[Approved] BeatDAO - Funding January & February 2024


About BeatDAO

Beat Dao is an international syndicate of music producers that utilize web3 technology to collaborate and showcase their music in both physical and digital experiences.

Through collaborations with artists and performers from around the world, the collective offers a diverse sound that encompasses global cultures and perspectives. Spanning a variety of genres such as hip hop, dance, EDM afrobeat, and pop, the Beat Dao syndicate pioneers the future of sound and experience.

It is a DAO that incorporates the art of making music and minting on Near dApps and other related sites.

The DAO houses several accomplished and upcoming producers from different countries who have found a way to co-exist under the BeatDAO family. They have also found ways of collaborating and growing the Near Ecosystem through various collaborations that are already minted or in the process.

BeatDAO on AstroDAO

Sputnik BOS BeatDAO

[REPORT] BeatDAO Funding Proposal for September - October 2023

BeatDAO Membership

This form was created to collectively organize ourselves as a community. BeatDao.io is officially live and our next step is to get a solid picture of our community needs.

Beat Dao Community (google.com)

Community Calls with Creatives DAO

Jon Blok, Wizzow, and Big M have always represented BeatDAO at community calls

Team Background

Our council members are diverse music producers from Nigeria, Indonesia, and the United States, each serving as web3 ambassadors in their homelands.

@jonblok - jonblok.near - Jon Blok on near.social

is on-chain as one of the earliest web3 music artists and producers since 2018. He’s an active member of the community and produces a show called Rok the Blok that focuses on web3 creative culture. The show averages 1.7K views per episode.

@wiswiz - wizzow.near - Wizzow on near.social

is an award-winning producer and MC who has worked with Indonesian music award-winning artists since the early 2000s.

@Bigm007 - mayowafatokun.near - Big M on near.social

Big M is a creator. He is currently a council in BeatDAO having been called to service in April last year and this has contributed immensely to his growth as a creator and Near builder. In the past, he has handled several bounties such as BeatDAO Re-making Show.

@Skthealternator - skthealternator.near - SkTheAlternator on near.social

Flipping Samples and community moderation. Over time, we have built the synergy and working values that have enabled us all to work together regardless of race, religion, or other orientation.

BeatDAO on Instagram

BeatDAO on Twitter

Cypher Alley

We’re collaborating with Dao Records and NXM to develop a metaverse environment for the art of freestyle rap. By joining forces with these organizations we’ll be able to expand the overall reach of the event while showcasing the collaborative unity within the Near ecosystem.

BeatDAO Mansion on Near Hub

BeatDAO on Mintbase

Beat DAO Legal Wrapper


Beat Dao is becoming a collaborative home for international music producers and performers to connect. With award-winning talent and accomplished artists as community members, the ‘mainstream’ appeal of Beat Dao and the benefits of NEAR web3 technology continue to grow. Through previous contests and awards for producers and recording artists, we’ve shown our unwavering commitment to our community. Maximizing the website that we have created to promote Creatives’ activities and promote Near Blockchain technology, we’ll continue to inspire our community and share the latest in tech and artistry with the world.

Utilization of NEAR Technology

All of our projects will be available on ALL major streaming platforms while our digital collections and NFTs will be available exclusively through Mintbase for purchase. Our previous NFT offerings and collections have all been offered through Mintbase as well. Beat Dao also operates the metaverse headquarters in the Near Hub. All are integrated directly by our website beatdao.io.


  • Attending IRL events

  • Releasing content and projects

  • Promotion in all member countries

  • BeatDAO will create an independent creative economy

  • Onboarding people into the Near Wallet ecosystem with 1/2/4/8 week account retention

DAO’s Milestones for Proposal

  • Generate profits for our members and new ways to market and sell music

  • Decentralized Music Streaming: Decentralized music streaming platforms have emerged, aiming to provide fairer compensation to artists and greater control over their music. These platforms leverage blockchain technology to ensure transparent royalty distribution and eliminate intermediaries.

  • Fan Engagement and Near Communities: Web3 has facilitated new ways for artists to engage with their fans and build Near communities.

  • Collaborative Music Creation: Web3 platforms enable decentralized collaboration among musicians, producers, and creators. Artists can collaborate on projects, share ownership, and contribute to the creation of music transparently and fairly.

[APPROVED] Beat DAO funding for November 2021

VanDAO x BeatDAO Present - The ‘Rare Vandal Anthem’ Beat Hunt

[APPROVED] BeatDAO Funding Request for January 2022

[APPROVED] BeatDAO Funding Request for February 2022

[Approved] VanDAO EP Project with BeatDAO & GraffBase

[APPROVED] BeatDAO Budget | April 2022

[APPROVED] BeatDAO Budget | May-22

[APPROVED] BeatDAO Budget | June-22

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[APPROVED] BeatDAO Budget August, September and October 2022

[Approved] BeatDAO Funding proposal for June - August 2023

[Approved] BeatDAO Funding Proposal for September - October 2023

Achievement information

  1. Website

Beat Dao


Music Producer & Musicians Services

A wide-ranging roster of Music Producer & Musicians and labels spanning across all music genres: we leverage our solutions towards independent artists eager to reach local audiences as well as global success.

  1. Social media

BeatDAO on Telegram

BeatDAO on Youtube

Every BeatDAO activity, we will promote on our YouTube channel, to Reach 4000 Hours of Viewer Time and 1000 subscribers on YouTube, can be arranged for royalty streaming of our content for future sustainability.

BeatDAO on Instagram

BeatDAO on Twitter

Overall Targeted KPIs

  • 50 - 200+ New Near Wallets

  • 150 - 200+ NFT ticket will be connected directly to the New Wallet (using shard.dog).

  • 150 - 200+ People will be directed to arkana.gg

  • 20 Music NFTs minting on Paras or Mintbase

  • 20 - 50+ New Near Social Accounts

  • 50% - 70% Overall Retention Rate

[PROPOSAL] Project 1 Rok the Blok “Near Community” Sponsorship

Hosted by the animated version of DJ/producer Jon Blok. This late-night style talk show features web3 creators and their amazing projects. With 1.5K - 2K views per episode on YouTube, the show is well-produced and a great way to spotlight the Near community in an exciting and highly entertaining way.

652 views within first 2 days

Funded episode 02: Vandal, MC and web3 entrepreneur

(Episode in production)

Funded episode 03: Pending

Funded episode 04: Pending


Our guests for the 2 remaining episodes have to be replaced because of their current standings within the Near community. It’s come to our attention that some members are still in the process of repaying funds owed to Creatives Dao.

As a result, we’ve decided to postpone the release of their interviews until those matters have been resolved within the Near community. We will be selecting new creatives to interview who do not have any current account balances due and are in good standing with the Near community overall.

Our expected outcomes are on track

Showcase Near creators on a YouTube show with 1.5K - 2K views per episode

Increase engagement with Near projects for a brand-new audience

Inspire the Near community to showcase their projects outside of the Near ecosystem

Release 4 episodes of the show featuring Near creators exclusively

Produce informative and engaging videos. Mix educational content about Near Blockchain with entertaining elements related to music and entertainment.

Make sure the video is well-paced and visually appealing to keep viewers engaged.

Create eye-catching thumbnails that accurately represent the content of videos and entice viewers to click. @jonblok

Budget $0

[PROPOSAL] Project 2 BeatDAO on Finger Drumming Indo


MPC finger drumming refers to the practice of using an MPC (Music Production Controller) to create drum patterns and beats by tapping on the pads with your fingers. The MPC is a hardware device or software application that allows musicians and producers to sequence and manipulate samples, particularly drum sounds. Finger drumming on an MPC involves using your fingers to trigger different drum sounds and create rhythmic patterns in real time. It is a popular technique used by DJs, producers, and live performers to add dynamic and expressive drumming elements to their music.

Support and Partnership


Beat Producer Showcase LINEUP

Soni Chill - Cirebon (West Java)

Jordy Waelauruw - Maluku

Robert Wynand - Bali

Saykoji - Jakarta

Astagah Bonie - Jakarta

Indra Dom Dom - Bandung (West Java)

Mardial - Jakarta

Madsure - Jogja (Central Java)

Husein - Malang (East Java)

Expected Outcome KPIs:

  • Target visitors 150 - 200 people, Open 150+ New Near Wallet Account Creation for general public.

  • 150+ NFT ticket will be connected directly to the New Wallet (using shard.dog).

  • Education and Awareness: Start by educating the finger drumming community about Web3, blockchain technology, and decentralized applications (dApps). Explain the benefits of Web3, such as increased transparency, security, and user ownership of data.

  • 10 Music NFTs from boxers that we will mint on Mintbase.

  • 150+ Onboarding Arkana Membership with an address near.

  • Community Engagement: Foster a sense of community by organizing events, workshops, and online forums where finger drummers can learn and discuss Web3. Encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing among community members.

  • Showcase Web3 Applications: Highlight existing dApps and platforms that are relevant to finger drumming. For example, there could be dApps for music production, collaboration, or even tokenized ownership of music samples.

  • Collaborate with Web3 Projects: Partner with Web3 projects that align with the interests of the finger drumming community. This could involve integrating finger drumming tools or features into existing dApps or creating new dApps specifically for finger drummers.

  • 5 Lucky Draw to win prizes from Arkana.

Activities & Timelines:

Saturday, 17 February 2024

15:30 WIB - Committee Preparation

16:30 WIB - Education about Finger Drumming

17:30 WIB - Prepare equipment for each participant

18:00 WIB - Maghrib prayer break

18:30 WIB - Finger Drumming community performance

20:00 WIB - Education and Awareness about web3 NEAR Protocol technology

20:30 WIB - Beat Producer Showcase

21:30 WIB - Jam sessions

22:00 WIB - Freestyle with the Beat

23:00 WIB - Lucky Draw to win prizes from Arkana

Il Garage Venue $425
Soni Chill (Senior Producer/DJ) $70
Jordy Waelauruw (Senior Producer/Instrumentalist) $70
Robert Wynand (Senior Pr oducer) $70
Saykoji (Senior Producer/Rapper) $70
Astagah Bonie (Senior Producer/Rapper) $70
Indra Dom Dom (Senior Producer/Instrumentalist/DJ) $70
Mardial (Producer) $50
Madsure (Producer) $50
Husein (Producer) $50
MC $100
The Best Freestyle $70
Arkana Lucky Draw for the audience $100
2 Officers Booth for Barcode Scanning & Documentation $75
Banners, T-shirts, Merch $50
Totals $1390

[PROPOSAL] Project 3 BeatDAO Sing-Along Event

The purpose of this event is to onboard as many people as possible through an event where participants can sing along to a song and win 5Near Tokens each.

It is going to be a real-life event in an open place at the University of Ibadan because of the availability of trendy youth who are interested in web3 technology and its use, especially the Near Ecosystem.

The aim is to onboard them through music-related activities as the idea is to bring them onboard through that event and integrate them with the on-chain BeatDAO community.


  • Expected number of participants: 100

  • Expected number of winners: 20

  • Expected number of new near wallets: 50

  • Expected number of new Near Social accounts: 50

  • Account retention rate: 50%-70%

Event Merch $100
Prizes $300
Logistic $100
DJ and Sound $150
Host $100
Totals $700

[PROPOSAL] Project 4 BeatDAO African Dance Music Instrumental EP

It should come as no surprise that dance music has so much value in the globe. It cheers you up, keeps you motivated, and essentially aids in academic work as well as other goal-related tasks like cleaning the house or going to the gym.

A lot of producers need to drop instrumental projects and this is a way of encouraging and inspiring emerging producers to go out of their heads and drop music for themselves and for the fans that listen.

Producers shouldn’t limit themselves to only making songs for artists.

Drawing inspiration from Producers like Juls, Masterkraft, Sarz, TmXO, and Krizbeatz, just to name a few, this project aims to increase the awareness of African Dance Music as a genre and uplift African music.

It is going to be an Instrumental EP. With heavy African influence and elements. It is going to be a movie expressed in music. It would be available on Mintbase, paras, and other digital streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc) to be released under the BeatDAO collective using Ditto Music Label plan for $45/Year.

Expected Outcome

Collaboration among Producers: Foster collaboration within the web2 space and introducing producers/instrumentalists to the web3 music communities.

Community Engagement: Provide a platform for Producers and Fans of African Music to learn about and engage in online discussions about Web3, by planning gatherings, workshops, and online forums. Motivate community members to work together and exchange expertise.

