[BOUNTY] Seeking 10 NFTs for Pollinator Gallery Featured on Mintbase and Nearhub

Greetings All!

I was invited by a member of Mintbase to submit a proposal to fund bounties for Dandelions and Honeybees DAO NFT Pollinator Gallery. Please check this link to learn a bit more about our vision: dandelions and honeybees intro Thanks in advance for your time and support!

Name: Anushka (Dandelions and Honeybees DAO)
NEAR account: dandelions-and-honeybees.sputnik-dao.near
Funding Period: April 2022
Target address: dandelionsandhoneybees.near
Total Amount Requested: Equivalent of $ 500 in NEAR tokens

  • $500 - 10 bounties at $50 in NEAR each
    Bounty will be offered to create NFTs representing pollinators in jpeg format to be featured in our brand new Dandelions Mintbase Store and eventually a web3 gallery space (dandelionsmintbase1.near)


  • 4/4/22 announce bounty on Telegram forums, i.e. Creatives DAO,
    Mintbase, MutiDAO, Spiritual DAO and social media platforms

  • 4/4/22 - populate Dandelions Mintbase Store with at least 10 NFTs

Milestones: Have at 10 least NFTs minted on dandelionsmintbase1.near
Store by the end of April

Benefit to NEAR Community: This project benefits the NEAR community in that we will compensate artists for their work in NEAR tokens. We will also extend the call for art to artists who are not yet members of NEAR, thereby introducing them to the community and encouraging them to become contributing members

:honeybee: UPDATES: :honeybee:

Please follow these steps to have your art featured in the Pollinator Gallery:

  1. Post an example of your work to this forum topic or to @dandelionsandhoneybees on telegram;

  2. If the artist’s work aligns with our vision, we will request them to share the following information via Telegram (@dandelionsandhoneybees) or Forum DM (@dandelionshoneybees):
    (a) NEAR wallet address
    (b) title of submitted work
    (c) desired NFT listing price
    (d) desired number of tokens to mint
    (e) artist’s name
    (f) optional: a short bio (200 characters max)
    (g) optional: social media handles

  3. Minting options:
    (a) Artist submits their work as a .jpeg or .gif and Dandelions and Honeybees mints the NFT for the artist (preferred)
    (b) Artist mints: In this case, the artist and Dandelions and Honeybees will communicate relevant details via Telegram (@dandelionsandhoneybees)or Forum DM (@dandelionshoneybees), regarding the required accompanying description and forever document (drafted by Dandelions and Honeybees DAO). Artist must first mint NFT on ‘dandelions’ testnet store, then share and receive confirmation from Dandelions and Honeybees before minting on dandelions mainnet
    (c) Terms of royalties and splits will remain the same as outlined below

  4. Terms for Splits, Royalties and Amounts are as follows:
    Revenue: 75% of revenue goes to the artist and 25% will go to Dandelions and Honeybees DAO to support various pollinator friendly projects around the world.
    Forever Royalties: 50% (max percentage) will go to the artist
    Number of mints per NFT: To be agreed upon by artist and Dandelions and Honeybees DAO
    Price: To be determined by artist

  5. Payout Process
    (a) Once minted, the artist should post their minted work here in the forum
    (b) Dandelions and Honeybees confirms that the NFT has been minted
    (c) Artist submits a payout proposal to this Mintbase link to receive their $50 in NEAR

We appreciate any and all constructive feedback! Thank you!


Happy to grant the 500USD for the artists. Will you be onboarding new artists?

How many artists do you want to be working with?


Thank you! Up to 10 artists. I plan to work with both artists that are already part of NEAR and onboard new artists.

I changed the proposal request amount to $500 for the artists…
Thank you!

Hi… Do I go ahead and submit a poll, or wait for the official “Approval”

the artist will submit payout proposal after sharing their minted art here on the post, ok? @dandelionshoneybees

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Ohhhh! I understand now. Great. Thank you!

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Would love to take part in this with this 'lil piece. Let me know if this is suitable and how it should be minted in terms of splits/royalties/amounts and I’ll add the link in here after minting :slight_smile:



I love it! Thanks for your submission. I’ll post that info you requested by tomorrow.

Before I do, though, I know what “royalties” pertains to, but does “amount” mean how many will be minted? And does “splits” pertain to who shares the royalties? Thanks!

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Yes, was just wondering if you or the artist decides on the number of NFTs that will be minted (from the same piece). And yes splits in terms how royalties (forever royalties) as well as revenue first time sale).

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I feel it is fair for the artist to decide. I want this to feel good for the artists. Am new to this realm, so I greatly appreciate your feedback, because there are many important facets I don’t even know exist and would not consider. I’m fine if some NFTs are minted only once and others have some or many copies.


Ok, I would say as long as you define the default royalties and splits (do you want to support your DAO, only the artist, or use the funds for a project for example), I think it is nice if artists can decide.

If this is mainly to support artists and populate the store in this case, I feel it would be up to the artist, nevertheless, the DAO could receive a split of both (nice way of working towards selfsustainability of the DAO).

If you would create a fundraiser project in the future for example, I personally always find it fair to reward the creator(s) for the work to create the NFT, but the main part of the revenue could be used to raise funds. Both the DAO or wallet to raise the funds could be added to the forever royalties. In my opinion, as long as the intention of the NFTs/project is clear, everyone is free to choose :slight_smile:

That’s helpful feedback. A few reflections/questions:

  • I had taken notes from a convo we had in March. You had mentioned that some split the royalties with 25% for the DAO and the rest can go to the artist. That sounds good for this project as it currently stands. The 25% for the DAO would go to supporting pollinator projects.

  • I would leave it up to the artist to decide how many mints per NFT.

  • Re: updates and changes, do people add the changes in the comments or edit the original proposal?

  • Re: price, I’m having a challenge visioning how to set the sale price for the NFTs. I imagine it will depend on the number of mints. Do stores ask the artist for input on pricing? Once again, I want this to feel good for the artist

Lot’s of questions! Yikes. lol. Thanks for generosity with your time and everything!

Depends on the kind of change. If for this post you would like to add infos on the minting and submission process, I would update it in the main post. You can use the

“Quote” function to highlight your update in the original text for example :slight_smile:

As for the price, a tough one for everyone I bet! Personally, I feel it could be a more expensive 1/1 piece or multiple editions for a lower price, depending on your audience. I don’t really have an answer for that, but happy to try it out and mint several editions for 0.5N or so :slight_smile:

If you want to have the 25% for the DAO, you can just set your dao address or the dao wallet as a default in Mintbase. That way minters can mint their pieces and it will be automatically set :slight_smile:


Thanks for all of that! I’ll work on updating and figuring out and should have that ready by tomorrow (Monday). You’re so helpful!

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Hi, I realize that I still need some guidance on making the updates. I’ll reach out on Telegram.

Please, check the following updates regarding minting and rewards.


dandelions mintbase store


Can I be added to the store so that I can mint an art and participate

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Hi Roxy! Thanks for reaching out! Can you tell me a bit about your art?

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