[August 2021] Report and Funding Request for the TRANSF🔴RM guild



NEAR “the new WORLD”

In the world of blockchain everyone from us came in his own special way. For our team it is like Alice’s journey to Wonderland. We just jumped for white rabbit and grabbed luck by the tail.

From the first days in NEAR I understand how huge is potential and how many opportunities Near is opening for us. It took a little bit more than four month that I met NEAR but we are now absolutely different people and are watching this world with a different point of view than before .

If you ask me what is NEAR? I will answer that NEAR is an infinite energy of transformations and discoveries . In Near life it is gonna be a lot of unpredictable moments but in the end he will reveal his potential fully and we will see a wonderful , absolutely new world .

From the first day when I met NEAR Protocol I understood that it is my chance to create something completely new on this blockchain. We were beginners in the NFT and I know that I need popularity . It is the idea of giving free NFT tokens. And I figured out that this way is very effective because it makes it easy to involve new people into our community. Potential of this method is not fully covered. We can make it on a large scale from a technical and marketing point of view. This method helped me personally open more than 30 wallets and send around 1500NFT using mintbase.io platform. NFT is like a brochure to the people.

Further I couldn’t understand how I can find even small financial support for my work which contains thematic NFT, stickers for telegram and animation. Since I “live” in a chat I have seen how several people were leaving because they couldn’t find themselves in NEAR and in that moment HUMAN GUILD helped us. They agreed on the first budget and it helped me to progress very quickly. We bought Ipad and I started to teach two artists which are the best from all that I have seen. And we dive very deeply into the world of NFT and blockchain.

As a result of this small period of time my sister became a curator of the project which is about studying how to use twitter and NFT . This group already has 8 people.

When I was developing my grand program about activation of the NFT market and stimulating people to buy NFT. At that time I was thinking that I am doing something completely new and carrying out my dream from childhood. But now I understand that a lot of people are doing the same as me if there is already a degens group.

There are currently two branches in the TRANSFORM guild: - curator - melodynft.near - now she has 8 people, each of whom is allocated 150N. She spends almost all of her time with her group. These are mostly artists who have at least 1,000 subscribers, they have already trained many other artists. In all their posts on Twitter, they prescribe tags #NEAR @near_protocol @NEARProtocol. The group is English-speaking, located here: Telegram: Contact @melodyunicorn

From myself I want to add that over the past month MELODY has changed a lot, and has become much more confident, NEAR helped her find long term life goal.

She’s about herself: I came to NFT recently, starting with Twitter and the eth platform. Then there were a few bands and I was invited to Hic Shit by a group of Hic Et Nunc platform fans.

My first job there sold out in less than 11 hours. In parallel, Infinity studied Near to understand its purpose. I got into a very warm community and we became a kind of art family. I saw from the inside exciting energy that the artists spread to their favorite platforms as they publicized them for the slightest sale.

After some chats which were organized by nft giveaway, we received support from the Human Guild in the form of 2000 Near to support our projects. Of these, 100 Near Infinity was allocated for the purchase of nft. But none of my group was interested. Then it was about $ 200 and that’s the amount, for which the artist could sell 1 nft.

But thanks to further research and negotiations, we were able to register an experimental artdo, with scholarships. I invited artists from my group, the most sincere and active, with whom we had a deep understanding. We started studying platforms, polishing, posting, and reposting. There were people in the group who were also interested and started minting on the near

My artists have become a kind of ambassador of NEAR, who tells everyone about it, begins to develop in the art direction, upgrades the tools of creativity, and learns. They are all dreamers who in their creative hands glorify NEAR to the pinnacle of success:

  • Curator- infinitynft.near - In my group I gathered different people.Some of them have already received the first diploma in NEAR. Inside of my team you can find artists, professional artist, bloggers, and active people from chats.

There is even one guy who was considered more “toxic” in chat but now he has changed a lot and become quite popular NFT artists !!! He sold almost all the work))) Telegram: Contact @Ralfus.

My people are receiving 50 Near . Sometimes 150 Near , depending on the amount of work and productivity . " We are trying to involve everyone and change this world together with NEAR.

All participants answering the following questions at the end of the month:

  1. What is Near for you ?

2.How Near and Dao change your life ?

3.Is scholarship making a significant impact in your life for development, studying or art? 4. What do you think about why you need to get a scholarship next month?

5.In which social media do you post information about Near and your projects which are based on the Near platform?. 6.Which Near platform is the best one in your personal view? .

  1. Do you see your future with Near and Dao or its short term deal for you? .

8.Do you have any ideas or offers about Near and his community?

Next, I present the answers of my sister and her group.

You just read! This is a real new world !!!


  1. What is Near for you?

NEAR is a blockchain with incredible potential for the near future, and not some abstract future. It is already adapting to real life commercial exchanges.

I watched the hackathon live conference and the ideas brewing are changing the world and my way of engaging with it.

It is making the world closer.

