[Creatives DAO] - Decentralization review & Meeting

Hi Rita, nice to meet you… I see you as a musician and as a teacher, I will DM you via Telegram, :coffee:


My name is larkim, am a musical artist, live music artist, lyricist, creative and generally a lover of music; I have positioned myself well to be surrounded by fellow creatives. I am into music and studying creative arts at the University of Lagos (Music hub of Africa). It’s safe to say I started making music from the womb.

My links:

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @larkimNear
Instagram: Login • Instagram
Total votes cast: 25
young fresh dao
Wallet: larkim.near

Young fresh dao.
The primary aim of this Dao is to create a home and support for creative students in Nigeria which will in turn will automatically promote the near ecosystem to all creative youths in the world.
Youths are the leaders of tomorrow; hence any concept that favors them in turn promotes continuity and sustainability of the eco system.

Our Initial Goals

Mission: Promotion of the near ecosystem to various campuses in Nigeria
creating a very interactive community of 5000 creatives in 6 months
Building a physical music space for creatives in 6 months
Organizing a monthly live traditional concert

Vision: Empowering the youths and in turn creating sustainability to the Dao and ecosystem

Highlighted achievements:
founder and council member of Youngfresh Dao, council member in Near x Art Dao

*Creation of 230 near wallets in the young fresh dao.
*Hosted a live physical concert for young fresh dao
*Hosted a live African traditional concert in cryptovoxel for Nxm guild
*Physical scout for artiste for Near x Art Dao
*Coordination and management of Africaburn music store for Africaburn community in 2021

  • Live music performance for muti dao and metaverse dao
  • Recorded a metaverse E.p for Nxm Guild

Greetings Near Fam!

Nice to know you all! My name is Teddy Setiadi from Indonesia, but people know me as DJ Teezy. I have been in Indonesian music industry since 2018 and now I am a touring DJ for some Indonesian top hiphop artist and a record producer/ beatmaker.

I am running Svara DAO with @Wiswiz since April 2022 to introduce Near Protocol and Ecosystem to Indonesian audience.

Here are my links :
Twitter : https://www.twitter.com/teezyindo
Instagram : Login • Instagram
Telegram : @teezyindo
YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/teezyism
Near : teezyindo.near

I hope we can meet and work together IRL in the future as I am learning a lot here.



@FritzWorm I think it would be more effective to create a survey (google form) for DAOs to fill. That would be much easier on everyone and produce easy-to-understand results.

Something like this:

If the goal is to be able to measure some kind of metrics, than standardizing the possible answers goes a long way in facilitating that.

On the top of my head I think the following criteria is useful:

  • name of dao (short answer)

  • how many council members (multiple choice)

  • how many community members (multiple choice)

  • community reach (wider community) (multiple choice)

  • country (short answer)

  • astrodao address (short answer)

  • number of astrodao proposals (multiple choice)

  • time in the ecosystem (multiple choice)

  • number of dao-to-dao partnerships (multiple choice)

  • type of activities (e.g. music events, art, literature, design and communication, etc, etc) (multiple choice)

  • are your activities singular events, or recurrent? (yes or no answer)

  • state 3 dapps in the NEAR ecosystem that your DAO uses on a regular basis (short answer)

etc …


Great ! it would be great to see on it :grinning:


Hi! This is Changa Records DAO presentation and introduction. W e are an event organizer and musci label with a physical community already and we want to expand it and migrate it into the didgital way.


Event Organizer:


Our council is just 3 persons:


We dont bellong to other DAO’s and our o nly concern is Changa Rrecords DAO

Our social media is:

FB: Changa Records
IG: Login • Instagram
TELEGRAM: Telegram Web

Our main goal here is to become the first DarkPsy org/label in Portugal that works manly with crypto currencies. In a way to creat a ecossistem inside an ecossistem. All the pay outs will be done in Near and in the same way, all the transactions in an event or album purchased can be done in Near as well.

