[Introduction & Q1 Report] Channel Ops - Concierge Team

Channel Ops introduction & Report

Hello Near Community! This is Raptor :hugs: from Concierge Community Team Initiative!
Today will introduce Channel Ops.


-Provide the best community support in crypto space 24/7!
-Maintain organic community growth on all social channels
-Attract and onboard new members establishing strong emotional and rational connections by giving them a sincere welcome and delivering quality general & technical support
-Keep engagement level high by creating and executing entertaining & educative channel events
-Furthermore guiding members those want to go beyond and buidl


  • Organizing and Executing initiatives to improve channel* growth + engagement (Channel events; marketing campaigns, quizzes, community engagement events, AMA’s etc.) (see an example report here…… attach a report link)
    *Telegram, Discord, Reddit and Forum
  • Organizing weekly Mod schedule, make sure we monitor and provide 24/7 support on all channels arrange weekly day offs
  • Maintenance and improvement of assigned channels (i.e. implementing bots)
  • Reporting on main channels
  • Mentoring future moderators on their channel
  • Delivering seamless onboarding experience to all community members:
    • Token Holders/Ecosystem Users
    • Validators
    • Marketers, Growth Hackers, & Community Builders
    • Project Developers
    • Creatives
    • Regional/Language Based support/Community seekers.

Make sure everyone can easily find their own role in Near by directing them to directly to the source (the dApp, community channel, the Governance forum) or to Responsible Operations Teams (Project Ops, Guild Ops, etc.)

  • Collecting and reporting community/user feedback for further improvements.

Some regular campaigns we run:

A quick overview about weekly events we @ ChannelOps organize:

AMA’s on Telegram/Discord/Reddit

We host approx. 10 projects on Monthly on differen channels (text AMA’s on tg, reddit Voice on dc)

Meme Monday (weekly)

Post your favorite memes about Near

  • Invite a Friend Campaign
  • Gaming Tuesdays (now on Thursday)

Play 2 Earn Nears


Share your articles, infographics

Thursday Quiz Night (bi-weekly now)

How familiar are you with Near Ecosystem?


Calling all NFT artists and supporters! Promote your favorite NFT!

Poll/Topic Saturday (Extraordinary Post)

Detailed comment related to topic/poll will be rewaded

Detailed breakdown of all channel events: Commmunity Growth Campaigns Brief - Google Docs

You can see some events and metrics about them we organized/executed/hosted on our channels on Q1 2022

(we will keep reporting them on our weekly/monthly reports)

Here are the projects we hosted on Telegram. Total: 4 AMAs this month.

Farm Me AMA [Telegram, March 8]
Announcement | Winners

Jumbo AMA [Telegram, March 15]
Announcement | Winners

Telegram AMA with DePocket [March 22]
Announcement | Winners

Telegram AMA with DEIP [March 24]
Announcement | Winners

Community Events: (after 16th we gave a break for Q1 Channel events and collected valuable feedback about them to improve them even better for the Q2= this will be shared on Concierge team Channel Ops March report today…)

Meme Monday
Announcement | Winners TG [March 7]
Announcement | Winners TG [March 14]

Gaming Tuesday
Announcement | Winners (March 1)
Announcement | Winners [March 15]

WedNEARSday (40-70 participants)
Announcement | Winners TG [March 9]
Announcement | Winners TG [March 16]

Quiz Nights (+100 participants)
Announcement | Winners (March 3 | Telegram)
Announcement | Winners [March 10]

Quiz Nights [Telegram,March 31]
Announcement | Winners

AMA with OP Games (February 2nd on Telegram)
If you missed the AMA,you can read the chat from here

AMA WITH MoonNoobs DAO (February 2nd on Discord)

Gaming Tuesday (February 8th)
It was a gaming event where users earned rewards for playing Telegram Games as well as learning about their favourites projects!! It’s a Bi-Weekly Event so make sure to check on us on Tuesdays!
Announcement 1 | Winners

WedNEARSDay (February 9th)
Another exciting events by my teammates where users sent us their meme,images&articles about NEAR Ecosystem on Discord,Telegram and Reddit and got rewards! It’s a weekly event so join us every Wednesday incase you missed it this time.
Announcement | TG Winners | Reddit Winners | Discord Winners (on #wedNEARSday channel)

AMA with Spin (February 10th on Discord)

NFThursday (February 10th)
Another Fun Event on Reddit for Artists and Art Lovers! Join us on Reddit every thursday to get a chance to win rewards incase you missed it this time.
Announcement | Winners

Quiz Night (February 13th)
The most entertaining Quiz for everyone to participate and win rewards!
It was held on Telegram and we plan to have a similar Quiz Event every week on a different channel so please stay tuned to our Announcement Channel.
Announcement | Winners

AMA with Fusotao (Feb 15 | Telegram)
Announcement | Winners

AMA with CannaDAO (Feb 17|Discord)

NEAR Discord Space with NEARNauts Founder, ASAC team and NEAR Meerkat Kingdom

AMA with Paras (Feb 22|Discord)

AMA with WannaSwap (Feb 24|Discord)

[Postponed] AMA with Jumbo DEX [was scheduled for Feb 24|Telegram]
Announcement | Postponement Announcement

AMA with MetaPool (Feb 25|Reddit)
Announcement | Checkout the AMA here

Announcement | Highlights
Here’s the link to watch it! Near Town Hall (February 2022) - YouTube

Gaming Tuesdays
Announcement | Winners (Feb 22)
Announcement | Winners (March 1)

Announcement | Winners TG |(Feb 16)
Announcement | Winners TG (Feb 23)

NFT Thursday
Announcement | Winners (Feb 17 | Reddit)
Then NFT Thursday changed to NFT Friday

NFT Friday
Announcement | Winners (Feb 25 | Reddit)

Quiz Night
Announcement | Winners (Feb 24 | Discord)
Announcement | Winners (March 3 | Telegram)

Discord AMA with CannaDAO Team on January 19

  • Crafting Finance Airdrop(Jan 5)
    There was Airdrop Criteria to join @cryptonear group which led to spike in numbers of members.
    https://twitter.com/CraftingFinance/status/1478667618886291458 1
  • Discord AMA with Classy Kangaroos Team [April 2]
  • Fusotao AMA [Discord, March 15]
  • ZoneArt AMA [Discord, March 18]
  • Meme Monday[March 7 and March 14]
  • WedNEARSday[March 9 and March 16]
  • Quiz Nights[March 10]
  • Wednearsday Event, Feb 16th.
  • AMA with CannaDAO, Feb (discord) 17th.
  • Near Spaces with BOOmonster NFT, on Feb. 20th.
  • AMA with Paras (discord), Feb. 22nd.
  • Wednearsday Event, Feb 23rd.
  • AMA with Wannaswap,(discord) Feb. 24th.

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For more breakdown on Monthly/Weekly separate channel reports please check:





Thanks to all Moderators fellow moderators and @ConciergeTeam and Near Community who made this possible.


Special thanks to all Channel Ops Members: @Benz_Near @bailey12 @Kv9990 @rahulgoel007 @Squazher @GeorgePro1 @TheGo1denBull @KriptoRaptor


Great introduction @KriptoRaptor!

What you guys from Channel Ops (@ConciergeTeam) are doing for the community is huge! I don’t know any other blockchain projects that do this many events and giveaways. We are special :white_heart:

Looking forward to all the updates here! :muscle:


Awesome Introduction.

I am gladly to work with awesome members from this team!!!


Great Intro. Glad to be in the team and helping out!


The latest Discord Bi-weekly Report from channel ops.


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