[REPORT] NEAR Native Community — May 2023

I would like to mention is that the guild only received one grant this year.
The grant we requested in April came in the 30th of May, and we haven’t even distributed anything from it yet.
We will do a number of activities in June, based on the funds received.
Also, given the fact that not much funds are allocated, it takes a long time for them to come, this summer we will have to reconsider the work and most likely we will not apply for grants.
We will report back in another activity report and continue our independent work.

May 2023

Previous Proposal:
[Approved] Near Native Community (Social Media Budget) May, June 2023 - one month $3300

Previous Report: April 2023
Approved amount in $: $3,300 for May
Guild name: NEAR Native Community Guild
Wallet: uniteddao.near

:white_medium_small_square: Main Content:
IamHuman is a verification protocol that will give access to voting and a number of other features in NEAR
BOS: The World’s First Blockchain Operating System

:white_medium_small_square: Slightly shorter version on Telegram:
Users will be able to participate in a new contest from Ref Finance and LiNEAR
Shemaroo and the NEAR Foundation will accelerate the adoption of Web3 in India’s media and entertainment industry
NEAR Foundation and PipeFlare jointly rebuild Web3 game market
Launched IamHuman, a verification protocol that will give access to voting and a number of other features in NEAR
The launch of the new decentralized platform by Meta Pool will unite all of the company’s products in one place
Taco Labs and the NEAR Foundation will provide next-generation customer loyalty programs to Shopify retailers
NEAR and Encode will launch a number of joint initiatives, including a hackathon, online workshops, and a bootcamp
Knaq and NEAR’s powerful infrastructure will be the foundation for a new era of fan engagement and increased loyalty in the creative sector
The partnership between the NEAR Foundation and Outlier Ventures is the reason for the launch of the NEAR Base Camp accelerator program
Few and Far announced their own wallet that allows Web2 brands to integrate seamlessly into Web3
AwesomeNEAR portal plans to move to NEAR Horizon platform
With the launch of the Meta Pool DAO, $META token holders will be able to receive their share of the platform’s fees
NEAR integrates Wormhole to launch crosschain communication using ZK technologies in Ethereum
Sale and purchase of NEAR accounts in the form of NFTs is now available to our blockchain users
NEAR to host largest event in Asia-Pacific - NEAR APAC
NEAR will tell the world about BOS at the Collision Technology Conference
Few and Far updated the app interface and added the ability to purchase NFTs using credit cards and payment systems
New update of HERE Wallet 1.5.0 will allow free transfers to friends
NEAR and Aurora will participate in BUIDL ASIA 2023
Launched FastAuth - a new feature in BOS - providing a better registration experience
NEAR and ARterra Labs are transforming the fan engagement process for games

:white_medium_small_square: Daily Content

  1. Telegram News Channel - 62
    Progress: -18,43% (-14 posts)
  2. Twitter - 80
    Progress: +15,94% (+11 posts)

:white_medium_small_square: Events
30.04 - 03.05 Giveaway on Twitter with NEAR Native & QSTN

:white_medium_small_square: Growth

Telegram News Channel - 5985
Progress: -2,61% (-160 users)
Telegram Chat - 10940
Progress: -4,73% (-543 users)
Twitter - 14049
Progress: +1,98% (+273 users)


Thanks for the great work and report.

Can you please help us know the dApps that we’re used most by your community during the last month?

Thank you.

hello Igboze. Thanks for your question.

Since we are still in Web3, when it comes to txs, we cannot determine where the transactions came from. In any case, even if we had the ability to track activity: our community is scattered around the world, and they also use VPNs. You will not be able to track a single transaction in a regional way.

However, feel free to take a look at our content, which itself encourages people to come and try out an dApp, be it HERE Wallet, Spin, Ref Finance, Meta Pool, Rainbow Bridge, Woo on Orderly, Sweat Economy products, Qstn, Burrow or whatever.

I also want to note that our community has seen a number of problems using some dApps, so it was difficult to use Paras in May.

I will add that all the necessary information is in our report in order to understand how the NEAR ecosystem as a whole worked in May and what users could do in the ecosystem, including our personal activities from the NEAR Native community offered to our members.

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Thanks for replying.

I meant the dApps that you exposed your community to during last month.

Also, how was rewards distributed?

  1. Via telegram tip bot?
  2. Via AstroDAO?
  3. Via NEARDROP?
    Or which product on NEAR?

I ask all these because it’s important that all what we do, we should drive on-chain transactions.

Hello, Igboze.

Previously we used to be more active with AstroDAO, but after the tokens we sent 20 days ago to DAO still haven’t arrived - we don’t use it.
I’m guessing until they finalize it.

We will try to use the TipBot more often.
We’re also the only ones running quizzes on the blockchain from guilds, which is a real on-chain activity.
In the near future we will launch not only quizzes, but also a number of activities (we did similar for Aurora, it’s a kind of quest, when users can get tokens for the right code words).
And of course blockchain is involved here.

Also, our new quests on the Zealy platform will include activity on two networks (Aurora, NEAR).

But I would point out that this is a pretty spotty effort, in the sense that guilds and the NDC need to find a better way to retain our users, and engage them too.
It requires a comprehensive approach.
We need to work with projects together somehow and try other ways.