Discord Bi-Weekly Report. [Jan 24 - Feb 6, 22]

Hello Community, happy and excited for the weekends. Let me keep your weekend busy with a bit of Discord metrics and reports to see performances based on the time frame stipulated above.

Before diving into things, let me give a bag of kudos to the Near Concierge Team that have made achieving these metrics possible. Good work team! We move ahead positively!


Our Discord Server keeps growing and improving day by day with different activities to keep it active and smoothly running. We have reached 44.5K total members.

There was an average of 200 users joining the server daily within this timeframe. There was also a spike in new members joining as seen in the charts, this is due to the Metamon Giveaway that occurred on the Near Discord server, attracting a lot of user between Feb. 3-6.

And when we have high numbers of new users and members joining the server, they are all curious about the new environment and want to get a clue of where they joined. This made the increase in the number of communicators in the Near Server, which saw the server to peak a 3K+ communicators in the last bi-week.

Also, the way the communicators have interacted with the Near server is shown below in the chart.

This really shows how communications and interactions keep growing on the Near Server.

Lets also take a look at the most engaged Channels on the server .

With the stats above, the interactions keeps being active in the main chats channel, support channel and the devs channel. With all these three main channels, interactions and communication flows on the main chat channel, while constant support and help is provided to users having issues with anything on the Near Ecosystem. Also in the dev channel, developers that are having issues or want to connect with another developer for a project also interact here which its engagement has also been high, this shows growth in the devs wanting to build one Near Ecosystem.

Finally we should wrap it up with where most of the Discord Near members join from.

The top 3 countries users join from are United States, Russia and Nigeria. United States has always maintained the top spot for a while.

That would be the recap of the Near Discord Server performance. Kindly share your opinions and reports for improvements and growth! Thank you!



Hello Squazher,
Thanks for the report!
It’s an interesting result, that reveals a lot of insights about the Near Discord server.

With more & more AMA, airdrop, channel events, we can bring more users onboard through Discord. Please make a subchannel for these activities (as you have been done) and schedule the events.

Please count me one as an additional member of discord, channel ops!
Any more ideas guys: @Benz_Near @GeorgePro1 @FritzWorm @mukuls9971 @simeon4real @jiten123321


Let’s discuss your idea for AMAs from Project Ops :vulcan_salute: :1st_place_medal:

Thank you @Squazher awesome job ! And from the Concierge Team we glad to be helpful :blush: