[WIKI] The Arroz Criativo Funding


Arroz Criativo aims to fund creative projects related to Arroz Estúdios, its residents & the inhabitants of Lisbon and wants to promote the NEAR ecosystem by creating physical use cases.

We have decided to establish a range for the hourly rate, in order to secure a more stable payout and to incentivise the implementation of N within the physical space. Therefore we will work with 5N/h.

We will not raise the amount of N/h as long as this value is covered. Should N increase its value significantly, the max. hourly rate will be 30€, after that we will adjust the amount of N/h accordingly for the proposals. The conversion is made by the time of the submission of the proposal.

10% of the monthly funding that the dao will receive, will be sent to the arroznewvenue.near wallet, which is a wallet that has been created to support our search for a new building in order to create a permanent cultural hub in Lisbon.


The Arroz Criativo Dao will receive funding on a monthly basis (30 days).

In order to receive funding, please consider the following:

  • Proposal should have a creative component (preferably with crypto integration)

  • Payouts for materials prior/during execution of the project to support the creative process

  • Payouts for working hours after the completion of the project/ accomplished milestones

  • For orientation: 5N/h

  • Funding for more than 30N: please add a timeline of your project including material costs and working hours to be spent on it.

  • If a milestone experiences a delay, the upcoming funding amount will be postponed for the upcoming month

  • Please document your progress as a reply in your proposal post

Please use the following structure to send proposals:


  • Tag Creatives , Arroz Criativo, Arroz-criativo-dao

Oneliner/ Summary:

Project members (names & wallets):

Total h:

Material costs (in N):


Requested amount:

Physical events: (if applicable)



:arrow_right: Feel free to reach out in case you have any questions, if you are unsure about which amount to request, what timeline to send or how to add a suitable crypto component. We’re happy to help you develop your project and bring it into the digital world. Arroz Criativo has its own mintbase store which can also be used for minting. :arrow_left: