[CALL FOR ACTION] Creating a Inter-Generational Creative Hub in a Rapidly Gentrifying World

-------- FINANCE RAISED: 40% (1M€ of 2.6M€) --------

After 2.5 years of building an international artistic community, art space and venue in Lisbon, we are building a project to put an end to being moved around by redevelopment and gentrification within the city.

Over the past year we have been looking for the perfect location so we can create a permanent creative hub inside Lisbon and support the creative communities indefinitely by developing an anti-fragile economic model while still maintaining our support ethics.

The essence of the model is that we are raising money in the form of investment & donations to the non-profit association so we can purchase the perfect venue real estate enabling us to be immune from gentrification and property redevelopment. Revenues will be accrued from rental of the space as artists studios, a permanent NFT art gallery and a music venue for 500 people operating 5 days a week.

In doing so we are REQUESTING DONATIONS from the NEAR community that will go directly to fund this project!

In our fundraising so far, we have raised over 1 Million € for the building through independent investors which is approximately 40% of what we need. The donations raised by this fundraising campaign will go directly to the association’s share in the real estate meaning that the association will be a shareholder in it’s own location.

We believe that a cultural space is needed in society in order to promote the freedom of expression and to give new incentives also to the local population by teaching new and alternative ways of living.

This is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY to be a part of the creation of a creative hub, arts & music venue that has the opportunity to own its own real estate and benefit creatives for GENERATIONS TO COME!

In the past year we have begun our venture into the DeFi space through the conduit of crypto arts and NFTs. In doing so we organised Rare Effect Vol 1 & 2 in February and May respectively which attracted over 1k physically and over 15k in the metaverse. The events were some of the most innovative and best attended NFT events to date and are a great launch pad for us to create one of the first permanent NFT galleries.

If you’d like to hear more about our project, how we’re innovating in challenging times or how we’re growing into DeFi don’t hesitate to reach out to our DAO & Guild team through our telegram group.

Arroz Criativo Telegram : Telegram: Contact @arrozcriativo
Guild Page: Arroz Criativo - NEAR Forum
DAO page SputnikDAO

:heart: If you would like to support the studios and the work we are doing, please
Spread the word!

:heart: Make a donation through the split royalties function on mintbase when minting your next NFT (arroznewvenue.near)!

:heart: Get in touch with us in case you are aware of possible investors/ property owners in Lisbon.

Impressions from the current venue: