[REPORT] Createbase DAO November

This is the Createbase Report for November.

It will be updated if anything major happens in the next next 8 days - until the month of november is completed.

What we used the funds received in October for [we received 500N and spent 826,72 - now there is no buffer anymore]

We paid our reddit moderators. @reginamintbase has been doing an AWESOME job with managing this bounty, I predict a growth in our reddit soon. We are actually searching for some new moderators as the content produced until now is not yet what we expect it to be…

Here are the links for the payouts

SputnikDAO 20N

SputnikDAO 20N

SputnikDAO 20N

SputnikDAO 20N

SputnikDAO 5N (he did very little work, wont be continuing, thats why he got much less than the others.



@vandal and @squattingpigeon realized a nice project producing 2 x 4k video streams 4x.wav audio streams for 2 dj sets with a blue screen background for the project at a studio in Lisbon-Marvila at Anjos70’s new location. The venue was hired to this effect and a blue screen was up-cycled by the artist residing in the studio. The shoot took about 5 hours. The link to that project:
Their payout proposals are the following

SputnikDAO 33N

SputnikDAO 19N

Total: 52N

A big chunk of createbase funds is going towards the onboarding of new artists.

174N were used to onboard 40 artists in the end of the month of october and the beginning of november: SputnikDAO

And 175N were recently given to - thephilosopher to onboard 50 more tezos (and other blockchains) artists to mintbase. He is doing so by transferring 3 or 4 near (25 people will receive 4 and 25 will receive 3). SputnikDAO

The mission is to onboard 140 in total. We are discussing the onboarding of collectors, but we are not quite sure about that yet, as we do not want to pay people do buy stuff. Personally I believe that if we have good art on Mintbase, the collectors will eventually come. Still in discussion though.

Onboarding in this context means: minting 5 nfts, one of these needs to be listed for sale for 1N. Then the onboarded person needs to buy 1 NFT from the store. Exception for those who receive 4 near - these need to mint 5 NFT, buy 1 (1NEAR) NFT in the store their were added and 1 NFT (1NEAR) from another store.

After onboarding 50 people, @thephilosopher will get 500USD in NEAR, as he has been doing a great job. He has onboarded 72 artists to the brazilian store already:

The link to both stores created by him that use the funds from this approved bounty:

Brazilian Store:

International Store:

The Raiz Vertical project is also finally taking off! Until now we only granted the 6,5N to open a new store. We will be offering 30x 0,3N for onboarding purposes at a real life event in Lisbon. And 100€ (yes Euro) to 3 different artists who will be producing 3 art pieces each. More about that to be read on

6,5 N - already paid SputnikDAO

9N to be paid (30x0,3 for onboarding)

36N (12N x 3 to be paid to each artist)




We paid @JohnX, thephilosopher and @kodandi for their video production

Freedomandflow: SputnikDAO 13.40N

Kodandi: SputnikDAO 10N

Thephilosopher: SputnikDAO 6.5N

Total: 29,9

We paid @mailza and thephilosopher and @ psalmy for the creation of sticker packs for mintbase:

Mailza created 25 stickers: SputnikDAO (11)

SputnikDAO (18)

thephilosopher made a sticker pack of 15 that only works on whatsapp (moving) and on telegram is static:

SputnikDAO (32,50)

psalmy created 15

SputnikDAO (10,70)

Total : 29 N spent

Now to the afrikaburn launch :slight_smile: We paid many people for the many tasks. Big thank you again to @claudinhabelha who does an amazing job in coordinating hundreds of people.

Here is the fundraising project

And this was the vernissage and finnissage parties

Paid were

4 N to claudinhaabelha

SputnikDAO (4)

18.4 N to thephilosopher

SputnikDAO (18.4)

19 N to thephilosopher

SputnikDAO (19)

10 N to blusw

SputnikDAO (10)

@ JohnX

SputnikDAO (4.6)

@ JohnX

SputnikDAO (9)

@ JohnX

SputnikDAO (2.8)

@ naturelover.near

SputnikDAO (8,07)

@ whoiscavenaghi

SputnikDAO (7)

@ c0d3

SputnikDAO (7)

@ JohnX

SputnikDAO (3)

Total 92,87N

Then we had the contest, which 5 people won and received 10 Near for winning and 6,5 N to create a new store

Paid were

16.5 to guiltyangel

SputnikDAO (6,5)

Store created :

SputnikDAO (10)

16.5 to @JohnX

SputnikDAO (10)

SputnikDAO (6,5)

Store created: ???

SputnikDAO (10)

16.5 to @dmitryne

SputnikDAO (10)

SputnikDAO (6,5)


16.5 to @blusw

SputnikDAO (16.5)

Store: ???

Still waiting for @blusw and @JohnX to send me their stores…

Total spent on contest:76N. 66N for prizes and 10N for participation - wont offer that much for participation next time thats for sure.

In total : 826,72N !