Changa Records Event Organizer [PRESENTATION]

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Changa Records (event organizer) is one of the two projects inside Changa Records DAO. This project’s main goal is the organization of DarkPsy and Psychedelic Electronic Music themed parties and events.

At the moment we aim to organize 2 big events per year, each with different concepts:

  • With “Fractal Atmosphere” the objective is to promote national artists (Portuguese) that never had the chance to showcase their work.
    Only Portuguese Dj’s and Live acts from Portugal will be invited to perform. This comes in response to one of Psytrance’s biggest problem in the Portuguese community - the fact that the artist can’t project themselves into the music business. We aim to fix that issue.

  • With “Digital Nomad” the objective is to attract international Dj’s and Artists who usually don’t come to Portugal, therefore enriching the Portugueses DarkPsy scene with international talent.

You can follow us at:

FB: Changa Records
IG: Login • Instagram

As always, we hope to see you at the dancefloor!

Changa Records