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Hello, this is the REPORT of MobiDance2, a telematic dance event in which dancers are invited to interpret soundtracks by creating choreography to these sounds. The second event was successful, encouraging creativity and expression of the body through sound, and later offering a platform to showcase these collective experimentations, in which composers work in partnership with dancers.
The proposal was written by Fly Goa @fly

Making MobiDance: As agreed, the second edition of MobiDance was held on May 27th, in the form of a Youtube stream. We divided the production into three stages: pre-production, execution and post-production.

  • Pre-production: May 11 to 17 - This stage was for the selection of dancers and production of the tracks. A call was made on the forum for dancers interested in participating, and we received 4 submissions: Isadora Prata (@isadora_prata), Hein Oliveira (@Oli_hein), Amanda Leal (@amandalealart) and L (@LulucaL). During this period, the soundtracks were created, combining sounds from soundscapes, voices, guitars, piano and percussion instruments. Four tracks were made, two from each composer, and these tracks were made available on dropbox for the dancers to choose from.
  • Execution: May 18 to 26 - In this stage, the dancers chose their tracks and produced their videos. A whatsapp group was opened to facilitate communication among those involved.
    On May 23, we received the videos made by the dancers. As the videos were delivered, Fly Goa (@fly) made the payment to the dancers.
    From May 23rd to 26th we finalized the videos by synchronizing the audios and adding the opening and closing vignettes. A video with the 4 pieces was assembled for transmission via youtube.
    The publicity pieces for the event were also prepared with images and sounds extracted from the videos. All those involved contributed with the promotion of the event on their social networks.
    #nomadelabel-dao supported by promoting the event on its networks and offering the youtube channel for the broadcast.
    Finally, on May 27th the broadcast of MobiDance 2 on Nomade Label DAO’s youtube channel took place as planned.

the submitted videos have also been individually hosted on the Nomade Label DAO youtube channel, as per the links below:

  • Post-production: between May 27th and May 31st. The finalization of this process will be the mintage of 4 NFTs in the Dance DAO store, with a 25 second excerpt each performance along with a PDF file with text and links to the full performance on youtube. The royalties from these NFTs will be distributed between the DanceDao store and the artists involved in each video.

We thank the dancers, who provided beautiful interpretations and forms for our soundtracks, NEAR Protocol and DanceDAO for their support, and Nomade Label DAO for their partnership.

We intend to continue this project by involving DAO dancers in new telematic events, where movement and sound art meet and dialogue in the creation of video dances. We also intend to mintage the pieces produced in MobiDance1, and if it is of interest this mintage can happen in the DanceDAO store at Mintbase.

a note about payments: we received the amount from DanceDao when NEAR was quoted at 6.78 USD. When we passed it on to the dancers, we used this exchange value, which generated a small difference in relation to the dollar, due to the devaluation of the currency. This was previously agreed upon between the dancers and the production.


Incredible moments of ARTs on NEAR Blockchain!!

Im very proud to see those projects growing!

Could you Shill us the NFT of this Performance and its minted ???

parabéns sistas @isadora_prata @Oli_hein @LulucaL @amandalealart @fly @ritamaria


dear!! of course we will! and also we can airdrop the pieces to nomadelabel’s store if you think so!

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Well done! We will add you as a minter on Dance DAO’s store so you can mint the videos. Great work.


ok. Let’s go to the store!

Grande, você sempre nossa inspiração e muita elegância!!

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Hello Mobidance and Dance DAO family
( @fly @ritamaria @FabDab )

Can you Link the NFTs that you were making on this project?
Lets try to make more explicit that you guys are bringing value to the ecosystem

Show me your moves on Web 3 :wink:

Thanks everyone
congrats for your works


Hello. Show Your Moves Season 1 on Mintbase
This is the link for show your moves NFT
@fly will provide the ones for Mobildance 2 thank you.

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Hi @FabDab

i wonder what is this NFT:

[Dance DAO’s logo on Mintbase???]

Do you know that there is no image on this token?

yes, for sure
I will link them here

we produced 5 NFTs minted by @fly on dancedao’s store:
the flyer of the event:

and the 4 dance pieces, with edition of the full video and a very complete forever document in pdf linking to the telematic event videos on youtube:

I thought I’ve alerady posted them, sorry for that - what happened is that we weren’t suppose to produce this NFTs, but, during the process we found out that it would be great to have this registrer!

That’s why they weren’t in the previous report
Thank you, and if you need something else, please call us!
with my best wishes


Hello, very nice to do this work with Ritamaria. Thank you all very much!


Hello! It was something I tried out when I opened the store. I should have burnt it. I was ill at the time, and I just got back on my feet, and now all the rush of reports and proposals…