We have a big community. Physical community. Ready to be uploaded into the web3 enviroment.
I dont know whats missing but i think thats all. We are ready to adapt for the change is coming,
Providing some guidance would be great as well. But all good for now

Best Regards
Changa Records DAO


I will review one by one, I know is much more work than using a google form but this is like a meeting were all can meet each other, see for example:

So, this is a plus by using this thread as a place to make the presentation public.

Also, this way I do can confirm you are the owner of the forum user, and then by receiving the DM on twitter I can confirm you are the owner of the twitter account.

For those who dont use twitter we will create a CRETIVES instagram soon :wink:


Yep thats a very good point we are missing somehow… the standarization of the answers…

The following was the example and what we need right now:

  • Twitter: I don’t use it
  • Telegram: @frnvpr
  • Instagram: I don’t use it
  • Total votes cast: 509
  • Wallet: frnvpr.near

Does anyone know how to check votes from DAOs one no longer is a council in? I have been council @ vr-dao, lx city node, creatives dao.


Good morning everyone,

I am JCB from C1 Guild.

I’ve been involved in the community for about a year. I have a background in audio engineering, production and business development.

IG - @justincburkholder
Twitter - @jcbbeats
Telegram - @JCB_1985

You can have a look at C1’s website at www.c1foundation.io

Council includes myself and @Dedeukwu

Being apart of the NEAR community has been a game changer for me. I have learned a ton, and continue to grow. I’m looking forward to continuing my path in web3.


My Name is SterryO, Im A Multiplatinum Record producer, Musician
Having OVER 100 Million streams on all my produced works, Via Olakira, ZUCHU, LYTA and many other big celebrities in Africa,
I became the Foremost African NFT music producer in April 2021
I dropped my first ever body of work “CREATED CREATOR”
(Album) in July 2021, which was all minted in C1 Guild Store on Mintbase, sold 7 copies from all tracks available, and also available on all streaming platforms. Contributed in C1 Guild Music workshop for 4-5 months in 2021.
Founded #afrostar-guild (Community For Celebrities and Female Creatives) along side with @bgem

Made Musical projects with NxM & Muti, in December 2021

Contributing as a council on #family-dao Founded By @Duchess
Contributing as a council on #scout-dao Founded by @Scouterayo

My links:

Highlighted achievements:

  • Onboarded Celeberities and Influencers into the NEAR blockchain, with the interest of Creating content and minting them on NEAR Platform.
  • NFT Music produced for Debhush announced us and her music career, which led her $10000 record deal signage.
  • More lots of Achievements already in our #afrostar-guild Monthly reports



Hello Near Creatives nice to meet you all

I’m Fábio Soares (Rugemtugem), I work with technology. Living in São Paulo SP Brazil.

this is my website: https://rugemtugem.com.br

I’m an artists with codes

My social links:

Highlights in Almost Creative:

I have 1 proposal made at dao and started in March 2022.

I want to contribute my technology experience at Near Creatives.

@beetlejuice invited me to be part of the dao.



Hi everyone!!

My name is Jose de Segadas.
I am a translator from Brazil, Commercial Director at iGamingBrazil

My passions are strategy games, RPG´s and Heroclix (7 times state champion, 2016 national champion).
When I was younger (I am 48 now), I was into swordplay and martial arts (karate, kung-fu and judo).
I just joined NEAR and my first DAO (Dice DAO).

My links:

Highlighted achievements:
Co-creator of Dice Dao


Hello Creatives! :blush:

How nice of us to create a space for this presentation. First, I apologize for my English - I am learning.

Let’s go: I am Gabriela Abreu, I am Aquarian, Brazilian and a creator of things. I create poetry, have two published books and a poetic podcast with over 80k plays on Spotify. I also produce and present Sarau Delas, a poetry and music event that happens in Portugal and is a success! Besides that, I am a journalist, copywriter, cultural producer and script writer. I am also available for working partnerships, always in my native language, Portuguese.

I met the NEAR ecosystem in October (2021), when I participated in the artistic residency Planta a Palavra, produced by MUTI DAO. Besides being a transforming experience, it opened doors for me to this new universe. As I consider myself an action person, I decided to create the CRIATURA&BERI DAO with a friend and develop my own projects. I have a great contact with many creative people (singers, producers, poets, painters… we are already a community, so I thought it was a great idea!) and it is very good to be able to think of projects together. It is being a very fun and educational experience to deepen my knowledge about the universe of web3 and crypto world.

My links:
Telegram: @gabiabreusouza
Carteira Near: gabrielaabreu.near
DAO: CRIATURA&BERI https://app.astrodao.com/dao/criaturaberi.sputnik-dao.near



We will work for gender equity and the appreciation of the immigrant, being a mean to promote art made by women, immigrants and/or people who value and spread the Portuguese language in its most varied formats.

You can know more about us here: [introduction] criatura&beri dao

CRIATURA&BERI DAO was created only 1 month ago. So I have few votes: 9.
You can follow us: http://instagram.com/c.r.i.a.t.u.r.a and http://instagram.com/weareberi
This month we will move forward with the creation of the group on telegram and youtube.

We are in the beginning, but with a lot of will and determination to create a lot!


hi there!
it’s johanga.near Lead Council of GoaDAO (#goa-dao ) since Nov-Dec '21, and curator of D-LAYER #united-belarus-dao
Master of social sciences, media and communication program, producer of cultural projects,
solo-mama of 2 young NFT-artists:)
Twitter : https://twitter.com/johanga108
Telegram: @johanga_n
Discord: johanga#2869

votes casted: GoaDAO 102 + CommunityDAO 110 + D-layer 1 (just started on Astro)

had gathered 10 DAOs on participation in NamasteyNFT Metaverse summit (Bangalore, India, May 2022) : KalakendraDAO, NEAR NFT, UniqArt, Naksh marketplace, Graffiti DAO, NEARhub, muti, INA DAO, Metaverse DAO and GoaDAO
Betting on collaborations within the community that create huge potential for great creatives results


Hi, friends. I am a philosopher, professor, nft and traditional artist, and also a metaverse entrepreneur. I am in crypto world since the beginning of 2021, and I found NEAR around october of that year. Metaverse DAO is the only DAO in the Creatives Council from which I am a member. I am also a member from The Philosophers DAO, which is not in the Creatives Council.

  • Twitter: @__Philosopher (there is an underscore in the end that does not appear here)
  • Total votes cast: 249 + XX + YY + ZZ
    → Metaverse DAO 224 + The Philosophers DAO 11 + Community 14 + Gambiarra DAO XX + Writers Guild YY + Spiritual DAO ZZ (not in these last daos anymore)
  • Wallet: thephilosopher.near

Highlighted achievements:

  • Founding member of Metaverse DAO, The Philosophers DAO, Gambiarra DAO, and Writers Guild. Former council member from Spiritual DAO, Writers Guild, and Gambiarra DAO. Member now only from Metaverse DAO and The Philosophers DAO, on Astrodao.
  • Metaverse DAO as a successful case of building and keeping metaverse history: more than 183 historical NFTs minted in our historical store, with interviews with metaverse near people, metaverse events produced by NEAR, and NEAR Metaverse Magazines.
  • Metacoin token creation and development together with the team on Metaverse DAO.
  • Events on metaverse which I organized for Mintbase. Also metaverse events organized for Afrika Burn and for Metaverse DAO itself.
  • The Philosophers DAO as a initial case where we are onboarding PhD Professors and students into NEAR, and producing creative blockchain products from philosophy. Our intention is to bring these professors to NFT community as collectors and minters.
  • Near Alexandria (under construction): a near library on Voxels metaverse for academic and literature books being built by my team under a near grant. If we are allowed, we are going to use the library to officially publish books on NEAR blockchain, with ISBN. We intend to partner with Incubadora DAO, Writers Guild, and The Philosophers DAO.
  • Gambiarra DAO as a successful case of onboarding artists into NEAR community: I left Gambiarra DAO with 170 members in the store (from which 100 were onboarded directly or indirectly by me, whom I also helped to mint NFTs on Mintbase), and more than 10 people in the DAO. I thank here Mintbase DAO, who funded all of these onboardings.
  • Collaborations already happened between (1) Metaverse DAO and VanDAO, Kalakendra DAO, Gambiarra DAO; (2) and between Gambiarra DAO and Mintbase DAO. (3) Metaverse DAO covers with our reporter the events of many DAOs with metaverse activities. (4) Collaborations happening between The Philosophers DAO and Incubadora DAO.

