[Open Call] INA Supports your Superpower

Hi, community!

At INA DAO, we intend to promote female presence in the artistic and crypto worlds, understanding that these can be linked in an empowering way. As female creatives ourselves, we understand that developing your artistic endeavors can be pretty challenging, in terms of time, finance, space, etc.

Therefore, we’d like to help you develop their superpowers freely. This will involve:

  • A financial aid of 500 USD in N - meant to be used for materials, space renting, etc.
  • Guidance from our team of visual artists, namely @GeminiRising, @BeluEspina, and myself. :slightly_smiling_face:

On the first edition, three artists will be selected for this residence. Provided they:

  • Link a portfolio / profile with their recent works.
  • Tell us briefly which project they’ll be working on and its relevance.

We intend to run a collective exhibit by the end of June in or Near Hub and Cryptovoxels galleries, so there should be substantial progress by this time. We’ll tend to select female artists, and projects that raise awareness about the feminine, in accordance to INA’s values and identity.

If your superpower fits this call, please feel free to share your application, portfolio and potential project in comments. :point_down: We’re accepting submissions until May 25th.

Also, feel free to drop a message in our Telegram in case you have any queries. You can also find us on Instagram @ina__dao and on Twitter @dao_ina

Looking forward to your submissions!



I deeply feel this idea, and it resonates in my heart. In my work there are such masterpieces-paintings as: “Woman Goddess”, “Woman - Earth” ), “Woman Mother”, “Woman- Angel” , “Woman - Universe”(Login • Instagram) . I draw women with swords, with fire, and with other abilities - because everything that I create on canvas is born in life and with great power (picture “Woman Goddess”(link) . That’s why, I am happy to participate in this initiative. I want to organize a women’s circle, powerful and conscious women. Get together in one day and heal the female energy, with the help of sound and meditation. And I will draw this event and to mint, and then I will send NFT to all participants and the members of the INAdao will receive, and everyone who purchases in the future or receives a copy receives our charge

We will conduct a practice that I will capture in the picture (and all this Goa Dao can help to stream it as a process if you allow it), literally we will charge the picture with certain female harmonious energies with our practice.

The memory of this important event will be stored in the block chain.

I plan to spend money on Tibetan singing bowls for meditation - $300 (a month ago I was robbed of a set of my favourite bowls of 8 pieces), 200 art materials (canvas, paints)


Hello. How amayzing! I would like to be consider.

I am part of a welcoming and support project for non-binary people in Salvador - Bahia - Brasil, Casa Naobin. This amount would be very important so that we could finance a meeting (which already takes place monthly) with a focus on visual arts, creativity, performance, self-knowledge and healing. I would lead this experimental meeting in order to create artistic materials for the exhibition. It would also be a great opportunity to introduce Nearverse and the possibilities of the community. There is also the possibility of a physical process exhibition of the in A Galeria do Atelier Ativa. I have been very well received here and I am super interested in this space of deconstruction. The feminine is multiple and goes beyond gender, it has to do with energy and Casa Naobin has been working with these energies in order to make the dissident existence more comfortable. The next step we are planning is to have a physical headquarters and this whole movement could be the first step towards putting our plans into practice. So… Thank you very much!

100$ production fee
200$ materials
50$ Transport cost assistance
150$ Atelier Ativa rental


Luciana Colvara Bachilli has a degree in communication and is a social media specialist, broadcaster and commercial speaker since 1996, also graduated in class 2016 at the Experimental Dance Group of Porto Alegre. Luluca L was a non-binary trans everything, dissident, contemporary, independent, experimental performer and visual artist between 2015/2020 and died to value their works. In the pandemic, they was reborn as L, post invisible amateur persona, and operates most exclusively in the web3/nft/cryptoart/metaverse ecosystem. Minter at Mintbase, UniqArt and Paras, partner of projects, stores, guilds and DAOs. Bounty Hunter on Near forum. Head of NFT at @mutha. Also present in Tezos at Teia and 8bidou.
Site L | Linktree


Hello, Ina.

I am Mary Razel, an NFT artist based on the Philippines. I would like to try this one out. I am the creator of Near Women that is previously minted in Paras Marketplace. Hereby is the link for a document that shows my profile, portfolio and my project.
Artist’s Profile | Portfolio | Project

If ever I would get chosen for the financial aid, I still don’t have a definite plan for where should I use the help. Here are the possible breakdown;
200 USD for materials;
100 USD for community building;
And for the remaining 200 USD, I still haven’t think of it.

Thank you for this opportunity. If I will get chosen, I would be glad to be guided by the INA DAO’s council as I only know a bit regarding NFT and Web3 in general. Thank you!!


Thank you for creating these spaces that encourage experimentation and creation. I want to take this opportunity to develop a technique that has not yet found the support to be able to materialize, so thanks for sparking the imagination! :dizzy:

Thanks to this call, I intend to carry out the work “Pasaje de agua”, a piece made of fabric and stuffed from a deformation of a video of water, recorded by me in San Pedro lagoon, Concepción, Chile (2020). This piece will function as a ritual in this creation process, and as an act of faith in the showing part, like an invitation -for me and you- for trusting in the water and in the hands. A piece created as if it were a ‘santito’ (image of saint) that reminds us of the flow of emotions, destigmatizing the fluidity and inconsistency of change. Through the sewing trade, always tied to women, this piece aims to reconnect with nature, with sensitivity and intuition. “Pasaje de agua” pretends to be a gift of fluidity for whoever appreciates or despises it, a connection with emotions, always fleeting and never perpetual.

