[CONTACT] Guilds Management Crew @ NEAR

Looking to start a Guild to grow your community on NEAR? Already leading your Guild and want to know what resources are available? Want to make connections with other Guild leaders but don’t know where to start?

Meet the folks who can answer those questions and field any other Guild-related queries you may have:

The Guilds Management Crew:



@3UN1C3 (Asia Team)



Want to set up a call with us? Head over to this link to set up a chat with one of the Guilds Management Crew members!

Given we’re speaking with folks all over the world, and are in different time zones ourselves, please give us 2-3 business days to get back to you!

Check out our Guilds Playbook for insights on community-organizing and building best practices, and to contribute learnings of your own.

We also have a Guilds webpage on the official NEAR website for your reference, if you haven’t found it already.


Oh My ! I should have read this post before submitting my Guild proposal for NEAR Malaysia!
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