[Proposal] Shooting of the Short Film, “I'm not a Murderer" for Lens DAO

My name is Roxy ‘The Entertainer’; I am a Film Practitioner and a graduate of Theatre & Film Studies Department, UNN.
I have been practicing Film Making for more than 10 years now, and we shot our first short film in 2013, during our school days. It is titled “15 Minutes” 15 Minutes - YouTube

Since then I have handled other Filming Projects for brands and Individuals. These are few links:
(2016) Excel Wise Magic City 082 official video YOUTUBE - YouTube
(2021) ChizyJ - Prayers (Official Video) - YouTube

I have been an active member of the NEAR Community since March. I am a Council Member in 9ines DAO and a Co-Founder of Thespians DAO [Introduction] Thespians DAO
I have covered many of NEAR Events in Nigeria, documenting and editing their videos and pictures:

I participated in one of Writer’s Guild Bounty and won with this short prose:

The story is so captivating and educating; a kind of an awareness campaign against Domestic Violence and its dangers. I am thinking of a way to bring this story to the screen (or as a movie on the Metaverse), and that is where this proposal comes into play.
I am proposing for the Lens DAO to collaborate with me, so we can bring this script to life, and use it to educate the general public and NEARians against the dangers of Domestic Violence, Uncontrolled Anger and Fear to Quit.
I will work with different Film Makers in Nigeria, in bringing this Film to life.


  • Educate the general public against Domestic Violence
  • Bring life and entertainment into the Metaverse
  • Onboard atleast 10 New NEARians (casts and crew on set)
  • Generate BTS Picture NFTs for Lens DAO during the production of the Short Film
  • Generate a movie NFT
  • NEAR Tickets could be sold for Metaverse Viewing

Examples of BTS pictures we intend Minting:

We work with the best team of Film Makers, and this is the Picture quality we are hoping to achieve:

And we will be shooting with Black magic 6K Pro or Sony A7rIII


  • Scripting $100

  • Camera and Lenses $200

  • Lighting $200

  • Costumes $300

  • Props and Set $300

  • Locations $300

  • Make Up $150

  • Post-production $200

  • Crew Bounty (Production Assistants) $250

  • TOTAL $2,000

In order to work as minimum budget as possible, we would select Actors and Actresses through audition and freewill. We already have some established connections with some actors in the City.

We will shoot on 16th July, and the Short Film would be available for Lens DAO to proceed with a release date two weeks after shoot. The Lens DAO could either premiere it on the Metaverse or upload on the DAOs YouTube.

Payment Wallet:

@cosmiclobo @roadworks @tabear

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Hi Roxy. Thanks for your submission. Here’s a bit of feedback:

We weren’t able to find any information on:

1.) When you would like to shoot? Our July budget might be filling up soon, so probably August would work better.
2.) How many new people / artists would get onboarded with a new wallet for this project and how does NEAR benefit from the video?
3.) What type of pictures will you provide as NFTs? Can we see examples of the quality of photography?
4.) Can you kindly provide some links of previous works in film / shortfilm that you have shot with the same crew, so we can evaluate the quality?
5.) Are you requesting the full amount from LENS DAO or is this a collab? (For instance there was no information on editing cost, actors etc.)
6.) What camera / what quality will you be shooting in?
7.) What is the crew bounty?

Thanks for providing your detailed answers. They will make our decision-making process a lot easier and faster. In the meanwhile enjoy your weekend! Cheers


Ok Fam, I have paid rapt attention to the corrections and questions you asked, and I have tried to ratify and clarify them on the post.

Please kindly refer back to the post for details, thanks @roadworks


Hi Roxy, thanks a lot for your patience. It took a bit to discuss the topic with the rest of the LENS DAO crew.

Here are our notes: first off, we really like the quality of the images (both footage and photography wise). We can’t however identify at all with the content of the film. The fact that the movie aims to educate the public about domestic violence is great per se, but we have a problem with the fact that the best answer of the man to protect his sister is to shoot a man. None of the members of LENS DAO agreed to this point. We also had difficulties with the fact, that even though at least 10 new members are supposed to be onboarded, there’s only one wallet presented. We would never send a payout of 10 people to a single wallet. Also the question whether this is a collab (what part can LENS DAO cover?) or just a full funding request, remained unanswered.

We therefore apologise, but at this point for the reasons named above there is no possibility for us to support the project. For the future we would like to also let you know, that any support requests need to have a notice period of at least one month (rather two), as we plan our budgets in cooperation with a variety of DAOs long ahead. So a two-week notice for such a large budget wouldn’t be possible for technical reasons in the first place.

We wish you good luck with the project.

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Ok Fam @roadworks
I would work around something better and see a way Lens DAO can collaborate with Thespians DAO and have a promising project together.

While we work on getting our DAO in motion, we will keep in touch with you either here or on Telegram and see how we can have DAOs corporation in few months.

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I agree. So generally speaking collabs are preferred rather than pure funding requests. We also offer stipends, bounties, open calls etc.

In terms of a collab August might be the best month, as we are facing a busy season from September onwards.

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Hey @roadworks
Check your DM, let’s discuss about August Project between Lens DAO and Thespians DAO

Hi. Pls submit your proposal in a seprate thread, so the whole council can have a look. No DM, please. Thx

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