For me it is an opportunity to closely participate, as an artist, in a blockchain project that shows promise, and helps bring wealth to many, in a truly decentralized manner.

  1. How Near and Dao changed your life?

The community of the DAO is incredible. I never dreamed I would meet talented artists from across the world, and become a real community in such a short time. And this is only the beginning. Imagine what projects we could be working on next year, once we are able to sync our skills to one another.

  1. Is scholarship making a significant impact in your life for development, studying or art?

Absolutely! I’m doing art full time now.

I decided to hold 50% and take out 50% for the next few months.

The 50% for this month (I haven’t withdrawn yet) helped me buy a computer I can run 3D on.

I was accepted into a one year 3D design program that starts August 30th, and a powerful 3D computer was required. The scholarship was instrumental in me being able to afford such a machine. It wasn’t in my family’s budget, and knowing I can cash out some NEAR in the next few days will help pay for bills that

computer took the space of.

  1. What do you think about why you need to get a scholarship next month?

  2. To devote time to create art to mint on mintbase, and develop a few powerful series.

  3. To devote time to help develop the community, through outreach on clubhouse and Twitter spaces.

  4. To devote time to help develop community, through collaborations.

  5. In which social media do you post information about Near and your projects which are based on Near platforms?

Twitter and Instagram

I’m retweeting as many NEAR, mintbase, plumi and Paras posts as I can, and have followed as many NEAR accounts as I could find to spread the word.

  1. Which Near platform is the best one in your personal view?

I am focusing on mintbase right now; I can’t yet say which one is the best. I am looking forward to trying Paras and Plumi.

  1. Do you see your future with Near and Dao or its short term deal for you?

I see my future with NEAR and the DAO as long term. I tend to commit long term in my life and be very devoted to projects I’m engaged in.

I consider ETH plateforms as short term. Gas and the ecological nightmare that ETH is, are not going away.

NEAR is the way to the future. I believe that the coin will grow exponentially and will reach 20-30 USD within a year or two. It will reach 100 quicker than predictions. I believe that a strong NFT community will help the coin’s growth.

  1. Do you have any ideas or offers about Near and his community?

It’s important to onboard artists onto the NEAR plateforms. For this I have some ideas I’m working on:

  1. Host clubhouse rooms and Twitter space with other NEAR artists weekly to introduce the platforms.

  2. Weekly contest: win 10 NEAR if you mint on a NEAR plateform; to get ETH and Tezos artists to mint on NEAR.

Media outreach for our DAO

  1. Reach out to NFT media like Moishe and Kaloh to introduce NEAR in their newsletters

Hello solidify visual identity of NEAR the way other coins have a strong visual identity:

  1. Make Diamond Near coin as NFT (like Blaze made his coins) to help consecrate NEAR visually as a leading coin.


  1. Create NFTs that are the results of collaborations between artists of the DAO to benefit the DAO, and to grow collection.

  2. A 10,000 avatar project based on NEAR, that benefit the DAO and the artists participating. I was thinking of diamonds as avatars, something sparkly and funny :unicorn::gem::rainbow:

  3. Continuously developing my skills and minting new series of 3D art on mintbase

  4. Pressure oncyber, try showcase and others, to connect NEAR wallet in order to have exhibitions in the metaverse.


The community of Near gives you fascinating emotions. There are a lot of values in it, for me, I feel it, there’s a sort of connection! Mentally may I say. Also the word “Near” is a beautiful positive word, every beautiful thing is near to us if we just believe in it. Hope is near. God is near.

Near and Dao changed my life mentally first then physically. I was very down mentally creating Art in a blindly way then Melody, our boss picked us amongst a lot of artists to be part of her wonderful journey, Now her journey is our journey.

Our Boss is a person that makes you feel. And that’s enough to bring people together, feelings matter. And physically because I can buy a shoe now and stuff, it’s like I smell a bit of life, it’s been years with no visions but I waked Kept hope neat to my heart.

For scholarship, it made a great impact in my life, I finished studies but jobless for years, now I have something in my hand I’m grateful and also I have the ability to collect more to buy a new device to keep the art that I’m going humbly alive and keep moving forward in this extraordinary journey of melody, her team and my groupe of artists, it’s a while cercle of family.

Do I need a scholarship for next month? Yes, because it’s like somebody is filling you with positivity and I’ll grow through this process to keep doing what I love and keep saving to buy the things that I need for myself and for my art to push it till its limit. I’m not jobless anymore, now I feel like a human having a life.

For social media, I use twitter and Instagram, I’m active on those platforms to share and spread my art based on near platforms. And I love Mintbase the most! I love this platform and I believe it will receive updates through time so I’m working on it only and I’d love to explore other platforms to feel different stuff and make contacts with new artists.

For now I’m posting my best art on Near platform and yes I see my future in the company of Near. It’s strong and it’s growing plus it’s ecosystem, doing what we love and keep nature safe. That’s a beautiful thing.

Well the only offer that I received about near is from Melody, she introduced me to Near and offered me this whole thing. I’m grateful. She’s a beautiful person that she put the idea of supporting people and artists first. A wonderful human being.