These themes of fluidity and inconsistency have run through my experience as an artist and as a person. You can see some of my work here and here. I want to take this opportunity to continue my experimentation with different materials and also to developed new tools, knowledge and autonomy.

The money provided will be used for the purchase of materials (fabrics, stuffing, needles, etc.), for the purchase of a sewing machine and workshop rental.

Thank you for the incentive! :hibiscus:


Hi @maryrazel.near, thanks for your submission!

Would you mind giving us access to your portfolio?

Many thanks,

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Hello. I’ve already fixed the links and gave you an access to it. Thanks! I forgot to fixed it when I submitted my entry hehe.


Hi, dears!

The council team has reviewed your applications.

On this occasion, we’ll be supporting 3 different artists/projects, namely, @Di.Cosmic.Art, @LulucaL and @ladra. The decision was made by reviewing the projects and their relationship with INA, as well as the financial needs involved in their materialization. We thank all for your submissions.

The budget can be already requested by the residents, and this involves:

  • Creating a near wallet if you still don’t have one.
  • Signing in to our Astro page with your wallet address.
  • Adding a new proposal with the “+” sign. The type of proposal will be called “Transfer”
  • Completing the following fields:
    ** Description: Payout for artist residence “INA Supports your Superpower”
    ** Link: https://gov.near.org/t/open-call-ina-supports-your-superpower
    ** Amount 500 DAI (you’ll need to change the default coin to DAI).
    ** Target: your wallet address
  • Clicking on “Propose”

The proposal should look like this:

Regarding your work, we’ll show it in our online galleries during July, so it would be great to have 2+ pieces ready by June 30th. We’d also appreciate some documentation on your creative process, and how the residence helped you achieve your goals.

You can share your work and any queries that may arise on our Telegram chat, or this very same thread.

We look forward to seeing your progress. :woman_artist:

All the best,


OMG! Im so emotional here! You have no idea how you are positively impacting a project that has struggled hard to maintain itself. Thank you so Very much. Gratitude and much love Inaaaaa :blue_heart::revolving_hearts::blue_heart:


aiiii :hibiscus: thank uuuu i’m so excited about it! hugs to all :crab:


Hello. Our meeting is scheduled on the 16/06th and we closed a beautiful class of 10 people. The space where we are going to meet offers a discount on the rent and thus the cost assistence for each one has increased. The budget will also help the local production of food, promoting the artisanal and familiar that will serve us on the day. It will be a party with snacks and sweets and fresh fruit salad. We meet daily via the Casa Naobin chat to agree on the day and where I’ll pass on some instructions as: Challenge 1: choose materiality that interests you to work for me to buy Challenge 2: apply an artistic look at things and collect materials on a daily basis. Oh, and even though it’s a closed event, we’re going to promote a card on the social media involved. When it’s ready I’ll share it with you. And there we gooooooo :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


So glad to hear this! Looking forward to seeing the results. :rocket:


Yes! I’m looking forward to see it also :smiley:


@Evealmas da uma olhada nisso =)

Hi @Di.Cosmic.Art, @LulucaL and @ladra ! How are you?
I’m klarakopi and I’m the one responsible to follow up on the “Ina Supports you Superpower” residency :purple_heart:

Feel free to reach me on my Telegram or the Ina DAO Telegram tagging me please @klarakopi

Looking forward to see what you’re creating :smiley:

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Hello dear. Tomorrow is the experience I planned. If you want to go live with me at some point to take a peek, we can arrange :revolving_hearts: Thanks again.

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What time in Brasilia’s timezone @luluca?

Hi Klara, I was involved with preparations and with the whole day of the experience and I didn’t see your message, sorry. I did a live on Instagram and many records.
Here Login • Instagram

But we were so immersed as the day pass on that we disconnect online to enjoy real life. I’m going to put all the records in a cloud and I would like to mark the mentoring about how I think transforming everything that happened into nft.

I’ll paste here what I said on the telegram.
Hi guys. yesterday was wonderful. I have no words to express the gratitude. I’m collecting statments of everyone who participated. We had Ed who is blind and so we had materials with different textures, never painted before. We had Berrna he is a trans man at the university of fine arts, 4 transvestites very talented and powerfull, 2 cis allies absorbing trans energy. We had música And dance And rituals. And Mica the angel who took care of us with food and drinks that tasted affection and love.
I appreciate the opportunity to do what I love most as an artist, which is to share experiences and knowledge. It was a beautiful, powerful, liberating, incredible day. Once more, thank you. From the bottom of my heart. That’s what positively impacting the community is about. And I hope more and more!

And some pictures (here a Lot more Atelier Ativa - Google Drive)

Again, you change lifes yesterday, can’t thank enough!