[Proposal] BeatDAO participation in the VanDAO & Graffiti DAO EP Collab

VanDAO EP Project

Check the full detailed proposal here.


BeatDAO will take part in the VanDAO EP project throughout February and March and this proposal is to outline BeatDAO participation in this collab.

BeatDAO is going cover the recording and mastering costs from our share, as originally mentioned in the main request.


Beat submission will be open from 1st of Feb, by the 15th of Feb we should have top 5 beats, chosen by community members. All songs should be ready in the middle of March and release should be completed by the end of March.

Listen to 12 beats, submitted for VanDAO Anthem Hunt. New submissions will be added there!


As per the main proposal, each DAO will request 500$ for February to be put towards the completion of this project.