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NEAR Reddit Team Report

July 2021


The Reddit Ops Team has been working to increase engagement with NEAR protocol since April of 2021. The goal of the reddit operation is to increase engagement with the NEAR community. We accomplish this goal by hosting AMAs on the r/nearprotocol subreddit, sharing general content on the r/nearprotocol sub, and posting on other subs.

When we began our operation in April, we had 555 subscribers. Since then, our subscriber number has more than doubled, reaching a total of 1,168 by July 5th.

This is the only other metric we found that made much sense. Relative to the rest of the reddit community, our subscriber rank has gone down, indicating a growth trend. This month, we finally trended past the 50k threshold. (I can’t imbed this image on the gov forum, so check out this link if you want to see more Subreddit Stats - statistics for every subreddit)

A note on metrics: we have found that finding good data on subreddit progress is difficult, so we will begin to keep track manually. We will quantify upvotes from each of our accounts, comments on each of our posts, and questions asked on each AMA. These data will help us show progress at the end of each month.

The plan

Reddit AMAs

Every other week, we bring on a member of the NEAR community to answer questions on the sub. This has been our strongest instrument for driving engagement so far; we always see a significant jump in comments, upvotes, and subscribers when we post our AMAs. So far, we have hosted Alex Shevshenko from Aurora, Riqi from Paras, Carolin from Mintbase, and Bowen from Proximity Labs.

Going forward, we are going to do more marketing for our AMAs. We will work the NEAR team to publicize the events through twitter, engage the degens in asking questions, and encourage the AMA hosts to use their own platforms to drive traffic.

Posting on the sub

We try to be as eclectic as possible when it comes to sharing content on the r/nearprotocol subreddit. Our content manager chooses posts by scouring NEAR twitter, gathering content from NEAR guilds, official NEAR twitter pages, degens, and twitter shill accounts. One of the popular mechanisms we are working on is dispersing “meme drop mondays” from Swine Guild. Posts come in the form of pictures, links to twitter posts, questions about price predictions, and general shitposting. We normally seed the posts with a number of comments from our own accounts, and upvote any organic engagement that comes about.

We feel like this is the portion of the NEAR sub that needs the least improvement. We are providing 3 posts a day, every single day, and we are getting a lot of traction. However, we can always do more, and towards this end, we are working with the guilds to develop contests to be hosted on the subreddit. Mineral Guild might host a price prediction contest on the sub, or Swine Guild can offer a meme contest. These contests will be hosted later this month.

Posting on other subs

Our strategy prior to July consisted of taking posts scheduled for the main sub, and sharing them in 2 different subs each day. So, if there was a post about the Mintbase launch, we would post it in r/nearNFT or simply r/NFT. This strategy had limited effect, since many subreddits have high kharma thresholds, and our comments would be taken down or shadow banned.

This month, we are totally revamping this strategy. We are bringing on another member, Seth, to do more engaged post planning. We have been given access to the Trello, where we can see the most important NEAR marketing priorities. Our new member will be creating 2 very high effort posts per week on topics related to these priorities. These posts will be shared with Joep to discuss sharing on twitter, purchasing upvotes to gain rapid exposure, and mobilizing degens to quickly engage with the content. We have set the number of weekly posts low both to ensure that proper mobilization can be achieved each time, and to reduce the cost of purchasing upvotes each week.

The team

Sue - organizes AMAs, writes reports, quality control, communication and interfacing

Alfonse - sharing r/nearprotocol post schedule on other subs

Seth - Strategic posting in other subs, works with Joep to coordinate the posting

Georgia - Takes care of all posting on the r/nearprotocol subreddit, manages accounts

Jack - Creates the posting schedule each day for r/nearprotocol, assisting with posting and commenting

Proposed Budget

With our current budget of 1200 NEAR a month, we are paying certain early members more than the recent hires. The original payment structure was based off of a team of 4, at 300 NEAR per month each. Ideally, we would like to be able to pay each of our members 400 NEAR a month, coming out to a total of 2000 for monthly expenses.


Hi @JosePerez!

Thank you for sending in this great proposal!

A few things to note:

  • The metrics that will be tracked are:
    • r/nearprotocol subreddit growth
    • Number of upvotes
    • Traffic generated on articles in other subreddits
  • What are the expected results of these metrics by the end of Q3?
  • Have you found a way to track traffic generated to articles posted? Perhaps @ross can help with this?
  • Can you share with us the spreadsheet where you’ll be keeping track of the number of upvotes?
  • Did you think about how you’re going to engage the community to help with upvotes? Create a list of degens/community members that have a Reddit account? Maybe create a separate Telegram Group/Channel where the community is notified when something will be posted?

Please address these points and LFG! :sunglasses:

  • Expected metric results: 1.5k by end of Q3
  • It’s not possible to track that metric through reddit. However, we can measure engagement by recording upvotes and comments on each of our posts in other subs. We will have this metric by the end of the month.
  • Here is a link to a document with all subreddit activity this month
    r/NEARProtocol July 2021 Post History - Google Docs
  • We have been providing notice of reddit posts outside of the r/nearprotocol sub through telegram. The reason we don’t provide notice for the sub itself is that we do 3 posts a day, and we don’t want to spam people. We do, however, inform people of AMAs on the sub. We send links to our reddit team chat, the degen chat, the 4nts guild chat, the NEAR protocol official chat, the NEAR diamond hands chat, and encourage each member to share far and wide.
  • LFG! :sunglasses:

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