Collaborate with Web3 Projects: Collaborate on Web3 projects, particularly in the African dance music domain. Make contact with a group of music producers who share your interest in this area.

Expected Outcome KPIs:

  • Expected number of new near wallets: 20 -30

  • Expected number of new Near Social accounts: 20

  • Number of streams: 10,000 - 50,000 streams

  • 500 streams on Tamago

  • Account retention rate: 50%-70%

Time Line


Producer $100
Instrumentalist/Musicians $100
Promotion(Playlists, Social Media & DJs) $125
Mixing & Mastering $200
Artwork $50
Contents $100
Distrubution Fee(Ditto Music) $45
Totals $720

[PROPOSAL] Project 5 BeatDAO Quiz on Ludero


Gather high-quality zero-party data, reward quality engagement, and increase your community’s lifetime value

Purpose created BeatDAO Quiz on Ludero, offering on-chain tools that empower the community to Own, Control, and Monetize their social data. Revolutionizing Community Engagement, reimagining community and belonging.

The quiz which will be presented in 2024 is an evolution of the Always on BeatDAO Quiz, apart from sharpening knowledge about Hip Hop Music, we will provide a Quiz related to the technology built by Near Protocol.

Expected Outcome KPIs:

  • 30+ Increase the number of BeatDAO members per month on Telegram, Instagram, Twitter “X” (January - March 2024)

  • 20+ Opens near the wallet every month

  • Enable member presence (active)

  • Broaden your knowledge and understanding of music

  • Strengthen community communication

Activities & Timelines:

  • January 2024

  • February 2024

  • March 2024 (We made the quiz in March because we are waiting for the next funding break)

Quiz Creation + Promotions + Artwork January, February, March $50
January $50
February $50
March $50
Totals $200
Project 1 Rok the Blok “Near Community” Sponsorship $0
Project 2 BeatDAO on Finger Drumming Indo $1390
Project 3 BeatDAO Sing-Along Event $700
Project 4 BeatDAO African Dance Music Instrumental EP $720
Project 5 BeatDAO Quiz on Ludero $200
DAO Managements (Instagram/Twitter/Discord/Activities & Mobility Managements) $1000
Totals $4010

DAO on-chain Address : beat-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Stay Creative, Thanks.

@jonblok @BigM007 @Wiswiz



Hello, BeatDAO team!

I would like to discuss some of the line items in your proposal.

  • For Project #2, specifically the Arkana Lucky Draw, we came to the conclusion that we should reduce the prize of the giveaway from $150 to $100 for this round due to the low foreseeable return it might generate.

  • For Project #3, there is a similar line item for merch in Project #2. We internally agree to reduce the merch budget from $150 to $100 for project number 3. Unless you want to justify the difference, we are open to discussing it with the BeatDAO council.

  • For Project #5, we appreciate the willingness to create a space for community avocations. However, we find that the budget for Ludero quite high. With that in mind, we concur to reduce the opex for it from $100 a month to $50 and see the outcome.

With all being said, Creatives DAO is happy to approve funding for BeatDAO with a new total of $4010 for January & February 2024.

Thank you for building with us! Stay NEAR, stay creatives!

Please note that this decision does not constitute approval for guaranteed funding. Approved parts will be included in Creatives DAO’s collective proposal to NDC, under the review of HOM, COA and NDC Trustees.


We appreciate all of the support that the CDAO team has provided so far.
With great enthusiasm, we will keep on building and strive to strengthen the community.
We will make the necessary adjustments as stated.
Thank you!


This is something amazing, we have partners and sponsors from G-Shock, Pioneer and 3 of the best music stores in Indonesia, one of which is the distributor Native Instruments, this store offers Maschine for Beat Battle prizes. shout out to @ceciliaa12 for being a smart teammate


Beat DAO will hold the event tomorrow at 19:00 WIB. This is the latest flyer update. Beat DAO and the Indonesian Finger Drumming Community have received sponsorship from AKAI, G-Shock, Pioneer DJ, ALTO and received support from the 3 biggest music stores in Jakarta.

This is an additional prize for the Best Performance from Chandracom

Stay Creatives!

@creativesdao-council @Paul @jonblok @vandal @BigM007 @skthealternator