[REPORT] MobiDance

Hello, this is the report of MobiDance, a telematic dance event in which dancers are invited to interpret soundtracks by creating choreography to these sounds. The first event was successful, bringing together guest dancers, encouraging creativity and expression of the body through sound, and later offering a platform to showcase these collective experimentations, in which composers work in partnership with dancers.

  • Making MobiDance: As agreed, the first edition of MobiDance was held on April 29th in celebration of International Dance Day, in the form of a Youtube stream. We divided the production into three stages: pre-production, execution and post-production.

  • Pre-production: This stage was for the selection of dancers and production of the tracks. As recommended by Nômade Label, which was performing other dance proposals in the month of April - GUME, we invited three dancers from Gume (@isadora_prata @leticia_esposito @mariana_taques.near) and one from the Nômade community (@LulucaL) to participate. We created a Whatsapp group to facilitate communication between dancers and proponents.

  • Making the tracks: Between April 13th and 18th we recorded the tracks. Fly recorded guitar with open-source music software. Levi made field recordings and voice recordings, assembling them together in a composition through music production software. We came up with four tracks, two for each composer, making them available in a dropbox folder: (Dropbox - MobiDance )

  • Execution: Between April 18 and 25, the dancers made their videos with the respective songs chosen through the dropbox link. Levi prepared some arts to promote the event and Fly finalized the videos received by the dancers, inserting a vignette promoting the event.

  • From April 25 -28 MobiDance was promoted on social networks , and the videos were scheduled to premiere on the F(r)esta channel

  • Finally, on April 29th the videos were premiered on the F(r)esta improvisation festival channel

  • Post-production: After the first edition, we intend to continue and transform MobiDance into a monthly event of sound art and dance. For the next edition, we will try to propose by Dance-DAO, interconnecting daos and expanding the proposal for more artists from the ecosystem to participate.

We want to thank the dancers, that gave beautiful interpretations and forms to our soundtracks, NEAR protocol and Nomadelabel for the support.


Thank you very much for this project, I hope more will come!

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this was an incredible project! it is really amazing to observe how music and dance can create beauty!! thank you all artists envolved!

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It was an incredible experience! Let’s keep going! :***

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Olá. Tivemos uma experiência incrível! E por isso e pela arte da dança e o do som, iremos continuar!

Segue os pagamentos realizados para as dançarines

Leticia – @leticia_esposito
Isa – @isadora_prata
L – @LulucaL
Mari – @mariana_taques.near


Grateeeeee, recebido :dancing_women::dancing_women::dancing_women::dancing_women::dancing_women::dancing_women::heart: