[COMPLETED] Project For writing Fiction Ebook

How to submit entries?


@bluexcyan , welcome to the community :partying_face:

This link is topic to submit entries

Hello Writer’s Guild,
I’m happy to bring this update to my ongoing Project

The writings that will be contained in the Ebook has been completed successfully! :blush:
Shootings and editing of images has been completed as well by @Roxy .
It was a great project indeed. The shooting wasn’t so easy because we had to get models to depict the acts. These photos are real life images captured through the lenses of the camera and entails deep meaning.

There are little changes to things now, as I would like to communicate that the cover art will no longer be choosing the winner from the most liked and engagements on each art. as this may not give room for the pick that really entails with the book.

I’m happy to ask the council members to make a pick from the entries submitted already from now until the 7th which the bounty submission will be closed while we deliberate on the ones at hand as we look out for more entries before the date if there’re still more people willing to participate.

I look forward to the final update to this project which will contain the finished product. (The Ebook)

@thephilosopher @pinkalsky @beet93 @Oblakofficialss @bagadefente @Dedeukwu

Warm regards :pray:


Great dear @Purpledots

I’m happy that your project is taking the right shape.

Kudos to you and the team

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thanks for keeping us up to date, @Purpledots.
I’m glad to see your project getting done!

and I guess you’re right on changing the cover art selection method to get the image that fits better on your story.

about asking for the council members to help with that, I’m a member, but I also submitted a cover art, so maybe I shouldn’t vote on this.

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In this regard, I will say it’s not yet time for me to request the remaining payment for this project as it’s been stated to be at the end of the project.

Will be done when the project is delivered. :pray:


Hello Writer’s Guild and the entire Near community :wave:

I’m very happy to bring the last report for my project [Writing fiction Ebook] under the writers guild. This project has now been completed and the book minted to the writers guild mintbase store with split royalties % to the writers guild.

Here is link to the Minted version of the Ebook

Shout out to myself @Purpledots for accomplishing this Ebook.

Big S/O to everyone who made this reality.
S/O to @Dedeukwu for minting the work into the writers guild mintbase store :clap:
S/O to @Roxy for shooting the dope images attached to this work.
S/O to the models that model this work images.
S/O to @bagadefente for crafting the amazing cover for the work.
S/O to the entire community members who participated during the quest for cover art.

And to Near writers guild. Thank you :pray:



Amazing piece @Purpledots, I’m glad to have helped out.

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Congrats on your executed project. It’s an honour to have worked with you @Purpledots

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Hello @Purpledots - the payout for the taking and editing of the photos is clearly outlined in your proposal. Please explain.

The agreement between yourself and Roxy was made within your project proposal. $300 USD in NEAR for the taking and editing of 6 photos: “There will be 6 photographed image for each page in the book which will be edited & minted separately in the writer’s guild store. $30 photographer bounty by @roxy & $20 editor =$50 X6 total $300”

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@Roxy and @Purpledots

Situations like these are difficult to arbitrate. Proposals must be very specific so that there will be no confusion when it comes time to divide and allocate resources. As it stands, the proposal is very clear that @Roxy is owed the $200 remaining of the $300 bounty: “There will be 6 photographed image for each page in the book which will be edited & minted separately in the writer’s guild store. $30 photographer bounty by @roxy & $20 editor =$50 X6 total $300”

@Purpledots, if you are able to prove that your expenses for the shoot were or exceeded $17 USD, we will consider that in our decision for who may claim what amount of the $250 USD which remains to be paid out on this successful project.

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@Roxy and @Purpledots

The Writer’s Council has read through every post and we’ve arrived at the decision that @Roxy can request a $200 DAI transfer on Astro as payment for their work completed on this Ebook project.

@Purpledots can request a $50 DAI transfer on Astro which is the remainder left to be paid out on this proposal.

We encourage everyone to strive to be as specific and transparent as possible in future proposals and to avoid name-calling and and making references to personal character.


Thank you so much @AshleyC and the Writer’s Council.

I appreciate!

Hi Roxy,

When you request your payout on Astro, there is an option to request it in DAI. Please request $200 in DAI (which is equivalent to $200 USD). The Writer’s Guild converted NEAR to DAI to lock in its value and is doing payouts this month in DAI.

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Ok @AshleyC

Noted clearly
Thank you very much.
I appreciate.

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