Discord Bi-Weekly Report. [Feb. 15 - March 5, 22]

Happy new Month to Near community!
I bring to you today, the bi-weekly reports for Near Discord. We keep growing daily, so I’m going to show you all the growth metrics below. Don’t scroll past!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Below is a statistical graph of how new users joined the Near Discord.

The spikes in new members between Feb 17- Feb 23 are as a result of the following events respectively.

  • Wednearsday Event, Feb 16th.
  • AMA with CannaDAO, Feb 17th.
  • Near Spaces with BOOmonster NFT, on Feb. 20th.
  • AMA with Paras, Feb. 22nd.
  • Wednearsday Event, Feb 23rd.
  • AMA with Wannaswap, Feb. 24th.

All this events have made our Discord grow from the previous 44.5K as at last report to 47.7K

Also, members joining isn’t cool if they don’t participate in the server. Here is how users communicated and sent messages in this period.

And these messages and activities are mostly in the Community related channels, also chat and to provide support to users. Developer support channel also see devs interact with each other and provide technical support to devs that want to build on Near.

Thank you for taking your time to go through the report. Suggestions and Ideas are always welcomed.:sunglasses:


i think one of the reasons for low engagement is people not knowing how to use the discord app overall, tiny modules of how to use the app might help, something for new users with quick tips every week might help. especially if the tips are in an accessible/obvious channel


Yes. Discord might be very tricky to use. Thanks for that idea.:sparkles:

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