Thanks, please check again :wink:

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Hi creatives, I’m L.

I started this nft tour because of games in mid-2020 and I evolved and experimented with platforms as an artistic movement of disappearance and invisibility. I’ve been at Nearverse since February 5, 2022. I joined FEMINU onboarding and then I’ve been exploring the possibilities of Near beyond the sale of works of art. I use the forum mainly to learn, understand how community processes work, meet people and participate in opportunities such as open call and bounties. During this time I was actively participating in several initiatives. Gambiarra, Nomade Label, INA, Marma J, 3xr, Incubadora, FEMINU, Mintbase, Octopode, Spiritual, The Clan… Some of the DAOs that I was able to collaborate with in some way although I am not part of any council board.

About me

discord: #aLoca9267
twitter: @lulucool
telegram: @luluca_l
instagram: luluca.ele
links: L | Linktree (with portfolio and CV)


Projects approved for @mutha with Mintbase
[INTRODUCTION] [approved] MUTHA Museu Transgênero de História e Arte]([INTRODUCTION] [approved] MUTHA Museu Transgênero de História e Arte)

[BOUNTY] CLOSED - MUTHA + L (NearFTrans) AO VIVO convidam!


Selected for the INA artist residency
[PROPOSAL] Open Call for an Art Project “We Are Super Heroes” ongoing

Artists Lab IncubadoraDAO

MobiDance 1 e 2
[REPORT] MobiDance
[REPORT] MobiDance2 - DanceDAO

We at MUTHA were in the process of organizing our DAO but we are awaiting the development of new positions on funding and such. I confess I’m still a little confused by this, specifically, since taking very seriously about the function and the real need that a DAO can fulfill in a community.

I remain attentive, nice to meet you all.
And let’s go!


Check out my NEAR stats! luluca_l.near's mainnet activity overview - stats.gallery

Luciana Colvara Bachilli (Pelotas, RS, Brazil, 1979) has a degree in communication and is a social media specialist, broadcaster and commercial speaker since 1996, also graduated in class 2016 at the Experimental Dance Group of Porto Alegre. Luluca L was a non-binary trans everything, dissident, contemporary, independent, experimental performer and visual artist between 2015/2020 and died to value their works. In the pandemic, they was reborn as L, post invisible amateur persona, and operates most exclusively in the web3/nft/cryptoart/metaverse ecosystems. Minter at Mintbase, UniqArt and Paras, partner of projects, stores, guilds and DAOs. Bounty Hunter on the Near forum. 3xr gallery curator. Head of NFT at @mutha. Also present in Tezos at Teia and 8bidou.


Hey there! Thank you for your contributions.

Partner, it is important to mention the following:

Being a council member is to have voting rights, so you are not a former council, but still a council,

I mean: you are still part of the Council board even when the voting group where you are is called: Members.

Do you think this quote is good enough, @FritzWorm? I can change it. Look now if it is better, friend.

One more thing, just to be clear: members group has a different weight inside DAO’s votings. While council members can decide with the majority of council members achieved, general members can only decide when the majority of all members is achieved. So I have voting power (which I did not use it for this time being), but I do not have council voting power for now.