[ APPROVED ] Onboarding Material On The Run

We are creating a system focused in automate the onboard process at The Clan Guild community.

As we demand to direct the artists to the right place, and its a lot of basic info to read ( crypto, near, web3, opensource, daos, nfts, mint, list, revenue and royalties, etc ) as the process demand a manual process ( create a wallet, near tokens, mintbase store, be added as a minter, mint a first nft, and other specifics ), be available to every new member consume a lot of time.

The Clan is making a pdf file for it.
The next step is to create small videos related to this process, that will be linked at the PDF.

The pdf will be a guide to become a website afterwards, to automate this.

We are making a portuguese version at first, but it will be translated to an english version also.

At the moment we have @Mailza @C0D3 and @duOCELOT working on it. And we set a small budget to work on it, from the clan.sputnikdao.near, but we willl need to improve it, to accelerate.

We have 20N for this atm, but we should had 50N per professinal working on the pdf, plus an extra budget for the video making, that will include a sound design with a speech guide line, motion graphics, and subtitles.

If its possible to make this fund request now, we can already set the team, as its happening atm and start the videos production, as we could rethink the pdf and the videos to a more generic material ( maybe somethings wont be able to, because we are focused at art) or include into the job these new pieces, as there will be fund for that.

Can be shared to fund some of these video material related to the mintbase part, as we can use then at other parts as social medias.

@whoiscavenaghi and @brunoqual will be handle the video productions.



Will be nice if you can use Medium.com as publication app for this guide, so we can broadcast the material on Twitter

Thank you


Yes, good idea. We will definitly use it

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