Monthly report from Blockspaper(SEA)Update: 26-JAN-2021


We are from Blockspaper ( SEA Blockchain Media & Community). Because of some reasons, We miss the chance to report our works for last two months. Luckily, we are keep moving under the cooperation of Angela who is helping us in building Thai Community.
Here is the late summary:

In Dec and Jan

  1. Build Near Thai Community in telegram
    Telegram: Contact @nearthaicommunity
  • In Dec, we decided to do an airdrop event for giving away 100 NEAR tokens. So our Members increase to 146 members in the last two months.
  • We also use Thai language to make an instruction to teach people how to use NEAR wallet in Group. We are keep sharing news about NEAR project updates in the local language in Thai and the community is very active now.
  • By the way, we also make a cool poster for NEAR Thai community, hope eveyone will like it.

This month, we only publish one article Project Spotlight: Near Protocol คืออะไร ? และกิจกรรม Airdrop ง่าย ๆ to make general updates of NEAR. We are missing some news and article published in our website and we will improve it in the next month. The next Month’s to do list :

  1. Write articles about NEAR ecosystem projects like Paras(NEAR NFT project)
  2. Keep updating news in Thai in NEAR Community
  3. Increase our members to about 200 by attracting people who are in DeFi community
  4. Cooperate with other Guild in SEA markets.

Nice work, @mao.

I think one way of growing the community and really expanding your scope would be to build out a core team for the NEAR Thai community from various backgrounds and really empowering the community to work on interesting projects. For example, you could have someone from marketing work on improving the awareness of the guild, sharing the stuff that you’re all doing with the wider tech community etc. And then have another team dedicated towards developer engagement through hackathons, events, workshops. Just a thought :slight_smile:

Oh, and we also have our amazing marketing rockstar @Laura, moving there very soon, and can help support you all, in case you aren’t connected already :smiley: