Discord Bi-Weekly Report [April 6 - April 21, 22.]

It’s another edition of the bi-weekly report fron Near Discord Server. Where we cover all acitivities, events, engagements, metrics that has occured in the past two weeks.
Withou getting us bored with words, lets get into the numbers and activities already.

From the last report whioch we recorded a total of 45.1K members. We see an increase to 45.8K members.

And how the members join organically due to various events, contests, AMAs.

Our bots filtering technique is simply doing a wonderful job as it keeps out bot despites increase in join numbers, we still keep it organic.

Events held in Near Discord are listed below accordingly .

  • AMA with Near Future NFT | April 8, 22.
  • MemeMonday Contest | April 11, 22.
  • Near Spring Event Commencement | April 11, 22.
  • WedNearsday Contest | April 13, 22.
  • Near Monthly Protocol Meeting held | April 14, 22.
  • NFTfridays | April 15, 22.
  • MemeMonday Contest | April 18, 22.
  • AMA with UniqArt | April 19, 22.
  • WedNearsday Contest | April 20, 22.

For weekly Events and how to participate, kindly refer to this report for more details.

Moving forward to most active channels in the Near Discord Server. Here is how acvtive the channels are.

With the Chat server leading the line, it keeps getting engaged daily.

Lets take a look at the trending topics and what users talk about mostly.

Taking a look at the trends above, this trend is based on a rumour, USN, which makes us Moderators keep telling users to wait for further announcement as there isn’t a confirmed news yet.

Confirmation of the rumor is shown above, as it keeps trending in the Server.

Thats a wrap on the Report. Great work done by the @ConciergeTeam for their immense work. Kudos to us all!

Feedbacks and opinions are highly welcomed to move the Server Forward. Thank You!


2% growth in 2 weeks, that’s amazing @Squazher! :raised_hands:

Just a minor recommendation regarding the channel names, can we keep the description in the same design as the other channels? I am referring to the #:wave:quiz-night channel.

Keep on going! :muscle:


Amazing anayltic. Nice job! Want to see more :slight_smile:


Ah. right. I see that. Thanks Kemal!