[Closed] Music Meets Fashion With NxM - Introduction to NEAR Ecosystem (August Edition)

My name is Roxy (The Entertainer), I am a Cinematographer, Editor, Graphic Artiste who have worked in different projects on the NEAR Ecosystem;


And I am one of the Co-founders of the Thespians DAO; a DAO that has inspired so many Actors on the NEAR Protocol.

I have worked with different Creatives both in the web2 and web3 Ecosystem. I worked with Musicians (who I shoot music videos for) and Fashion Designers (who I shoot professional pictures for). I have enjoyed the introduction into Web3 and I would love many other Creatives who I would reach out to (with this my proposal) to get involved and express their creativity on the NEAR Protocol.

The scope of this my project is to bring Musicians into the NxM Guild and create platform for them to work along with Fashion Designer and Models (To lighten up the stage as they perform).

The project will kickstart with introduction of Web3 and NEAR Protocol to the Musicians, Fashion Designers and Models; allow interaction within these Creatives; and give them platform to perform together on the stage. The musicians would be performing on the stage while the Fashion Designers and Models showcase and catwalk as well.

The musicians are:
Exnel -

ChizyJ -

These two Artistes have online platform that can bring other Creatives and audience to the event.

-To onboard and educate Professional Musicians and music lovers (audience), and teach them about the NEAR web3 ecosystem.
-To create and activate their various NEAR wallets.
-To accumulate video and picture NFTs that will be minted in the NxM Guild Mintbase store.
-Their involvements would serve as a background to reach out to their various fans and get them along too.

To achieve this, we need videographer, DJ, a hall, Fashion Designer and Models (including Airdrop links for wallets activation)


Artwork & banner: $100
Videography: $200
Event/seminar Hall: $200
4 Models: $50 x 4 ($200)
2 Artistes: $50 x 2 ($100)
DJ & Sound; $100
Costumes: $100

TOTAL: $1,000

Including 0.2 $NEAR Drop links to activate wallets


  • Onboard 5 Creatives
  • Onboard 10 Guests from the event
  • Mint one video NFT from the event
  • Mint 10 Picture NFTs

The event would be held offline on 20th August in the City of Aba in Abia State, Nigeria; and the videos and pictures documented would be available for minting one week after the event

Wallet for Project Payout:


Hi @Roxy, thank you for the proposal,

It is an online or offline event? what is the specific target audience of your event (what region? city? or Musicians, Fashion Designers and Models in general?)

Just to add on, I don’t think onboarding models falls under the cope of NxM funding? Could you clarify what value this event will add to the NxM community?

Thank you


I have done the necessary corrections Fam, please take a look for clarification.

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Hey @roxy, Unfortunately we could not support you for this month we request you Apply for next month



Thanks alot Fam…

Let’s keep building a Creative Ecosystem.
I’m in support always


thank you so much @Roxy