[Update] Guilds Onboarding Pathway Revamp

The NEAR Guilds Program is undergoing some revamping and revisions in process. First, we tackle onboarding / the welcome of new Guild Leaders through the general channels and entry-points [this new pathway is to take effect by July 2021].

The NEAR Guilds Program, with its multiple entry points, does not have a clear on boarding process. In the interest of balancing a “white-gloved” experience and promoting decentralized organization, the following pathway has been outlined by the Guilds Management Crew.

This pathway is broken down into the following stages:

  1. Entry-Points
  2. First IRL Contact (General Onboarding Chat)
  3. Second Contact (Focused Onboarding Chat)
  4. Monthly Check-ins

To ensure no prospective Guilds are left behind, all community leaders should be directed to near.org/guilds to access the Introduction Typeform, which will be connected to the new Copper CRM Software for a member of the Guilds Management Crew to initiate the introductory and on boarding conversations.


Legend for this Rough Map:

  • arrows represent the options flowing through the pathway
  • double arrows represent the potential for a repeated action


  1. With stated location information gleaned from the Introduction Typeform, the Guild Leader will be connected with the Guilds Management Crew member physically based in the same or closest region to set up the First IRL Contact.

  2. Following the IRL Contact (see below) by the Guilds Management Crew, next steps will be determined based on the Guild Leader’s interests and goals:

    • If an existing Guild or the Open Web Sandbox is a better fit, then the prospective Guild Leader will be referred to the appropriate contact.
    • If the Individual is in need of further assistance the immediate Guilds Management Crew member cannot provide when it comes to establishing the Guild’s goals and OKRS, the Guild Leader will be referred to the NEAR Community Team member who is best equipped to help.
  3. The Second, more specialized Contact will be made by one of the aforementioned referred contacts or by the initial Guilds Management Crew member in order to help the Guild Leader build out their goals and plans, to then be posted on the Forum in a [Template] Guild Introduction Post.

  4. Then based on the Guild’s goals and the respective DAO vertical they interact with the most, either the corresponding DAO Vertical council, initial Guilds Management Crew member who made first contact, or the Community Team member who made second contact will conduct monthly check-ins with the Guild Leader to follow-up.

Maintaining communication between the MarCom Team and the Guild Leaders is key to ensuring these community leaders feel supported and heard, to maintain a steady feedback loop, to determine ways in which to make helpful connections, and to ship Community OS.

Stages Breakdown

  1. Entry-Points:

Entry into the Guilds Program can happen in many ways:

  • By Referral
  • Through time as an Open Web Contributor
  • Through the Open Web Sandbox
  • By a post on the Governance Forum (gov.near.org)
  • Via the Introduction Typeform on near.org/guilds, which will be connected to the Copper CRM Software*

The hands-on and careful welcome each new Guild leader receives should be as informative, intentional, and inclusive as possible. Any forms we request they fill out should not be presented as barriers or ways in which the MarCom Team is controlling who can become a Guild. This is why we have revised the wording for the Typeform prospective Guild leaders are strongly encouraged to complete from “an application” to “an introduction” form.

Individuals are not applying or registering, but introducing themselves to the NEAR team and the broader community.

*The near.org/guilds > Introduction Typeform entry is the preferred method of on boarding into the Guilds Program because it allows us to get to know a bit of information about the leaders and their community in advance - allowing us to come prepared to the first conversation with some idea of tailored suggestions for community building and project involvement in the ecosystem - AND assists our organizational efforts overall.

  1. First IRL Contact (General Onboarding Chat):

Based on the location and time zone of the prospective Guild leader, the Guilds Management Crew member closest to them will arrange the first general onboarding meeting and will serve as the Guild leader’s first point of contact until referred elsewhere. This initial call will be around 30 minutes and will serve as a general introduction to the individual and the vision for their Guild, the resources offered by the NEAR MarCom Team, and how NEAR can help support this new community.

  1. Second Contact (Focused Onboarding Chat)

As previously mentioned, the Second Contact conducted by the referred DAO Council, NEAR MarCom Team member, or initial Guilds Management Crew member is intended to assist the Guild Leader with building out their goals and plans.

These plans will then either be posted on the Forum for the first time, or will be edits to the existing ‘Guild Introduction’ post. The purpose of this interaction is to provide more focused project support to the new Guild, and to determine and set up open, regular communication channels for the Guild Leader with the appropriate contact moving forward.

  1. Monthly Check-ins

On a monthly basis, the appropriate contact is expected to follow up with the new Guild Leader, and these conversations will be prompted and tracked through the Guilds Program or corresponding DAO vertical work stream in the Copper CRM.

Who will be conducting these check-ins will be determined following the Second Contact based on the kind of sustained support the new Guild appears to need moving forward. For example, if as a result of the First IRL and Second Contact conversations, it is clear the Guild will be pursuing predominantly creative or artistic projects, the Creatives DAO council should then be the ones conducting the regular monthly calls to assist the Guilds to build projects and budgets that DAO vertical can support.

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