[PROPOSAL] Graffiti DAO participation in the VanDAO & BEAT DAO EP Collab

VanDAO EP Project

Graffiti DAO will take part in the VanDAO EP project throughout February and March and this proposal is to outline what Graffiti DAOs participation will look like in this collab.
Check the full VanDAO proposal for further details here.


Graffiti DAO will cover the artworks for the EP, once the beats have been chosen for the final piece. There will be one artwork created per track (5 tracks in total) and one main artwork for the overall EP. We would like to make this a collaborative effort and so while curating the theme of the artwork, we will be inviting other artists to participate so that as much of the community can be included.


Once the beats have been chosen and there is some initial “first draft” of the songs, they will be sent to Graffiti DAO by mid-February. The Graffiti DAO will then create a theme around these songs so as to tie in to the narrative of the overall project. A bounty/competition will be opened up for artists to participate in the second half of February. As this project aims to launch by mid-March, we hope to have all the artworks completed by the 5th of March for revision and promotion.


As per the main proposal, each DAO will request 500$ for February to be put towards the completion of this project.



Hey y’all! Just checking to see if there’s been any progress with the visuals. If I’m not mistaken the idea was to have the beats ready for the design work to begin… @Paul would remember better than myself! @Dedeukwu just tagging you here :slight_smile:


Great thanks for the tag fam, it’s exciting to know we got 6 artworks in total to deliver to this E.P plus I’ve already scheduled a meeting with @Paul and fellow council member @Albhion for tomorrow 1pm WAT for further details, ideation and discussion to the success of this project.

Sweet cross-DAO collaboration i must say, looking forward to the positive outcome.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: