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Earn 25 USD in NEAR for Creating Mintbase and MintbaseDAO Guides!

The topics of these guides can be any that help to alleviate some pain point affecting creatives in (or trying to onboard into) the NEAR ecosystem.

  1. Reply to this thread with your guide idea and please tag @mariamneu.
  2. @mariamneu will work with you to formulate what the guide will consist of.
  3. For articles that count more than 500 words, we will be paying 40 USD in NEAR
  4. When the guide is complete, please link the post in a forum reply.
  5. Submit a payout proposal, with “target” being your NEAR account, for 25 USD in NEAR (AstroDAO)
  6. Use the forum link from your reply (in step 3) for your “Link to the discussion”

Your reply thread will be used by the MintbaseDAO council to decide on your proposal so please check back for updates.

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I wrote an article about audio NFTs for the bounty - NFTs use cases:


Great article, Camila! Audio NFTs are a growing & important use case :100:


@chloe @lenara

Hi! I am thinking of writing the following guide:

5 reasons to mint your NFT on Mintbase

  • Eco-friendly
  • Low transaction fees/minting fees
  • Split payments and royalties
  • Decentralized file storage (Arweave)
  • Next: Rainbow bridge - best of both worlds

Is this accurate? I can also add something about the great community support.


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Hey there Debbie, I think that an article with a topic along the lines of the first idea would be really helpful for the Createbase community.

Really digging into the reasons why Mintbase stands out as an NFT minting platform might help people and projects better understanding what’s possible :ok_hand:t4:.

Feel free to edit your post with more details about some reasons you’d choose.

I’ve edited the post above to include the outline :slight_smile:

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Awesome. Approved :ok_hand:t4:.

When you have completed the guide, please add a link to it in your forum reply as well and you can use that same thread link in your payout proposal on: SputnikDAO

We will host the guide on the Createbase blog and however works best to share the complete post is acceptable (Google docs, medium post, shared in full within the reply).

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Hi @chloe I have written the guide below:

Let me know what you think!


Wonderful article, thanks so much for writing it, I’m sure it’ll provide helpful insight for many. One thing I did want to note was that for the split royalties, 20 is the max number if accounts we have tested where it works iirc. The Mintbase team will be trying to push the boundaries I’m sure, but on mainnet launch, it might be set lower. Either way 50 is probably more than what should be expected for now sadly.

Aside from that edit, I think the article is great. Would you mind if we added it to the Createbase.community blog?

Also please feel free to use your post link to submit a payout proposal to the DAO for 25 NEAR :ok_hand:t4:

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Hey, I have made the edit to 20 splits, which is plenty already.

Sure I definitely don’t mind having it added to the Createbase community blog how you wish to, it’s kinda personalised though, hope that’s alright!

And submitting a proposal now :slight_smile:

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I wrote an article -Why Mintbase Stands out from NFT platform- in Chinese. The article explains why owning a unique verified contract is a big deal and how Mintbase is doing that right.

After it initially published on Near’s official Wechat. It got republished on 5 other major site, including the most popular blockchain website in China: Chainnews.com. My article is the TOP 3 results when Google searching Mintbase in Chinese. The article was retweeted by @mattysino (21.1k follower) and many others.

Mintbase is lacking exposure in the Chinese community. My work is changing this.




Thanks for all the work you do to support Createbase and Mintbase within the Chinese community @iotachan. Normally we would want members to reach out to use BEFORE they write their articles so that we can approve the topic, but the article you wrote seems to be in line with the purpose of this bounty.

Please feel free to submit a payout proposal to the SputnikDAO and use the forum link from your reply on the proposal.

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Hey @chloe wonder if you might be interested in having a feature article about what Van and Aylax are doing with NxM Live. Just some coverage about the initiative, how they brought together 9 global performers for a near 12 hours livestream, who the performers are, some NFTs they are minting and some sound bites about the project and how people can get involved for future events. What do you think? I’m not sure where this can be hosted though if you have any ideas?

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We would like to give a bonus of 15 NEAR to @camila for helping us test the new bounty workflow migration from the Notion to this forum and the DAO, as well as for exceeding the original bounty briefing specs and writing great content.

Additionally, we are rewarding the illustration created specially for the article by Dagapa with 15 NEAR. Thanks a lot!

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@Chloe @lenara Hi. I would like to write about “How African artists can use NFTs as a means to increase their earnings & gain exposure, and why Mintbasee is the best way to do that”. I have other ideas, but I would like to take it one at a time.

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This is an awesome idea for an article. Approved.

When you have completed the article, please post it on the forums following this guide: How to apply for funding with Createbase - Createbase and submit a proposal on the forum for 25 NEAR. Once we have reviewed your article, you will be able to submit it to our DAO for payment.

@chloe Thanks you. I’ll start ASAP.

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Hi @chloe as communicated previously I have uploaded the draft for a new article on the Createbase blog:

NFT perpetual split royalties: A creator’s primer https://createbase.community/?p=2262&preview=true

The article is specifically about Mintbase on NEAR and targets young artists/creators as readers.

Please let me know if you have any image suggestions :slight_smile:

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Awesome, thank you so much for this article. I am sure it will support the community as new creatives onboard onto Mintbase. Feel free to submit a payout proposal to the Createabse SputnikDAO with 25 NEAR as the amount and [Bounty] Creating Createbase Guides - 25 NEAR - #18 by mnshift as your forum link.

Cool thanks! For the next articles I am thinking of the following:

  • NFT ticketing use case
  • Wilde Moehre festival
  • A look at some interesting DAOs in the NEAR ecosystem (7-8)

Any preferences?

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