[Bounty] Create a Video for Mintbase

Hey All,

We want so see more Mintbase and NEAR content on Social Media!
Therefore, we want to give you a little motivation to spark up that creativity.

We do have our own videos on Youtube, check these out and make sure you are not just reproducing something we already have. We want fun and creative videos :slight_smile:

The content produced must hold:

  • Information about Near and Mintbase
  • When you use the Mintbase logo - respect our GUIDES!!
  • Educative content (onboarding people on Mintbase and Near) or information about a store/ project running on Mintbase.
  • Video editing – make it look sharp and interesting :blush: Not just a one-taker. Exceptions for very nice one-takers, of course.


  • 15 Seconds (For Tiktok, Reels, Instagram-stories, etc) – 50 USD in NEAR
  • up to 5 minutes – up to 150 USD in Near.

Special funding:
If you are a person with a significant following and/or experience with video editing - show us your social media accounts or a portfolio, and we will be happy to discuss your budget with you. Just contact me (@marianeu).

Instructions to apply:

  1. Answer to this Forum Post and tag @marianeu. She will tell you if you should go and do the work, or if the bounty is already at “full capacity”.
  2. Do the work described.
  3. Show your results in a comment at this post.
  4. When @marianeu approves it, you can submit a payout proposal in NEAR to SputnikDAO - adding the link of this Bounty to the “Forum link” space.

Happy to cooperate @marianeu !

I am ready and willing to do this @marianeu

@marianeu Am a Video Maker., i can surely get this Done for the Community… Pls see my IG @fimstudios n @Rasheed_fim . Thank You.

@TRENDHEO @JohnX @R.FIM nice!!
Which Video do you guys want to do? What do you want to present in it? Give me a small resume of ideas you want to have in the video and I’ll say okay:)

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@marianeu I am a registered minter on the AfrikaBurn store
I am a member and innovator in the C1 guild and the 404 collective
I started the discord server for the AfrikaBurn initiative and still currently maintain it
I have been part of an awareness campaign held in Lagos Nigeria to spread the sensitisation of the Near Protocol and wallet opening for prospective creatives who have become minters
I know how to educate people about NFts, Near protocol and mintbase in layman terms watered down to enable the patron to understand the nitty gritty of what the NFT buzz about and how the Near Protocol and mintbase comes into play…
I can send you an audio clip of an advertisement I am currently working on for the AfrikaBurn guild

I can conveniently create video content for the two videos. Love

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Sounds great! :weight_lifting_man: :weight_lifting_man: :weight_lifting_man:

How about you start with one video, send it here, and we approve it before you make another? Until when do you think you can get it done?

Please note this:

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Am a bonafied participants on the Afrika Burn initiative. Am currently tasked with curating images and gifs needed for the social media awareness of the Afrika Burn initiatives.
I have a vast knowledge of NFTs, NEAR and Mint base having connected with the community social networks especially TWITTER…

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I can submit a video on the 8th of October @marianeu

I am willing to participate in the bounty @marianeu i can able to submit it on time as per your content.

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I am Minter in the store:

Some of my works:

I have experience in NFT casting on Near. I will create short 15s videos on how to mint NFT on Mintbase and all Mintbase updates.
Some videos on Instagram:

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Hey @JohnX, what size of video are you planning to do? Long one or short?

@R.FIM do you want to make a short vid or a long one?

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Sounds great @TRENDHEO, what do you want your 15 seconds clip to be about? You can make something until 1 minute maximum… Like a reel. Or just 15 seconds. As you wish

Hey @Aslam015 I need to figure out first with @JohnX @R.FIM and @TRENDHEO because they came before you. Sorry. Will keep you updated.

@marianeu I am making the long one majorly, but would do a single 15 sec one alongside to show my mettle, I should be sending it tomorrow morning

Hm, okay. Will you be able to deliver quality videos in such a short time?

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@marianeu sure, I have content already plus the support of a standby editing team

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I will make a video on mintbase minting super fast! Eg : Login • Instagram

Nice! Can’t wait to see it :slight_smile:

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