a culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing within our community. By attending ETH Milan, we will have the opportunity to engage with industry experts, thought leaders, and other blockchain enthusiasts. We will participate in workshops, presentations, and panel discussions to expand our understanding of the latest trends, advancements, and best practices using blockchain technology. The insights gained from this event will be shared with our community members, promoting their growth and empowering them with up-to-date information.

  2. Networking and Partnerships: ETH Milan provides an ideal platform for connecting with like-minded individuals and organizations within the blockchain space. We aim to build valuable relationships and partnerships with other DAOs, projects, and individuals who share our vision and values. Through networking at the event, we can explore collaboration opportunities, potential sponsorships, and strategic alliances that will further strengthen INA DAO and enable us to make a broader impact in the blockchain community.

  3. Community Representation: INA DAO strives to be a prominent voice for women on the blockchain and promote diversity and inclusion within the industry. By attending ETH Milan, we will showcase our commitment to this mission and represent the interests and perspectives of female artists in the blockchain space. We will actively participate in discussions and engage in conversations to highlight the unique contributions of our community members, sharing our experiences and insights to inspire and empower others. We also have a lot of materials and information to share about what we have been building and doing on INA DAO, so we can make a presentation of everything we’ve been doing, show videos of our events and more.

  4. Visibility and Outreach: ETH Milan attracts a diverse range of participants, including investors, developers, influencers, and media representatives. By participating in the event, we will enhance the visibility of INA DAO and our community. We will leverage this opportunity to share our story, initiatives, and achievements, thereby attracting more attention, fostering new connections, and amplifying our message of inclusivity, creativity, and empowerment. We also hope to be able to onboard more female artists to our community.

  5. Curation and Production: as artists we can collaborate with the curation and production of the event, as we have hands-on experience as well.

  6. Immersive Art Exhibition: we have produced about 7 exhibitions in 2 different metaverses since last year and we are able to create an immersive exhibition curating art from our community to create something beautiful and engaging to ETH Milan’s visitors, be it using VR headsets or a computer. If this is not available, the art can be exhibited in real life (but we do need some kind of screen).


Klara Kopi (Ina DAO council member) - Klara Kopi has been an INA DAO Council member for over a year and also a member from the NEAR ecosystem since late ‘21. She has worked with 2 other DAOs in the ecosystem as a council member, as well as an interviewer, and event producer. She is also a 3d modeler, singer, designer and video editor.

Klara Kopi graduated in Arts at UFF (Federal Fluminense University), focusing in Visual Arts.

Klara Kopi | Linktree

Creatives DAO Decentralization Review Meeting - Klara Kopi


  1. Showcase the talents of our community of female artists: At ETH Milan, we want to bring the creativity and artistic brilliance of female artists within our community to the forefront. Through curated exhibitions and presentations, we can showcase a diverse range of artwork, including digital art, NFTs, installations, and more. By highlighting the talent and unique perspectives of female artists, we can challenge traditional narratives, inspire others, and foster recognition and opportunities for creatives within the blockchain space.

  2. Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange: We aim to foster collaboration and the exchange of knowledge between INA DAO and other creative projects and individuals at ETH Milan. By engaging in panel discussions, workshops, and networking sessions, we will be able to share insights, experiences, and best practices in utilizing blockchain technology to empower women in the arts. This collaborative approach will not only enhance our own understanding but also contribute to the broader growth and innovation within the Creatives DAO and the wider creative community.

  3. Exploration of New Possibilities: We want to leverage the opportunity provided by ETH Milan to explore new possibilities for our community. By attending sessions and engaging with industry experts, we aim to gain insights into the latest advancements in blockchain technology, particularly those relevant to the creative field. This knowledge will help us identify potential areas for growth, self-sustainability and innovation within the Creatives DAO, allowing us to adapt and evolve in this dynamic landscape.

  4. Community Building and Outreach: ETH Milan presents a unique platform to connect with a diverse range of individuals, including artists, developers, investors, and influencers. We intend to leverage this opportunity to expand our network, forge meaningful connections, and raise awareness about the Creatives DAO. Through engaging discussions, workshops, and interactive experiences, we can attract new members to our community, forge partnerships, and create a ripple effect of support and empowerment for female creatives.

