[Template] Guild Introduction Post

Stuck on how to best initially present your Guild and its activities to the wider NEAR Community?

LOOK :eyes: NO :eyes: FURTHER!

Below, please find a template for introducing your new Guild to the ecosystem in a way that will best anticipate any questions you, as the Guild Leader, can expect from the NEAR Guilds Management Crew or NEAR MarCom Team about your plans!

And remember, all questions are to best determine how we at NEAR Core can support you and your vision for your Guild. We want to empower you, so tell us what you need!

Proposed Template:

Guild Name:

Guild Leader(s):

Guild SputnikDAO Address:

Guild Location (if focused on a specific geography):

Guild Details:

  1. Vision/Mission

  2. Who is this Guild intended for (the kind of membereship you’re looking to recruit / the intended audience you’re looking to reach with your activities)?

  3. What kind of value is your Guild planning on delivering / Why should someone participate?

  4. How can community members join your Guild? (i.e. social media channels, by commenting on this post, etc.)

The more detail, the better! If you have a Roadmap, set objectives, etc. do add them in your introduction.

For an example of a wonderfully detailed Guild introduction, check out Vital Point AI.


Guild Name: NEAR Stars Guild

Guild Leader(s): @Zhunda

Guild SputnikDAO Address: SputnikDAO

Guild Location (if focused on a specific geography): International

Guild Details:
Purpose: Positive interaction with worlds crypto influencers.

Biggest mistake I’ve seen in almost all crypto community contests or bounty offers for recognition interaction is that contest idea is made, rules for drops are written, topics are shown, #hashtags placed and after “sit n’ wait” since nothing happens – no public persons can’t find contest to write an article about project for magazine or drop a video review on it’s youtube channel.

What will NSG make different? We’ll do it opposite way.

  1. Get connected with our favorite bloggers.
  2. Ask them to make a blog post, review video, in depth look, interview with NEAR team leaders offering in exchange to share some coins when content is posted.
  3. To make it double effective can give some more NEAR coins when milestones as 100k views, 1k shares, 10k likes reached. A reasonable stimulus so that influencer give max share on his/hers fan base.
  4. Since it’s a “promotion” content we can ask them to place an additional info about events that NEAR is going to have, hackathons or other info that needs extra attention. I feel that tight romantic friendship with Marketing Guild has to be played here too.

How exactly NEAR Protocol will benefit from work with influencers, partners and artists?

A) By giving a good visibility for investors looking for reliable and potential source where to hold their funds. Even if each sponsored video brings 10 investors it pays out all advertising expenses.

B) Making shoutout to NAER community in whole. Most worthy are new members welcomed on board who want to share their thoughts, interact by doin’ some creatives or catching up talented developers, content creators, managers and leaders who are looking for crypto communities to invest their time and strength.

C) Public reputation and brand awareness for NEAR. The more people talk about certain project online (and offline), greater attention and trust score will be created also by other public personas. Good chance to make chain reaction that will convert in interest from other bloggers and news makers. Let’s stay on hype cuz it will also give an increase on worth of NEAR coin.

What you’ll get by joining NEAR Stars Guild?

  • Get in touch with your favorite crypto experts / companies / artists
  • Plan, discuss, research and create topics about NEAR that Stars can share with world. What colaboration can be done?
  • Your friends will get jealous and moma get proud because you work with influencers.

What needs to be done to increase NSG capacity?

  1. Native speaking members action takers / negotiators / partner searchers for Guild:

Don’t want to be a nazi, so suggest in comments also other language since NEAR commune is huge. Mine is English and Russian (great to see that your the strongest. Маст лав! )

Also we should have SMM manager/admin to make our work visible to community and world.

Designer. Yeah, let’s get fancy cuz were going to look good and stylish.

Step 2.

Bring first influencers and partners as cases.
If partner or influencer needs bounty, at the begining we will ask them to make a prework. Ex: Create a video and post it as unlisted, add the link to Marketing DAO and let jury wote for it. When funds are granted video gets published.
Anyway we can find a solution and compromise.

Step 3.

Go further and gather people for NEAR Stars Guild, those who would like to work with national influencers. Get missing squad members who would like to become a spoke person with:

1. Influencers. Reach out youtubers, news makers (reddit, hackernoon, decrypt, cointelegraph, coindesk, etc) and bloggers, got tons of personas that would like to write a post, make a review or create a video about NEAR, so it’s a never-ending story how many influencers can be covered.

2. Partnerships. Get listed on payment gateways so that NEAR coin can become a widely used payment option as BTC or ETH. There are thousands of merchants and service providers that already list several coins as a chance to pay for their goods. Here is an opportunity to collaborate with them – in exchange asking to share “Now you can pay with NEAR for our products!” with their client base, social media followers, email signups offering discounts, chargebacks or other stimulants to promote NEAR as payment option.

3. Creators. Hunt for TOP musicians, artists and creative people. I believe that same negotiators with their charm could engage artists to create NFTs on NEAR platforms. Helping them getting on NFT’s marketplace.

There are first three BIG sections what NEAR Star Guild want to concentrate our work on and are in search of people with good communication skills.

About KPI.

I believe that in fist month we can easily engage with results on 5 English speaking and 5 per each other language influencers / companies and organize some interviews / videos / events / parterships with NEAR protocol.

After concepts are tested and work on evaluation is done can check the needed budgets and go on our own out of Sandbox.

Want to join our gang? :sunglasses:

Join our TG chennel:

Hey @Zhunda! Welcome Stars Guild! This thread is meant to just provide the template for introductions to help Guilds get started but not for the introductions themselves.

Please press “+ New Topic” back in the Community > Guilds subcategory, and post the ^above introduction into its own post so you can begin to establish your presence in the community. If there are any issues, let us know!


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