[APPROVED] NEAR Native Community Guild (Managing + Activities + Media Partnerships + Influencers) August 2022

We did rebranding for the guild.
Introducing the NEAR Native Community.

I would also like to point out that because of delays and changes, we only received one small payment for all summer!

We’ve made some great changes to our guild.
We have already distributed employee salaries according to the new development concept.

Because we also work with Aurora community grants progamm, some members of our guild will keep the same salaries, but will not receive them in NEAR.
The work done for one ecosystem will not be reflected in the reports of the other, except for cross-chain activities.

Our fresh report for August:

Telegram (Chat): @near_protocol chat 12,859 subs
Telegram (News) : @near_native channel 8,015 subs

https://twitter.com/near_protocol 11,919 followers

Payout: rucommunity.near
Owner: Vadim

10,000 USD + 100 NEAR

NEAR Native Community team: @zavodil @Vladislav_vl25 @Al-DYOR @Bond


Thank you ever much for great job and move our Community forward.

Happy to support.

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Hey @Vladislav_vl25,

@Dacha has been very supportive of your projects.

Can you break down your estimated number of deliverables for the following:

  • AMAs
  • Quizzes
  • Hackathons

When we’re breaking down roles, it makes it very difficult to understand the deliverables.

Can you outline in more detail what the following roles do and how they’re different?:

  • Community managers
  • Localization manager

Just trying to get a better understanding of what is being delivered.


Howdy, sure.

In August, we did an AMA with projects such as: MyNearWallet, Spin, Cheddar, Waka.

Also to promote NEAR and our community, we held an AMA with the following crypto communities:
a01k.Crypto - 26,4k subs in TG
Vadim participated with Alex Shevchenko, CEO of Aurora Labs on Forklog

Quiz was with Spin team in August: all about Spin.
But we have done a number of contests for the community in cooperation with Incrypted and a01k_crypto.

Hackathon was in July.
You can see the participants and their works by following this link.
Full list of participants our Web4 Hackathon

I’m a community manager and I work more with news, articles, and ecosystem projects. I negotiate with ecosystem projects and invite them for AMA.
Leading all social networks and generating content for them (Twitter, Telegram, Blog).

Andrew working with KOLs and looking for new channels and organizing AMA’s with new communities so that more different communities will learn about our project and come to our social networks.

Alexei’s job as localization manager is to monitor the translators’ work, so that there is no disagreement in the invoices with the work done, make adjustments if necessary, and keep track of the most useful material for translations.

We generate a lot of content and try to bring to our users what they can do in a particular project.
Writing about many activities in our ecosystem.

Unfortunately, because of the situation with Stader, we could not win the guild tournament from this project (the tournament was stopped because of an exploit).
But we were on the first place, our community is one of the most active.

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Your community is active, frequent informative articles and contests. What is the reason for the rebranding of your community? What is the result of the changes and how did the community react to this change? Is rebranding your personal idea or did you conduct a survey among the community?
Thx :blush:

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Hi Vlad,

Thanks for your proposals and detailed report.

The Russian Speaking community is one our most active. I’m wondering whether you have any data on how all these online activities and marketing efforts are translating to people enrolling into Certified Developer courses, participating in hackathons, etc.

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The reason for the rebranding is that projects are often referred our community to only one country, Russia, but this is not entirely true.
Our telegram chat is not built around one country or nation, it is called to help and support all Russian-speaking citizens from all over the world, including those for whom this language is not their native one, but who find it convenient to read news on Russian, ask questions and get answers.
We want to unite all Russian speaking people, just like our blockchain, to show them a new world, to teach them something new.

But we did not do surveys, if that’s what this is about.

We have not received any negative feedback about this rebranding.


We never wrote about it in our reports, but we have a separate chat room for developers.

We often send there news about hackathons, information about our ecosystem grants, and other information that developers will be interested in.

We also helped guys from NEAR Eastern Europe Education.
And they invited people to NCD courses and held seminars.

Plus we covered all the MetaBuild hackathons and most of the participants were from the CIS region.


You are doing a good job. I hope with these changes the number of users of the ecosystem will only increase and in particular it will affect your guild. Thank you for your time and determination in making changes to improve the ecosystem.
Thx :blush:

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Thanks for the clear proposal and for answering the questions from the council and the community.

Happy to support this.


We, too, hope for positive changes, as we always have.

Thank you for your support, Lorraine… :heart_on_fire:

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Thanks for clearing that up and for all the work that you do. Happy to support.

Moving this proposal to approved. You can now proceed with AstroDAO poll.


Thanks, done.

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