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CRIATURA is an agency and event producer, created by the poet, journalist and cultural producer Gabriela Abreu, who brings the Portuguese language at its core, whether spoken, sung or written. Focused on creative projects that address this theme, the producer/agency has been in Lisbon since 2020.

BERI is an audiovisual production company founded by the director and actress Rita Grazina Paiva, whose main form of work is the passion for telling stories, whether made through a documentary, video clips, photographs or performances, the production company exists since 2020.


About Gabriela Abreu (@gabrielaabreu): Graduated in Journalism from PUC-SP (2016), she has a postgraduate degree in TV and Radio Presentation from the World Academy (2019) and is a Master’s student in Culture and Communication from the University of Lisbon. Worked as a reporter and producer for the largest women’s magazine in Latin America, Revista CLAUDIA and worked with major brands, such as TRESemmé (video and podcast script, content production and coordination and stage direction), Cia de Talentos (production of contents) and Editora Abril (executive production of the Enem Student Guide Course). Is also a Poet and Cultural Producer. Produced events for emerging artists during 2021, in Tropismo (Lisbon). Has two published books “Meu Caderno Azul” (Scortecci, 2015) and “Uma Noite no Meio - Poemas que faz de noite para Hoje” (Patuá, 2019), participates also in the anthology “Bicho Mudo Viro Bicho” (Poemacto, 2021) . Creator, curator and presenter of the podcast “Poesia Na Ponta da Língua” (+78k plays), the project “Palavras em Contraste” and the “Sarau Delas”.

You can see more about Gabriela here: http://bit.ly/gabrielaabreu

CRIATURA is at the forefront of several projects, as:

• Sarau Delas – poetry, music and free performance event that takes place in Lisbon, always with sold-out sessions;

• Podcast Poesia Ao Pé Do Ouvido, a poetic podcast that has over 78,000 plays on Spotify;

• Production of concerts in Lisbon with names such as Cauê Nardi, Pedro do Vale, Leo Bianchinni and Tais Reganelli;

• Production and Screenplay of the RESET Podcast: Recreating life abroad, by Estefânia Barsante;

About Rita Grazina de Paiva (@ritapaiva): Born in 1992 in Lisbon, considers herself a multidisciplinary artist. Graduated in Design and Multimedia at the University of Coimbra, specialized in the audiovisual area - mainly in camera, lighting and directing. Has several projects in this area, from music videos, advertisements, short films and documentaries. About 3 years ago she began her studies in the field of acting and began to find a passionate place on stage and in front of the cameras. She currently takes part in projects as an actress, sings and produces audiovisual content both as a director and photographer.

You can see more about Rita here: https://ritagrazina.myportfolio.com/

BERI is at the forefront of several projects, as:

• Music videos “Sorrindo para Saudade”, “Bairro da Graça”, “Hello Goodbye” and the documentaries “Divina Certeza” and “Gente”, all by Leo Middea.

• Music video “Rosa Secreta”, by Filipa Biscaia

• Photography for different artists;

You can see more about BERI here: bit.ly/weareberi


The idea of ​​creating an Incubator with funding from NEAR came after Gabriela took part in the Planta Palavra artistic residency and had the second season of her podcast made possible by MUTI. From this, she realized the potential to form a network and make projects viable through NEAR PROTOCOL. After many conversations with some participants from MUTI DAO and CUDO DAO, CRIATURA&BERI.DAO is born - which will be led by Gabriela and Rita and will serve as an incubator for creative, artistic and/or educational projects. CRIATURA&BERI.DAO brings to the NEAR ecosystem a place where women, immigrants and Portuguese-speaking artists can integrate, collaborate and offer their creativity in order to democratize access to art and the crypto world. Forming a large network of artists and creatives who integrate and move the NEAR ecosystem.

We will work for gender equity and the appreciation of the immigrant, being a mean to promote art made by women, immigrants and/or people who value and spread the Portuguese language in its most varied formats. We also have the idea of ​​working with some of our own projects, such as Lives, Podcasts and Recordings of performances in videos, in order to take advantage of the expertise of the people on the board, to be able to create material for dissemination to new artists and for the DAO itself, to be able to leverage emerging artists and further foster a network around art.

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Welcome to the ecosystem, girls. Very happy to see this introduction. I am very excited to see your first proposal and the start of your projects here =)

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I want to follow this Dao closely, I really like this area of video clip, photography and production.
Congratulations and great projects

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Hi Dazo :blush: Thanks a lot! Vi que você é brasileiro, assim como eu, então vou terminar a mensagem em português, rs. Estamos preparando muitas coisas legais para os próximos meses. :slight_smile:

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Olha que legal, Brasileiro DAOs rsrs … sabendo disso fico ainda mais animado. :star_struck:

Proud of you!
So happy to see this grow :purple_heart: :rocket:


Obrigada por tudo, querida Tabea <3