Bi-Weekly Discord Reports [Jan 1 - Jan 18, 22]

Hello Near Community!
What an eventful month it has been already, which has led to the recent spike in the numbers on Discord activities and metrics.
Firstly, a shout out to all Concierge Team, the Discord team for a wonderful work so far in managing these recent increase in numbers. It would have been a mess without you guys!:clap:

Let’s get to the metrics now!:bar_chart:

As of the time of this report, there’s been an average of 328 members joining the discord server everyday, which has given an upward trend in new members joining the Discord channel as shown below.

With the recent activities such as AMAs with Metamon and CannaDAO, the upward trend in new users keep soaring higher and this has been great for the Near Community as onboarding of new users keep increasing daily.
As shown below, the 2 highest numbers in the chart for new members were during and after both AMA activities and these shows effectiveness in these ideas. Jan 11, after Metamon AMA, and Jan 18, After CannaDAO AMA respectively .

As for where most of our users come from, the United States still leads the chart and also from the recent listing on Binance.US, we should expect more numbers before the end of Q1.

Also, main channels for interactions and support are still #chat, #community-support and #dev support. With metrics shown below, this is where most activities occur on Near Discord.

In addition to the #dev support activities, its voice channels has also been getting the highest numbers on the server which shows a higher number in new developers coming in to the Ecosystem.

New Ideas on moving the channels forward to support the growth of Near will be welcomed as we proceed further into Q1, 22. #2022isNEAR!

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Thank you for the exceptional work you are doing, keep it up!

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