Community Squad Weekly Update: July 12, 2021

This NEAR week is already rocking and rolling!

Highlight: NEAR Town Hall

Featured several amazing projects in our ecosystem:

Next one will be in August!

Governance Update

Community Squad DAO

Active Proposals

Extend VotePeriod from 7 to 14 days:

Payout 338 NEAR to uxisnear.near for unknown reimbursements:

Payout 1400 NEAR to sue.near for June Reddit Ops effort:

Recent Proposals

APPROVED ~ Payout 2000 NEAR to nearweek.near for a news guild:

APPROVED ~ Payout 22500 NEAR to the Open Web Sandbox DAO (sandbox.sputnikdao.near) for community development:

APPROVED ~ Payout 550 NEAR to gyan.near for university collaborations and technical workshops as a part of the NEAR India Guild:

APPROVED ~ Payout 482 NEAR to hispano.near for agreed reimbursement:

Updates From the Squad

Our team is here to share key results from last week, plans for this week, and current blockers. Transparency is crucial for accountability and governance.

Council Members: @chloe @3UN1C3 @Grace @jcatnear @jlwaugh @JMaenen @mecsbecs @ross @shreyas @starpause

Also submitted a proposal to add @norah.near to the Community Squad DAO council:

Guilds Management Crew

Your feedback is much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: We hope to discuss project ideas, answer questions, learn from your experience, and collaborate!


Q3 is here! What a great TownHall :star2:, yesterday’s TownHall sets the standard for what is to come in Q3 :boom:

Last week we finalized our Objectives and Key Results, each team member has developed their plan, and we are starting to consolidate our 30 days goals.

On the hiring front, we have managed to complete the recruitment of the Community Advocate Lead; we are grateful to have received so many applications; it was a complex selection process, but we are pleased with the results. For the candidates that were not shortlisted, we offered them to join our Contributor’s Program. I am expecting the OWSandbox would be busy these days!

Plans for this week
1- Fine tunning our mission and vision as a team
2- Consolidating all 30-60-90 day plans
3- Align our Community Fund processes with other funding vehicles
4- Planning the NEAR Rebrand rollout
5- Continue with the planning of Hackathon 1 of 3
6- Participating at WilderMohre in Germany


In relation to my [Q3 OKRs] Rebecca Hallquist - Community Squad - Community OS Specialist, here is my update:

Last week:

Guilds Network & Open Web Sandbox & Creatives DAO:

  • Guilds Onboarding Pathway Revamp cemented and published on the Forum - now it’s time to further push for Guild feedback through the current open Guilds Survey so we can devise next steps for smoother Guilds experience including and beyond Guilds onboarding.

  • Created a Guilds Introduction Post template for the Forum, which is the new default template for new Topic creation under the “Community > Guilds” subcategory.

  • Worked with @Sofia_Alum to conceptualize and design a new Sandbox project opportunity: [July 2021] the OWS Project Opportunity: Help us create Pitch Starter Kit

  • Had great introductory chats with the majority of the First :ocean: Incubated Guilds who launched in June and have got some exciting projects underway after only ~one month of operations. Check out their introductory posts as they appear here on the Forum and keep an eye out for updates on any projects they’re working on. Tomorrow @ 3-4pm CEST, 2 of these new Guilds will be presenting at the Open Web Sandbox weekly AMA.

  • Had a branding & UX meeting which will result in the Open Web Sandbox getting a landing page on the new and discussions are underway for the OWS to get its own ‘brand refreshed’ logo to better match the new NEAR look for next week (thank you, @jake!).

Community OS & Transformation:

  • Community Playbooks are here and NEAR!
  • Building away at Copper
  • Established new bi-weekly Community Squad DAO Council meetings
  • Met with @starpause to chat about the Community OS toolkit product vision and next steps - stay tuned!

ACTION ITEMS for this week:

  • Meet with @marcelo to discuss :rainbow: involvement at the next OWS Party on July 29th (promo to drop this week!); @jlwaugh to talk goodie bag as well :crossed_fingers:t4:

  • Create Community Playbooks working publishing schedule as a result of the Playbooks meeting yesterday. Look out for the Trello Board by Friday @jcatnear @JMaenen @ross @starpause @chloe @jlwaugh

  • Work on new Guilds landing page copy for the website for @jake to incorporate our new Guilds onboarding direction

  • Meet with @Maggie to get the Guilds Copper work stream fully live and operational for next week

  • New Guild leader onboarding meetings

  • Attend the Second :ocean: Guilds Launch on Friday [Register here]! Hope everyone can attend!


Last Week Highlights

This Week Priorities



  • India accelerator- Bootcamp prep, reviews, meeting with startups and shortlisting.
  • Guilds coordinator interviews and shortlisting
  • Hackathon guild setup and proposal review
  • NEAR India meetup- strategy, ops, DAO and hiring of india community coordinator for the guild
  • Product guild discussions
  • Guild wave 2 launch prep with Ozy
  • Guild ongoing work with guilds management crew

This week:

  • Guild onboarding ongoing
  • NEAR NFT Guild meeting and strategy plan
  • Move Capital
  • Mineria virtual
  • India acclerator shortlisting
  • Hiring