By bringing these elements to ETH Milan on behalf of our community, we can strengthen the position of the Creatives DAO, amplify the voices and talents of female artists, foster collaboration and innovation, and inspire others to embrace the power of blockchain for creatives.

Flight cost

This is only an estimation, prices change all the time.

Ticket: in BRL 6.314,91 is about $1313,31 ($1 = BRL 4,81 > July 18th)

No visa needed from Brazil to Italy.

Best regards,

Ina DAO | Twitter, Instagram | Linktree


Hey @klarakopi
The proposal for ETH Milan flight tickets has been approved by the CreativesDAO vertical.

To receive the grant, please follow the steps outlined in the guide below: Guide - Creatives Constellation Funding Guidelines.


Thank you Paul!
I’ll check it out now ^.^
Peace, light, health and success :raised_hands::sparkles:

P.S.: forms filled and sent :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! This week ETH Milan will take place and I’m going to there to represent our community!
There are several pieces of our dear members that are going to be featured there on our presentation ^.^

Individual pieces from:

Barbara Bezina @barbarabezina
Gemini Rising @GeminiRising
Belu Espina @BeluEspina
Kambodja @Kambodja (didn’t find you on our community Telegram Group)
Plantasia @plantasia
Filmes de infiltração @filmesdeinfiltracao
Paola Alfamor ( @plantasia 's friend, please let her know)
Krizzy @krizzy
Voces Ferales @vocesferales (didn’t find you on our community Telegram Group)
Irina Di @Di.Cosmic.Art

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The people who are not on our Telegram Group join it and everybody please follow us on our social media.
Support the community who’s fighting to keep supporting you always :slight_smile:

Telegram group: Telegram: Contact @inadao << JOIN US!

Instagram: INA DAO (@ina__dao) / Instagram
Twitter / X: (2) INA DAO (@dao_ina) / Twitter
Youtube: INA DAO - YouTube

You can also visit the metaverse exhibition here, on ETH Milan’s gallery on the metaverse, created by me @klarakopi

Ina DAO - ETH Milan | NEAR Hub Online


Individual pieces from:

Luluca_L @LulucaL
Ladra @ladra
Elisair @elisair
Genvergara @genvergara.near
Mailza Bernard @Mailza
Maree Lawn @Mareelawn
Beetlejuice @beetlejuice (didn’t find you on our community Telegram Group)
Ooakosimo @ooakosimo (didn’t find you on our community Telegram Group)
Elizabeth Ramos @elizabethramos (didn’t find you on our community Telegram Group)
Alissa Christine @LUVRworldwide

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Individual pieces from:

Swilart @swilart2.near
Mhiemhie @Mimirosemartinez5179
Paloma Etienne @ssplash_near
Fran RB @franresendeb

Also the participants from the Visual Conversation project:

Klara Kopi @klarakopi
Gemini Rising @GeminiRising
Ooakosimo @ooakosimo
Jenjen @Jenjen05.near
Luluca L @LulucaL
Mhiemhie @Mimirosemartinez5179


Also the participants from the Visual Conversation project:

Swilart @swilart
Uru @Uru (didn’t find you on our community Telegram Group)
Belu Espina @BeluEspina
Randalasfuck @tabear
Yonakawaii @yonakawaii (didn’t find you on our community Telegram Group)
Rosas Dulces @rosasdulces
Barbara Tosti @BarbaraTosti
LUVRworldwide @LUVRworldwide
Esther Lourenco @estheriorizada (didn’t find you on our community Telegram Group)
littlefirebunny @littlefirebunny


Also the participants from the Visual Conversation project:

Genvergara @genvergara.near
Xianie12 @Xianie (didn’t find you on our community Telegram Group)
Cjaneartz @cjaneartz

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This is beyond fantastic Klara. Thanks so much for the hard work, I really like the gallery :heart_eyes:

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