[REPORT] BeatDAO participation in the VanDAO & Graffiti DAO EP Collab FEB-22


I’d like to let you know guys, that BAYOR project which is VanDAO, Graffiti DAO and BeatDAO EP Collaboration, is slowly shaping up.

Let’s dive into some details from BeatDAO side.


In February, community have chosen the top 5 beats for the projects:

  1. DJ Lethal Skillz - BAYOR
  2. SK The Alternator - Jungle
  3. Big M - Undivided
  4. SterryO X VanDAO
  5. Wizzow - Graffiti


In order to be as fair as we can for vocalists in our community, we’ll kick off with the contest in order to select the best ones, who will be able to record songs on winners beats.

Rules for vocalists:

  • interested vocalists should record a 16 bars for one provided beat by BeatDAO, in order to show their skills (entries can be submitted as a group of vocalists),
  • community will chose the best vocalists by voting poll on NxM Discord,
  • vocalist/vocalists who will receive the most votes, will have a privilege to chose as a first one/s beat from the top 5 (2nd will be choosing from 4 beats, 3rd from 3 beats and so on…)


  • contest will kick off in the first week of March,
  • vocalists will have 10 days for submission their entry via google form,
  • voting on NxM Discord will held in the middle of March,
  • winners will be announced at the end of March.

Ok noted, looking forward on the provided beat :v:t4:

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Looking great! It’s been so cool seeing the Rare Vandal Anthem transform into an EP, makes me wonder what’s next!?!

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Okay :100::100: waiting for the beat


I suppose I can add a sample/challenge verse on a Medium post later on for others to get an idea of maybe what the skill floor is

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