1.A great opportunity to grow as an artist and be able to actively participate in the development of this project, which I consider has a promising future.

  1. Currently due to the current situation in my country, there are not many possibilities to improve both as an artist and in my life. The path of Near and Dao opens up possibilities that did not exist before.

  2. It has a very important impact, since the support it gives me both confidence and enthusiasm is very great, they give more and more desire to move forward and contribute as much as possible to the project. In addition, this scholarship also helps in my life, since I currently have no other source of income.

  3. I think the scholarship would help me a lot to continue helping the project. I have created more content and with more quality than before, precisely because of the confidence that has been placed in my art. The fact of having a scholarship, makes everything become something more professional and serious, which benefits both parties. In addition, I am managing to sell and make myself known in the NEAR community, I think it is time to continue.

  4. I publish mainly on TW, and also on Telegram channels, but I intend to extend it to Instagram to give more avenues of growth to my projects with NEAR.

6.In my opinion I have two favorites. Stop, it’s a really

GOOD idea, to create card collections. Simple, easy to run and with a community that does not stop growing.

My second favorite is undoubtedly Pluminite.com with an idea similar to FND and other platforms where 1/1 works are valued above all else, something that I love. I think it has a great future.

  1. I see it very promising, I think this project has a great impact both in the short term and in the long term. Many people are joining this project and I see everyone happy and happy.

  2. My only goal is to keep working together with my colleagues to improve everything step by step. I believe that the path that is taking is the right one, and its evolution is much better than other projects that I knew about previously.

I simply think that it is a matter of time before it “explodes” even more, since I consider that the results are very good.


  1. I see the potential of this project and that is really great that you can already pay in Ukraine with Near

  2. Really appreciate this project and support. Now I have an aim and energy for making arts every week and improve my skills in it

  3. I think yes, the scholarship make a really significant impact for example I spent some near for improving my skills and updating my soft to make 3d arts

  4. The scholarship helping not to think about the earning money, helping to concentrate only on your art and improve the tools for it

  5. On twitter usually posting about my mints with links and also posting on insta my arts

  6. I like Pluminite and Paras. Paras has great design and their great cards animation. Pluminite has their simple UX and great attractive design too

  7. I see the future of this project. I really like that support in our dao and the movements here. It is like a family. And also see that near is getting really popular and see that great investment opportunity.

  8. Really waiting for the app for the smartphones. Sometimes not so comfortable to use on the laptop. Also don’t see the balance in the trust wallet


  1. What is Near for you?

Near for me is actually a new discovery in crypto world, a part of this is for me now kind a asset of friendship. Because of near i have met very valuable friends.

  1. How Near and Dao changed your life?

Dao has changed my routine and showed me that things like appreciation of artist can be changed for good and i’m very glad to see my friends and many different artist starts make a living from making art.

  1. Is it scholarship making a significant impact in your life for development, studying or art?

Definitely yes, it motivates wich is a very important push to think and gives a possibility to evolve.

  1. What do you think about why you need to get a scholarship next month?

Main reason for me is that it lets me work from home, which is a very valuable thing for me.

  1. In which social media do you post information about Near and your projects which are based on Near platforms?

So far twitter is a main medium i use however im planning to use more instagram and maybe facebook in the future.

  1. Which Near platform is the best one in your personal view?

I personally use mint base the most but i find pluminite very interesting as well.

  1. Do you see your future with Near and Dao or its short term deal for you?

Actually Near and dao suits me very well, since I remember I have a very similar routine of work so yes I see my future with Near and Dao.

  1. Do you have any ideas or offers about Near and his community?

I have plenty of ideas art wise talking, in other fields I’m sure there will be some in the future.


  1. What is Near for you?

It’s a new opportunity for me to make savings and living with low costs.

  1. How Near and Dao changed your life?

I’m still new in NEAR but it gives me hope and it challenges me to create more. Dao totally changed my life. It gave me the chance to earn my life.

  1. Is it scholarship making significant impact in your life for development, studying or art?

Absolutely. It gives me the courage to create more and express myself through art.

  1. What do you think why you need to get a scholarship next month?

I’m living on Dao and it makes me feel secure with my income and life expenses.

  1. In which social media do you post information about Near and your projects which are based on Near platforms?

Twitter primarily and then Instagram.

  1. Which Near platform is the best one in your personal view?

Mintbase appeals to me more.

  1. Do you see your future with Near and Dao or its short term deal for you?

It’s a long-term deal for me, as I earn my life with it.

  1. Do you have any ideas or offers about Near and his community?

I’m new to Near and I didn’t have any bad experience with it. Therefore I don’t have an offer for now. I’ll have more opportunities as I grow my experience in Near to share my ideas and offers.


  1. What is Near for you? It’s a bridge to realize my concept of art

  2. How Near and Dao changed your life? By it’s nft platform that really fresh and supportive community

  3. Is it scholarship making a significant impact in your life for development, studying or art? Indeed, Atleast I’m manage to upgrade some tools for making art and know more about near-based platform

  4. What do you think about why you need to get a scholarship next month?

Beside upgrading the tools, I really want to start building a collection from other artist that I admire and newly onboarding artists.

  1. In which social media do you post information about Near and your projects which are based on Near platforms? In Twitter and Telegram and the platform I use are Paras & Mintbase

  2. Which Near platform is the best one in your personal view? Paras is my personal favorite for now, it’s fresh and developing well

  3. Do you see your future with Near and Dao or its short term deal for you? I think Near is sustainable.

  4. Do you have any ideas or offers about Near and his community? Mantain the artist new artists, some kind of artist residency, and this kind scholarship is good for healthy platform.

My group

yana.near she is a nice assistant , very skilful person and a lot of things is doing on her own from next month she is going to supervise a few people. She is doing a nice job with Twitter. Also collecting statistics


  1. NEAR is the future of the internet. NEAR has the most powerful tools for developers. NEAR is exciting, it feels great being a part of something that will change the world.

  2. NEAR gave me an opportunity to sell my art and express myself.

  3. The NEAR grand will help me to concentrate only on art and become a better artist. NEAR gave me the opportunity to purchase the correct software to create NFTs and videos for promoting my art and NEAR Protocol.

  4. I have more to show and I would like to concentrate on creating more interesting NFTs.

  5. I actively posts on Twitter @ago_banan and I became the top 10 NEAR Ecosystem influencer. I gained 500+ followers for the last month, 260,000 impressions, and 9,000 mentions. Also, I am an admin for @TransformNFT in Twitter and the statistics are impressive 160,000 impressions, 10,000 mentions, 377 new followers.

  6. I like to mint my NFTs on mintbase.

  7. I want to become a DAO member and create a career by selling my NFTs.

  8. My biggest wish is to be rooted in NEAR Ecosystem and make a difference in people life’s. My wish is to become well known artist and help others to be a part of the NEAR Ecosystem. During the month of August, I helped several people to deploy a mintbase store and promoted their art.

In the next month Jana is going to teach others how to work with statistics.


ralfusha.near - Ralfusha - https://t.me/Ralfush Ralfusha2012@gmail.com @Ralfusha3

He is a very active NFT seller. She is posting, reposting on twitter and also helping with chat. Changed a lot personally in himself in a better way and for this have bullying issues inside the chat from his friends))

  1. Great project which is in his beginning only, it is possible to make a lot of money when its gonna be pump
  2. Start to sell and create nft, before it was not too interesting.
  3. Because of “scholarship” start to create nft
  4. The aim is finish with all cards and make more money from it than from “scholarship”
  5. Twitter, Telegram, reddit a bit
  6. I would use pluminite but size of the picture but because of restrictions now i am using mintbase.
  7. Until i will not make millions near , i will not go anywhere
  8. I think we need popular games like on bsc. I think it is gonna bring our great results


haenko.near - Evgeny - Telegram: Contact @evgenykhaenko haenko4@gmail.com @haenko21

He is technically helping us in the chat, doing a lot of reposts , creating NFT

1.For me Near is a project with a very strong community, team, and fundamental characteristics. Also, near for me is essentially the main job.

2.Near opened up an opportunity for me to prove myself, show how I can help the project, and thereby get a certain job that has improved my life. Tao is one of the factors why this happened, I think without the Tao, what I have now would be impossible.

  1. Scholarship is an important incentive for me to develop myself and at the same time develop near.

  2. I am actively helping to promote near in twitter, constantly study all the new information related to the Ecosystem near, and describe it in my Twitter, the “scholarship” stimulates me to work more actively.

5.Twitter is a place where I can publish my NFTs, and draw attention from others to them, as well as draw attention to the important news of our team.

6.I like Pluminite the most, but I think it needs improvements.

  1. I see my future with near, and I try to express myself as an active member of the community to become a useful and important part of a team.

  2. Less wars and negativity, we are one team and if you fight each other it will be worse for everyone.

brbn.near - Юрий Макбук yura007k@gmail.com he is learning RUST, studying in the NEAR academy ,always talking about blockchain. We are almost everyday in contact with him. Bring his friend on hacaton and he decide to go for 10 month JS courses

⁃ ⁃ Very interesting, exciting, promising project in which you can really develop you )

⁃ Added a bunch of plans and ideas, inspired me because its something new)

  • I am highly motivated as i see with what we are working, that it’s real and it’s so close to a reference to “Near” :wink:

⁃ I still want to collect big amount of near, and not just buy them, and expect that over time it will be more and more valuable, and it will be, the team is cool) and potential is huge )

⁃ Twitter, Facebook

⁃ For now Mintbase

⁃ Why not?) On Instagram, you exhibit your work and get maximum likes and comments, but here with the help of Near your work can even be bought. I would not exhibit on Special Sites because here it is very easy and convenient

⁃ Proposals come to mind from time to time, depending on the goals) now the idea has come: a system of achievements , make specific FTFs, and give to those participants who will perform this or that task first. For example, “Make 50 NFT”, or “Make money on the sale of 50 Near”, or “sell the most expensive NFT”, "collect thousands of followers. Followers can be separate for each social network and achievements can be multi-level, 50, 100, 500, 1000)) as long as it is enough;)

onipenkodima.near - Dima Ютуб, https://t.me/Dima_Cryptoo baikal1109@gmail.com youtuber , doing a videos about NEAR, helping us a lot with managing videos in a right way.

For me, Near, it’s the best project at the moment. I love its fast speed and cheap transactions. I like to sell products from my online store using Near. And I’m glad Near gave me that opportunity.

They have had a major impact on my life. I went headlong into this project and am inspired by it, and with the help of my videos, I want to convey to people all the news about Near, and the fact that cryptocurrency can be a good replacement for an already established system.

Yes of course! With the help of a “scholarship”, I can update my technique and improve the quality of my content. And also, it gives you the opportunity to go to meetings in different cities.

There are a lot of interesting ideas for the next month. With the help of a “scholarship”, there is a high probability of realizing all of them . I want to create a new series of videos, because there is still a lot of information that needs to be conveyed to people.


Youtube, Twitter and Telegram learning how to use pluminite.com


Yes, I see! I want to work on developing this project and reach new heights!

I am selling products and services with Near, and people have the opportunity to buy their favorite products for Near.

We can discuss the cashback system, so that both sellers and buyers are interested in making a payment with the help of Near, thereby developing it.

It can be a percentage of each transaction, even if it is not big but for people, it will be a big plus!

justerror.near - Женя https://t.me/EvangelS

a young boy ,he is doing his best , the potential is not revealed, but the desire to help and the taste is at a high level . I ask him to throw all his work for discussion in a general chat.

  1. Near is my favorite cryptocurrency in which I am interested in and its growth.

  2. Positively, I have met many people, become more active in expressing myself and receive financial support.

  3. Yes, this gives me not only a good incentive, but also more opportunities, for example, to buy a subscription to my favorite program for creativity.

  4. I am generally active and love to help people, and I also have a creative nature that loves to create and make beautiful.

  5. I actively conduct Twitter, there is an account on mintbase, there is no work there yet.

  6. Paras.id

  7. I am trying to be in the project for a long term so i see my future only with Near and Near ecosystem

  8. I have only one wish and dream that Near should be the main cryptocurrency .

vaness.near - Ivan https://t.me/Vaness97 crypto-ivan@mail.ru @vaness_nft

He shows himself very well. For the short period of time I learned about photoshop enough to create a series of animation cards.

  1. It’s an ecosystem that I see a huge number of cool projects and people which are around is fantastic,and that I’m eager to connect to.

  2. At least, gave impetus to an interesting craft, which now brings me pleasure

  3. Yes, first of all, it gives motivation. Secondly, it solves part of the material problems.

  4. It is difficult to answer this question. I will continue to do what I began to do anyway, but the “scholarship” helps in our material world)))

  5. Twitter page (including various comments where people throw off their work) + a large number of telegram groups

  6. It is difficult to figure out which one is the best , both are good in their own way. But on paras I still haven’t been given admission (but the issue is being resolved), so for now, of course, mintbays

  7. Yes, of course, I generally see the future behind blockchains and why Near can’t be the same + as I wrote above, Near gives the opportunity to express yourself, so this is definitely not a temporary phenomenon)

  8. More marketing. As for me, the Near blockchain loses to other blockchains in this aspects (not including the last months only, since a huge number of contests, hackathons and other movements, that’s how it should be)

kseniiashm.near - kseniiashimshek@gmail.com Telegram: Contact @ksks0202 Musician, creates small pieces of music and makes on them NFT in the mintbase.io Recently began to help much more actively, creates a lot of works.

Near for me this is an opportunity for financial freedom, thanks to the grant program I can take time

for my creativity!

“Scholarship” is very important as being talented is not enough, most of the program requires financial investments also any reward is a wonderful incentive to develop yourself!

I would like to see my sales increase as sales from this month are not enough for self-realization.

I use Twitter! I only practice Mintbase and believe in its prosperity! I wish Near will be a part of my life. Propositions for creative growth it is worth each other to retweet, put likes, inspire for good ideas!

animem.near ANIMEM donatiklajkpostavil@gmail.com - professional painter and illustrator. He is doing his best with the ipad. Constantly creates his own NFT. Next month, he takes over a small group of people.

1 NEAR is everything for me at this moment .

  1. Thanks to Near and Tao, my inspiration began to dominate concern.

3 . The “scholarship” is definitely very important for development, training and allowed me to purchase a gadget that significantly increased my opportunities in creativity.

  1. The “scholarship” should be continued due to the fact that now I am one of the organizers of the Hackathon, I have fulfilled all the conditions promoting Near with the help of NFT posters, I involve more and more of my friends in the Near ecosystem among whom there are very influential people.

On Twitter, I have more than 2,000 followers, they almost every day are faced with information about Near nft sites, etc.

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In the following part of the report I would like to summarize what we have done.

If I correctly understand the situation, last month was highly productive from an informational point of view. And I even read that Near took second place after Bitcoin in TWITTER .

I am proposing that we need to double our effort in the information world. I believe that will help us to push NEAR to the MOON.

All important information please send to our chat

Telegram: Contact @nftinfinity (rus, en)

и Telegram: Contact @melodyunicorn (en)

и Telegram: Contact @magicnft (rus)

Help artists to extend their works around the world. Lets make it together. We need effect which is written here GameStop - Wikipedia

Only all together we can do it !!!

Continuing the topic I started earlier, I would like to slightly change the structure of funding and allocate less funds directly for the purchase of NTF (At an early stage of the project) and direct more funds to work with people.

MELODY group Funding

We will leave the MELODY program unchanged for the next month. Its same amount which is 2000N

She still has a group of 8 people who get 150N.

  1. 150 🅝 @Sanj0nas sanjonas.near
  2. 150 🅝 @JAzure6 azur.near
  3. 150 🅝 @bourgeois_ie deanhoffa.near
  4. 150 🅝 @bekkerantn bekkerantn.near
  5. 150 🅝 @grekknhnft grekknhnft.near
  6. 150 🅝 @IpekMorel silkywayart.near
  7. 150 🅝 @be747 thebe.near
  8. 150 🅝 lolarheastyx.near new girl,fantastic artist

MELODY 500N Award

The rest of 300N for internal incentives and possible new people. It is very interesting to look at the following figures of our gallery)))

And since part of the money for the sold tokens was credited to art.sputnikdao.near, before the hackathon began, we had the opportunity to start acting a little earlier than receiving funding for the hackathon.

INFINITY group Funding

  1. ∞ 555 🅝 infinitynft.near :red_circle:its me)
  2. ∞ 500 🅝 sanix.near - a developer who I hope will launch our wallet this month.
  3. ∞ 250 🅝 yana.near Яна -assistant . She is ready to work by his own,teaching the group.
  4. ∞ 50 🅝 ralfusha.near - Ralfusha - https://t.me/Ralfush @Ralfusha3
  5. ∞ 50 🅝 haenko.near - Evgeny - https://t.me/evgenykhaenko @haenko21
  6. ∞ 70 🅝 brbn.near - Юрий Studing, he got a diplom in NEAR academy
  7. ∞ 50 🅝 teacher7454.near. Friend of Ura, he went to 10 month JS courses
  8. ∞ 50 🅝 onipenkodima.near - Dima Youtuber, https://t.me/Dima_Cryptoo
  9. ∞ 50 🅝 justerror.near - Женя https://t.me/EvangelS
  10. ∞ 50 🅝 vaness.near - Ivan https://t.me/Vaness97 @vaness_nft
  11. ∞ 50 🅝 kseniiashm.near - Telegram: Contact @ksks0202
  12. ∞ 150 🅝 animem.near ANIMEM

New people which are locating in Muckachevo :

  1. ∞ 50 🅝 accountant ludmila.near
  2. ∞ 50 🅝 Lawyer. Александра Ив. Шух primavera.near
  3. ∞ 50 🅝 landlord marism.near (уже купил 2 NFT)
  4. ∞ 50 🅝 his partner sveta3t.near
  5. ∞ 50 🅝 designer Tanya . She is already creates NFT
  6. ∞ 50 🅝 cosmetics FLORI, computers which are selling for NEAR, first one who buy our NFT Rudolf . mukachevo.near
  7. ∞ 50 🅝constant translator, trader
  8. ∞ 50 🅝 Дима Telegram: Contact @dmitry_ne_999. Musician ,operator . dmitryne.near
  9. ∞ 50 🅝 Denis codder, traveler Telegram: Contact @Den_Dzen denni.near

∞ 150 🅝 - rent for the office with 3 rooms

∞ 150 🅝 - furniture, equipment

∞ 400 🅝 - one of the most important element of my grant program. This is money to purchase from the NEAR ecosystem.

It is transferred to the participant’s wallet and must only be spent in the NEAR ecosystem. On games, on purchases, on NFT.

It is impossible to withdraw money into fiat and convert into other cryptocurrencies. Who does not comply with this condition 1 time is penalized the next month by 50% of the grant.

In case of repeated non-compliance with the condition the grant is terminated. From my side it means that I have to teach these people how to spend NEAR.

Also in this month all participants will receive grant through the SputnikDao2


Group MELODY - 2000N

Group INFINITY - 2625N + 400N

Budget for buying NFT 1000N

Compensation budget 475N (this money is gonna be use for new people, prizes, drops, and maybe for unpredictable important meetings with important people)

Consuls: infinitynft.near melodynft.near animem.near

(We are trying not to buy works which cost more than 10N, the recommended starting price of 1-5N is better to invest in series with a small circulation, in artists who are constantly working).

Total amount for the month: 6500N

Funds please ask you to send on SputnikDao2 - transform.sputnik-dao.near

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Dear Valentine, first-of-all , thank You for all that You do for Near community. I saw your videos on YouTube, you’re really a great speaker :+1:

I agree with, your sister’s proposal.

I wanna ask you about theses expenses:

As I remember you’re developing this wallet by yourself Or not?

Why do you need extra one developer?
Great guys from INC4 Guild are building the same wallet. Why do you need your own wallet?

Could you please be more transparent? What your guys doing?

Who are these people?

What kind of role has “landlord” and his partner in your NFT project?

What kind of purchases are you considering?

As I understand you work with artists in many countries online. Right? Why do you need a physical office? Near core team work remotely (and it’s really cool :sunglasses:).

What kind of furniture, equipment do you wanna buy ?

Did you make a research how is effective to buy NFT’s ?

Don’t get me wrong, but you requested the biggest amount in the history, $39 000!

2 bedroom apartment in Mukachevo $31 000

Have a great day, dear Валя! And thank You again :+1:


@INFINITY what are you going in the chat?

It’s private

Have a great day!

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Great work has been doing here and great community has been growing because of this project and the near opportunities

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NEAR onboarding in Mukachevo is doing great, we are all impressed by what you are doing!
It is a wonderful innovation and I hope more cities will go after you.
In order to accelerate all NEAR cities growth and thrive we have to set up standards of transparency and efficiency since some of your kpi/okr are offchain and offline.
I’d love to see better structured spreadsheet with the report, where we will see your past efforts, expectations and achievements. We all read about your fantastic progress, please share some numbers with us


Dear bekkerantn, unfortunately their group on Twitter is inactive (3-7 posts a day), 2 other are private. Just wondering what are they doing. How is effective their artists ? Lack of information and communication.

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I am one of that artist and you can check my Twitter about that

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Dear consuls, And deeply respected by me Vadim. I am ready to give reports and figures in the form in which you ask. It was for the sake of transparency and accountability that I found an accountant whose work would be paid in NEAR, as well as a lawyer who also agreed to accept payment in NEAR. It is for the purpose of their placement that I want to rent another room and buy the minimum necessary furniture. Such as a couple of tables, chairs, and a closet where papers can be folded. The budget that I described is slightly higher than the one for which I have already received approval in this thread,

and which I did not specifically request right away, realizing that there would be a hurricane and knowing that I would need this amount in the future. To my great regret, I cannot spend all this amount on the purchase of NTF, since there are many other tasks. Namely, that in the past month a large amount of NEAR was poured into the purchase of NFT and into the development of the TWITTER community, we see good results. See how many new artists have appeared and how the mentions of NEAR on Twitter have grown.
Vadim, please tell me what kind of information you want to receive. Statistics from each Twitter account? About which accounts you say that they are dead, please indicate which ones specifically, maybe I made a mistake in writing and then I can fix it.
Regarding the unknown to me and to all of our acquaintances, we will pick a person who is known in telegrams as Eliot and on this forum Dacha. I do not know who this person is, and none of the people I know answered my question who he is. When I ask him to de-anonymize myself, he refuses. I propose to meet by video link with open faces in Zoom, perhaps one of the roe deer will also want to talk with a person who behaves like a big boss, but whose actions have not yet been seen to be useful. His actions on the forums are extremely controversial and most often negatively aimed at the destruction of communities and aggression, which I consider a deliberate provocation. It is because of the complete anonymity of the opponent that I am not going to answer his questions and requests. I believe that only a person with a transparent and understandable history can demand transparency and honesty. Therefore, I ask for deanomization and the provision of my data, as all honest and open community members do.
If I am doing something wrong, then I beg your pardon, I do many things for the first time and I forgot when I slept more than 5 hours a day. Just tell me where I am making key mistakes. For the last 2 weeks, my working day usually lasted two days and wasted another night on nagging and inappropriate questions from a possibly paid provocateur, I no longer intend, there is no time for this and it is not productive. :wink:

I will make a reference about the amount. Yes, it sounds great, but we need to understand that we work and train a huge number of people (the request indicates a monthly amount for 30 people (although there will be more), and people receiving a grant are not all with whom we have to work and meet every day …

For example, today I met with the technical director of a fairly large corporation that only employs more than 100 people in the office, not counting remote workers. I offered to send some specialists to NEAR Academy, and do you know what question they asked me? How much can a specialist in NEAR earn? I said about 500N per month. To which he received the answer that the amount of $ 3,000 is the minimum wage that their employees receive and this is unlikely to interest at least someone. But he agreed 1) to allocate one specialist in December to study our blockchain and assess the prospects of the project 2) he is ready to send his daughter to NEAR Academy if she can become a participant in our grant program and I will help her.
We have just started our activities and are establishing contacts, but a large number of people are already helping and interested in the NEAR platform. Just look, on some platforms only 1NFT token may cost more and there is already a stake on it.

Therefore, we either work and develop our friendly community, or wait for someone to do it for us.

Best wishes…

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voting “no” because this proposal seems to not fit with what is outlined in the City Nodes Category.

Also, from a personal standpoint, I do not see 6500 N (~$36,000) worth of outlined initiatives here. There are a variety of ways in which I think this proposal should be reworked, but the first step would be to start following what is currently outlines for the Lisboa city node: Lisboa - NEAR Forum

To be perfectly clear, the Lisboa City node has received NO FUNDING for its set up work so far on the forums and the “city-nodes.sputnik-dao.near” DAO is where funding requests should go for city node activities.

Proposal for funding to create the city-nodes DAO

Lastly, I find it highly inappropriate that this proposal was submitted to the community squad DAO without first begin approved off chain.

You have tried this previously with the Creatives DAO: 🔴 I have created an animated film that teaches newbies to open an account and protects them from basic mistakes

And my response was clear then as well: 🔴 I have created an animated film that teaches newbies to open an account and protects them from basic mistakes - #2 by chloe

Proposals for funding should be discussed and approved off chain on the forums FIRST before they get sent to on chain DAOs for voting.


Dear Valentin, it’s not true.

When I ask simple questions, I never get answers. My comments in your telegram groups deleting.

(last 3 questions were deleted 15 minutes ago again)

For example, recently, I have joined in your group and asked a question: “what are you doing here?”. Got two weird phrases from Melody, and my account was banned.

I really don’t understand what are you doing in Mukachevo, what these people doing:

  1. 50 🅝 accountant ludmila.near

Did you open a company like llc? Why do you need an accouter? $300 a month ? Probably, overpriced.

  1. ∞ 50 🅝 Lawyer. Александра Ив. Шух primavera.near

The same question? What king of questions the lawyer is going to resolve ?

  1. ∞ 50 🅝 landlord marism.near (уже купил 2 NFT)

Don’t understand how is landlord can help you in your project

  1. ∞ 50 🅝 his partner sveta3t.near

And his partner

  1. ∞ 50 🅝 designer Tanya . She is already creates NFT

What kind of designers products are you doing to order for your project?

  1. ∞ 50 🅝 cosmetics FLORI, computers which are selling for NEAR, first one who buy our NFT Rudolf . mukachevo.near


  1. ∞ 50 🅝constant translator, trader

? We already have a great Merchants guild .

  1. ∞ 50 🅝 Denis codder, traveler Telegram: Contact @Den_Dzen denni.near

What king of code do you need?

  1. ∞ 500 🅝 sanix.near - a developer who I hope will launch our wallet this month.

Why do you need your own wallet?

  1. ∞ 250 🅝 yana.near Яна -assistant . She is ready to work by his own,teaching the group.

What kind of group she is teaching? Could you please show some results?

  1. ∞ 70 🅝 brbn.near - Юрий Studing, he got a diplom in NEAR academy

What is his role in your project?

  1. ∞ 50 🅝 teacher7454.near. Friend of Ura, he went to 10 month JS courses

How friend of Ura helps you?

  1. ∞ 50 🅝 onipenkodima.near - Dima Youtuber,Telegram: Contact @Dima_Cryptoo

Did he create a video about your project? Could you please show it.

  1. ∞ 50 🅝 justerror.near - Женя https://t.me/EvangelS

What hi is going? As a know he’s a Degen and has own project (man with cardboard).

  1. ∞ 50 🅝 vaness.near - Ivan https://t.me/Vaness97 @vaness_nft

?? If he an artist , why he is not in your sister artist’s group?

  1. ∞ 50 🅝 kseniiashm.near - Telegram: Contact @ksks0202

If she an artist , why she is not in your sister artist’s group? By the way, she has minted a NFT, but actually, original of the picture belongs to YouTube (or fungible). Need a comment from Ksenia.

  1. ∞ 150 🅝 animem.near ANIMEM

What he is doing in your project?

Thank You and have a great day!

Dear Valentine, could you please call the company name? As I see (Робота у Мукачевому. Вакансії у Мукачевому — Work.ua) average monthly salary in Mukachevo for full time work is ~$560 (95N) vs $3300 (555N) of your personal requested payment.

Thank You

Sorry i also rejected the proposal cause it seems like there are still a lot of questions and unresolved issues here.

I would suggest that we reach a common ground offline before we proceed to community squad DAO for funding.

I hope you could understand because 6500N is not a small amount and we need to be transparent and promising to the wider community in terms of the funding.

What i can suggest here is … i saw you have a breakdown of funds that include:

Group MELODY - 2000N
Group INFINITY - 2625N + 400N
Budget for buying NFT 1000N
Compensation budget 475N

I think it’s necessary to have a separate proposal and objective / OKR settings for the usage of these 4 different usage, so that it will be easier for us to give comments and provide suggestions.


tonight I will split the request into several posts and posted in a category created specially for Mukachevo. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding of the mistakes that I still make on the forum. I will correct mistakes