🔴 Mukachevo City Node budget and grant budget for next month


Hello again my dear friends.
Thank you for your helpful advice.

After our last meeting in the forum a lot of cool things happened. First of all, just look at that video which guys from India made. It’s wonderful. I met them because of my first NFT airdrop. I think some of you remember that period. It was my first step in the Near world.

These two guys Dmitriy dmitryne.near and Denis denni.near, one of them is program maker and second one is fantastic musician and video maker. In India they have a fantastic community which is growing day by day. Those guys are very creative and friendly. They have really weak technical equipment but still they are doing wonderful things even with that. Just imagine what they’re gonna do if they will have financial support like “scholarship”.

This is link to see our collaboration :

This is real art! Guys are paid well for this.

Almost everyday they are opening new walletts to all their friends and telling them about Near. We agreed with them that for every wallet which they open they will gget 1N. I am paying them as I promised. All wallets which are open I can check by transactions.

They have fantastic ideas about new content and now they are working on scenarios. They need "scholarship .

All ideas which are in process and discussions you can check with this link:

Also, we made small seminar based on Near and NFT. The main topics to discuss were what is the difference between our platform compare to other blockchain platforms. Also how to find best methods of promotion and NFT sales. In this seminar participated 4 offline persons and 1 was online. Unfortunately video is without volume but i am sending few screenshots

Part of funds N based on https://www.sputnik.fund/#/dao/mukachevo.sputnikdao.near
And 200N on BINANCE

My plan is to do an event on the 19th of September. If some of you guys would like to join please let me know in advance.

I have few marketing ideas for the future and already I made several important discussions about that. On the 25th of September I am invited to the conference which will be about Blockchain. I think there i will find key partners.

Although, from the flow budget I want to create a new product. It is an exciting instrument for the presentation of NEAR and in my point of view is gonna be the cheapest option for converting real NEAR users. It will be fantastic decision for all City Node

In the next month for maintenance and development of Local Node I am asking for funds.

  1. ∞ 555 🅝 (4888$) infinitynft.near :red_circle: its me) If you think that I do not deserve this award, please write it in the comments.)))

  2. ∞ 150 🅝 (1320$) yana.near Яна - (assistant). She is ready to work by his own,teaching the group. She made a fantastic giveaway,

Have you seen this kind of statistics at least once? Jana used the same technology we used to distribute NFT tokens at the beginning.
Such a giveaway is very expensive because of the specialties of mintbase.io . I wanted to compensate for the costs, but I cannot. Unfortunately, the Giveaway was not made for my channel and I can not reward it separately, besides Jana wants to fund from another guild.
I hope it’s appreciated there. She’ll continue to receive 150N as my assistant. And the person responsible for Twitter account…

  1. ∞ 25 (220$) 🅝 ralfusha.near - (junior student) Ralfusha -[ https://t.me/Ralfush](https://t.me/Ralfush](https://t.me/Ralfush)) @Ralfusha3

  2. ∞ 🅝 haenko.near - Evgeny -[ https://t.me/evgenykhaenko](https://t.me/evgenykhaenko](https://t.me/evgenykhaenko)) @haenko21 - Unfortunately, I can’t support him yet, because he’s funded by another guild. Getting paid twice is not normal. Yevgeny, I hope you’re not offended.

  3. ∞ 50 🅝 (440$) (student) brbn.near - Юрий Studing, he got a diplom in NEAR academy. Created fantastic collection of NFT https://paras.id/publication/near-currency-613f0ea341bdf738084d2874
    already learning to write smart contracts

  4. ∞ 50 🅝 (440$)(student) onipenkodima.near - Dima Youtuber,[ https://t.me/Dima_Cryptoo](https://t.me/Dima_Cryptoo](https://t.me/Dima_Cryptoo)) we have plans with him

  5. ∞ 25 🅝 (220$) (student) justerror.near - Evgenyi [ https://t.me/EvangelS](https://t.me/EvangelS](https://t.me/EvangelS))

  6. ∞ 25 🅝 (220$) (student) vaness.near - Ivan[ https://t.me/Vaness97 ](Telegram: Contact @Vaness97) @vaness_nft

  7. ∞ 25 🅝 (220$) (student) kseniiashm.near - Telegram: Contact @ksks0202

  8. ∞ 150 🅝 (1320$) (assistant) animem.near ANIMEM https://twitter.com/AnimemNft

New people which are locating in Mukachevo :

  1. ∞ 50 🅝 (440$) Accountant ludmila.near

  2. ∞ 50 🅝 (440$) Lawyer. Александра Ив. Шух primavera.near

  3. ∞ 150 🅝 (1320$) (assistant) landlord marism.near A trusted friend , a talented organizer, a very strong community builder. Together with sveta3t.near devoted himself to helping us, the whole organization and life on it. In the future plans to develop a series of such nod together with our team. Will study the work with DAO. Introduced the developers of the Trustee Wallet (look in the app store and play market) on September 25, they invited me to Vinnitsa for a meeting. I’m going.

  4. ∞ 150 🅝 (1320$) (assistant) his partner sveta3t.near He helps in the organization, a teacher by profession, we want to conduct regular seminars on NTF and may even develop into a full-fledged school. (she will develop this direction)

  5. ∞ 25 🅝 (220$) (junior student) designer Tanya. She is already creates NFT. Will work on the territory of the node

  6. ∞ 25 🅝 (220$) (junior student) cosmetics FLORI flori.ua, computers which are selling for NEAR, mukachevo.near Natural cosmetics can be placed on branded handmade shelves.

  7. ∞ 50 🅝 (440$)(student) edgarosipov.near Эдгар constant translator, trader

  8. ∞ 50 🅝 (440$) Дима Telegram: Contact @dmitry_ne_999. Musician, operator. dmitryne.near

  9. ∞ 50 🅝 (440$) Denis codder, traveler Telegram: Contact @Den_Dzen denni.near

∞ 100 🅝 (880$) - rent for the office with 2 rooms

∞ 350 (3800$) 🅝 - In-line expenses (in case of balance, they will be carried over to the next month)

TOTAL: 2105 🅝 Approximately $ 18524 (16.09.21)

Everyone who would like to check another parts of our report can use this two links :

@grace @chloe @starpause @David_NEAR @jlwaugh @norah.near @shreyas

To clarify, what is the timeline that these funds are being requested for?


Hi @INFINITY, Thanks for your progress update.

Getting started with a NEAR CityNode is hard work and we appreciate the effort you are investing in raising awareness and educating the people in Mukachevo.

I am grateful to learn about the positive impact that NEAR have had in some the lives of the people.

As we would do with any CityNode, we will need to meet on a monthly basis and discuss the progress made against objectives.

Thank you for your valuable contribution.

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Dear Valentine,

What the purposes for your local city node? Near is already has one hub in Kyiv, Ukraine (their monthly budget (office expenses) is
$2000 + $60 web server ([PROPOSAL] RU Community Guild)


$13 500 ( $5000 your monthly salary + $3000 for your 2 assistance + $5500 for office and other expenses) (1N = $10)

Kiev hub $2060 vs Mukachevo $13 500

:open_mouth: wow

Kiev population 2 988 000 vc 83 903 in Mukachevo

The artist already got a payment from you a month ago (money granted to your sister in July);


The artist already got a payment from you a month ago (money granted to your sister in July);

His a degen and also got a grant from DAO Marketing on his project https://twitter.com/cardboardnear?s=21
What he will study ?

Why do you need a second assistance?
First one is Yana.

What they are learning ? Could you please show us their studying process / progress ?

Why do you need these people? Do you wanna pay to landlord $1500 just because he is your best friend?

Flori UA is your own business


Do you wanna pay her monthly salary with Near budget? Are you seriously?

Average office cost in Mukachevo with furniture
around 3500UAH ($131) . Why do you ask 200N ($2000) + N350 ($3500 for other expenses)?

Valentine, just a month ago you rented an office for Kick node for $150, why are you requesting $2000 now ?

Have a great day!


Dear Valentine, could you also please show your proof of expenses in near wallet transactions. Unfortunately, couldn’t find copter’s pictures on your videos -$51, high-quality shooting - $ 150, Excursion to a castle: 30 people x 300 UAH - 9000 UAH - 328 $, Fireworks.

Have a great day!

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This is one month. Although part of the team has already been without funding since September 5th, and some since September 9th, which is simply not acceptable. This is terribly demoralizing to the community and raises doubts about the possibility of permanent collaboration. And this is taking into account the fact that some members of the community (for example, me and my sister) work up to 20 hours a day !!! And there were siluchais when I did not sleep for several days in a row. If you think that with such a load I asked for a lot, then I just don’t understand anything.