[APPROVED] Monthly Budget Arroz Criativo August

Contact Name(s): @tabear @StevenR @JulianaM

Guild: Arroz Criativo

Target Address: arrozcriativo.sputnikdao.near

Current Balance (NEAR): 225.96N

Funding Period: August 2021

Requested amount: 2000N

Hello everyone,

July was a successful month with plenty of onboarding & pizzas which have been paid in NEAR.
You can find the last report here.

In the month of August Arroz Estúdios will host the Hacknode in Lisbon and will fund the following projects: (missing links will still be included)


Hey there @tabear, thank you for submitting ok behalf of the Arroz Guild. Really excited to see the stickers that get created this month :heart_eyes:. Also, so glad that planting air will continue and more local residents are getting proposals in :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

Changing the status of this proposal to [APPROVED], please feel.free to submit a payout proposal to the Creatives DAO for 2000 N when you get a chance.

Looking forward to seeing the new graffiti as well! Would be epic if the piece was minted and a QR code was put up linking to the graffiti NFT on Mintbase :eyes:. I’m sure some people standing in line may wander and pull out their phones to scan :woman_shrugging:t5:.


Hey Chloe,

Thank you, we’re also looking forward to all the new projects. The QR code idea is great! Will forward it to @StevenR who will lead the graffiti project.

Proposal is submitted :slight_smile:


Great idea on the QR code - will include that in our next sync for sure

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