[Report] Arroz Criativo May/22

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Hello, Creatives!

The support and inspiration of the Creatives community made the month of May full of milestones for Arroz Criativo DAO.

First, our NEAR Hub is now up and running. We are very proud to now have a dedicated space to further develop the NEAR community in Lisbon. Thank you for all your support on this funding proposal. During the Shillin’ n’ Chillin’ Special | NEAR Hub Launch, we hosted a casual talk with The Black Cat Cinema about NFT tickets and RAIZ Vertical Farms about their mission towards the tokenization of plants!

During the NEAR Hub presentation, we created our firsts NFT memberships. We are honored to have been a part of Enrollmint’s app development and to be the first cultural organization in Portugal with NFT membership.

Please, see more details here.

The opening of the 2022 @BlackCatCinema has been a runaway success: all four events were sold out, days in advance and attracted an audience of 327. The NFT ticket platform began operating on May 24th, and, after two events, sold a total of 20 NFT tickets, via Mintickt platform (through Mintbase).

Please, see more details here.

We used part of the wallets creation, pizza & drinks fund in the process of integrating Arroz Estúdios visitors. During our Shillin’ n’ Chillin meet-ups, we created 10 NEAR wallets and transferred 18.33 NEAR tokens to buy pizza & drinks.

Through the experiences of the past few months, we will adjust our onboarding strategy this June to strengthen the numbers of NEAR wallets created.

Please, see the details here.

One of our priorities is to integrate into the blockchain our IRL feature of being an artistic space that provides a safe environment for creatives to work and express themselves freely.

Through the Planting A.I.R - Artists in Residence program, we welcomed @Coletivo.Linha, during the launch of their new Zine, entitled Cabra Cega - a magazine-like gallery where artists were invited to show their work, filling the pages with drawings, performances, sculptures, musical ensembles, and other artistic expressions.

Please, see the details about Cabra Cega printing process here.

In time: West Coast NEAR was held at the old Trafaria casino, on May 14th (as proposed by @K4PP4), during which 8 NEAR wallets were created, along with an introductory workshop on NEAR, DAO and NFTs for artists and enthusiasts from the local hip hop scene.

We are also very happy that the @plantasia streaming workshop for Arroz residents will be part of the Shillin ‘n’ Chillin Pride Week Special, on June 22th. Therefore, it will not only attract a larger audience, but will also provide a valuable hands-on experience.

Please, see this update here.

Thank you for the hard work, Creatives.
Stay creative! Be happy!

Arroz Team


Looks awesome. We should include photos in our next report!

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Wow! What a beautiful project and your actions!
Congratulations! :star_struck: :alien:

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