[Approved] VanDAO EP Project with BeatDAO & GraffBase

VanDAO EP Project

This proposal is to outline a cross-DAO collaboration between VanDAO, BeatDAO & Graffiti DAO (GraffBase).


Using beats sourced from the BeatDAO community, the VanDAO will select 5 to be recorded on for this collaborative EP project. Currently 12 Beats have been added to a Drive folder and we will collect more from the community.


  • The Beat Submission process will begin February 1st
  • Beat selection will be done by the 15th February, with a few days to confirm the 5 beats selected by the VanDAO commuity
  • Assigning artists to the songs will come next and should take a few days to figure out.
  • Writing to the music
  • Recording the Songs
  • Mixing, Mastering, Cover Art design
  • Release Party (March 2022)


Each DAO will request $500 to total $1500 to make this project happen

$500 in NEAR to vandao.sputnik-dao.near

VanDAO will cover the recording and mastering costs from our share of this request.

cc - @ted.iv @Paul @JohnX


Great idea, BeatsDAO is obviously down for an initiative like this: to bring creatives together in accordance with a theme that benefits all parties in the end.
We will surely factor the requisite amount for our contribution to this initiative in our February budget proposal.

Let’s go!!!


Graffiti DAO are onboard!
Looking forward to seeing what gets kicked off here.

cc: @mwhyden


Our proposal is up:


Peace fam
Super glad to revisit this epic project as a new council member in the Graffbase DAO alongside @Ligaya @pinkalsky and SHAUN SHUB as addressed by @ted.iv .

We look forward to schedule a meeting with @Paul to contribute ideas and join force to the success of this VANDAO EP Project strategy.