[CLOSED Bounty] Promotional Video Creation - 100 NEAR

Earn 100 NEAR for creating a promotional video supporting the Createbase / Mintbase community.

  1. Speak to @caromintbase/@lenara/@chloe to check if you can do a video & clarify the specifications.
  2. Make the video(s) and send them over :star_struck:! Please feel free to leave a comment with the link to the videos in a reply below in this thread.
  3. Submit a payout proposal with “target” being your NEAR account and the value being 100 NEAR (SputnikDAO )
  4. Use the forum link from your reply for your “Link to the discussion”

Mintbase on NEAR launch video

(Video is private until launch)


:heart::heart::heart: love the videos


Hi Caronlin, please check if I can do a video to promote mintbase?
Thank you in advance.


how can i make my video

If you have an idea for a video, please post it here with the specifications. Bounties get paid out after the work is completed and after all requirements are met.

I have a youtube channel with nearly 18k thousand followers. I can make project introduction video, project manual. Can you share the project link with me

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this bounty avaiable now admin??

Is it still available?

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Ohhh! Let’s see tons of videos rolling in :star_struck:

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how can i make and submit a video? please help to answer the question

@ST2 @Sangkaros @thangnguyen9428 @Tuna @hoangduynguyen56

Here are some further specifications for this bounty:

  • Send us links to videos you have done before
  • Let us know how would you imagine a promotional video done in your style. You can send description or sketches for example
  • For the Mintbase NEAR mainnet launch some of the points we are looking to promote and you can plan to include in a video are:
    -Affordable minting
    -Green NFTs
    -Collaborative minting
    -Forever royalties
    -Purposeful NFTs
    -Split revenues

Feel free to also send other suggestions for promotional videos. We are looking for: creative ideas, engaging messages, high quality design and graphics.


I have the idea that makes a short video explains Mintbase and the high fee of ETH when working with. Near comes and rescues with a cheaper fee, faster speed…

can I do this?

These are the videos I did

this is my video. You can check it out.

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@caromintbase @chloe

Hi Chloe,

I’m Jackie from GFS. We did some video about NEAR Protocol. Plz take a look at links below:
NEAR Overview: Đồng Coin Tiềm Năng 2021: NEAR Protocol | GFS Ventures - Hidden Gem - YouTube
Rainbow Bridge: NEAR Protocol - Rainbow Bridge - Cơ Hội Tiềm Ẩn Sắp Bùng Nổ | GFS Ventures - Hidden Gem - YouTube

Plz lemme know what is the next step I need to do @chloe