Bi-weekly Discord Report [May 7 - May 24, 22]

As we wrap up the week, month, I bring to you the usual community report, metrics and engagement from the Near Discord community Server.
Its been an event full 2 weeks so far as various events and activities were held. Sit back and digest them as I report them to you.

Lets start with the Growth.

From the previous report here, we saw th Near server grow from 46.5K members to 47.4K members, a very significant number of users have joined in.

Now, lets how each user had joined and the events that might have bolstered this.

An average of a 100 members joined the Server everyday, although, to correspond this graph with th growth of total members, take note that bots are filtered out to maintain an organic growth of the Server.

Here are the Events that took place in the last 14 days on the Near Server.

  • MemeMonday Contest | May 9, 22.
  • WedNearsday Contest | May 11, 22.
  • NFTfridays | May 13, 22.
  • AMA with Tonic Dex | May 16, 22.
  • MemeMonday Contest |May 16, 22.
  • WedNearsday Contest |May 18, 22.
  • AMA with The Auction | May 19, 22.
  • NFTfridays | May 20, 22.
  • AMA with MetaPool | May 24, 22.

For more detailed info about Events and contests on Near Channels, check this post from @ConciergeTeam .

Moving forward to Channel engagements and interactions of most engaged channels on the server.

Engaging and supporting thr community both technically and conversing with users is always a top priority.

Below are the most discussed topics on Near Server, more like #Trending!

Its a great feat that users are inquisitive and enthusiast about learning more aboiut the Near Ecosystem, which is a always a pleasure for the @ConciergeTeam to always provide this adequate information for the Near Community.

And the adoption keeps getting higher and higher, with new users asking about Near Wallet, Initial tokens, etc. It makes it so obvious about the future, its Near!

Shout out to the @ConciergeTeam ! Lets keep soaring to make this community grow!
Thank you .