Who we are?

The project Changa Records was accidentally created in October 2017 by Alessandra Scoffi, Luna Nicke and João Freire. As members of the collective, we always had a close contact with electronic music due to our regular presence in PsyTrance events and parties. In 2017, we came to the idea of organizing an event that would gather close friends around music . Our aim was to replicate the parties we had enjoyed since our teenage times.

Far from knowing our destiny, we borrowed sound equipment from all our close friends and we throwed the first party. The event was a success and we quickly realized that we could develop our own project involving both our ideals and our concept: Electronic music, family and contact with nature.
At the beginning our project wasn’t aiming for profit and the announcement of the parties was spread by “word of mouth”. After all, they were clandestine…
Between 2018 and 2019, the parties we came to organize were getting bigger and gathering more and more people.

Our concept started to rapidly spread because it was the antithesis from the mainstream scene. Changa Records was what people needed. We went from 30 to 300 friends in two years. Unknown people were now friends and family. That’s when, in 2020, the idea of turning this project into something more solid became a necessity . After all, our parties were clandestine and gathering 200 to 300 people without permission could have severe consequences. The only solution would be to end the project or make it legal and public.

So in January 2020, we announced our first big public event (Digital Nomad) with over 1500 social network interactions. Due to the pandemic restrictions , we had to hold the party until December 2021. It was a success. The feedback given by the people was that despite the involvement of profit, the party hadn’t lost its initial concept: Music, Family and Nature.

What we do?

The main scope of Changa Records is parties, but on the other hand the collective members and their close friends have always been connected with musical production of electronic and instrumental nature. Our musical projects combine all genres inside Psy Trance, being DarkPsy our main focus. The artists of our label manifest their visions under original projects or mixing other artists tracks. So we came up with the idea of also becoming a music label. Embracing the initial concept, our events and label would aim to provide unknown artists with the opportunity of showing their work.

We are aware that the mainstream is the core of the business, but that is precisely where Changa Records aims to make the difference. Our main investment is to turn the unknown (underground) into common sense. We would like to be recognized by the people and the community for our concept. Although people at our parties might not recognize most of the projects being played, we want them to have a hallucinating and ecstatic experience. The best experiences are the ones that catch us by surprise.


Luna Nicke - Born in 1987 in Lisbon. Graduated in sound engineering and electronic music production. He always had an important part in the party’s organization and as a music producer. His main role, though, is the creation and development of Changa Records as a music label. He aspires to see Changa Records grow and conquer the world.

João Freire - Born in Lisbon in 1991. Highschool graduation in Social and Humanistic Sciences. Since the beginning this member had the important role of uniting the “horde” and organizing events. Music producer. Human with gigantic aspirations in the DarkPsy culture.

Alessandra Scoffi - Born in 1991 in Lisbon. Highschool graduation in Social and Humanistic Sciences. She is the one in charge of all the publicity and the development of Changa Records social network. She aspires that Changa Records gets to be known worldwide as a Label and an Event Organizer.

Astro Adress: changarecords.sputnik-dao.near

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