(PROPOSAL) To create 10 wearable books from The Writer's Guild's Mintbase NFTs and place them at NEAR Alexandria

To create 10 wearable books from The Writer’s Guild’s Mintbase NFTs with links for these NFTs and place the books inside NEAR Alexandria


The main benefit for the community is to have NEAR NFTs transformed into wearable books and stored into NEAR Alexandria, the largest NEAR Library on Metaverse. This is interesting, because it allows for people from Metaverse to know NEAR NFTs and to know the production from The Writer’s Guild. And it is also good because it makes another project grow, which is NEAR Alexandria. The largest is the library, more interesting its use.

The project

The Writer’s Guild or us (what is more convenient to the DAO) will select 10 NFTs from the Writer’s Guild Mintbase store and we will produce and mint 10 wearable books for voxels metaverse, to be used in the library. We will send the author half of the wearables, 1/4 to the DAO, and 1/4 to NEAR Alexandria. We then will place the books inside the library and organize the shelfs to have a part to the Writers Guild. The Writer’s Guild will provide us with their logo, to put in the library.

  • 250 usd in NEAR: To create 10 3d wearable books (25 usd/wearable) from the NEAR NFTs and mint them on NEAR Alexandria collection: @gushlewis
  • 250 usd in NEAR: To create and organize the project, to report and accountability, to organize the library for the books, place them there, and insert The Writer’s Guild logo in the library: @thephilosopher


Week 1: to select NEAR NFTs and start the wearable book production

Week 2: wearable production and minting

Week 3: place the books in the library, add logo and signs for the Writer’s Guild books in the library, and make the report.

Final Products

10 wearable books for NEAR Alexandria from The Writer’s Guild’s NEAR NFTs
Part of a shelf on NEAR Alexandria with The Writer’s Guild’s books
Logo with link from the Writer’s Guild inside NEAR Alexandria, on metaverse

Subtotal: 500USD


@bagadefente we kindly ask for The Writer’s Guild evaluation of our proposal.


Omg select my book please :pray::innocent:

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hey @thephilosopher,

personally speaking, I like your project, but I have one question:
did you check if the Writer’s Guild already have 10 books in our Mintbase store?

I could be wrong, but, speaking without checking, I guess we should have, until now, five at the most… we have some essays and short articles, but 10 books I don’t think so.


We were thinking about having wearable books for the essays and short articles too.

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As far as we could talk on telegram, there are 7 or 8 NFTs right now on your Mintbase store that could be turned into wearable books. And in september there will be more books to be minted on Mintbase. So we could make the ones you have now, we ask for our payout proposal after these ones, and then we commit to make the other ones left as soon as you publish them on Mintbase, in September. What do u think, @bagadefente?


this seems fine to me!
what about other council members?
@AshleyC @Oblakofficialss @beet93 @gabrielfelipejacomel


I agree with that and support this Proposal!


Hello @thephilosopher, this is an interesting proposal and looking forward to what becomes of it.


I make my artist book available to be produced in this project if there is space left, with pleasure.

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