[Report] VanDAO Monthly Report - February 2022

Monthly Report - February 2022

It’s been an incredible February, despite the ups and downs (mostly downs) in the market we have made a lot of progress with VanDAO. Based on our February proposal you can see all the cool sh!t we’ve gotten up to.

  • Paras account for VanDAO has been verified and we will be publishing an article to lead up to the VanDAO Membership NFT Drop!
  • Telegram Group is up to 118 members and counting

Project Updates:

Rare Vandal Anthem

So, in our attempt to do a Hype Battle with HypeDAO we were met with a few challenges. We didn’t get any entries worth selecting, so I’ve ended up commissioning an artist I’ve been wanting to work with who is based in Malaysia and I’ll be onboarding him soon! I’ve had to up the budget from $150 to $250 though.

Next step is the MV we will be shooting - see our March proposal request to see the details

The song is mixed and mastered and ready to go though!


We purchased the 10 VanCHAN NFTs via the DAO using the custom function call for the first time. We had around 28 entries on Paras!

You can find all the NFTs in our DAO here - Wish there was a way to sort or group them!

We also launched the Writing Challenge for VanCHAN, but I’m unsure we are going to get any entries in for this as the response has been “crickets”.


We haven’t been able to make much progress here, so the build is going very slow and steady. Soon we will be making some updates as we get ready for the TROACO and the official drop in March. See our March funding proposal for more on that!


Together with BeatDAO and GraffBase we are putting together an EP featuring members of the VanDAO community. The progress so far is that we’ve selected the 5 Beat that will be used. Coming up March 1st will be getting the vocalists to start to create their parts for recording!


VanDAO 3D Avatar

We have a few entries for the 3D Avatar Bounty to be used in our NearHub build and gifted to all the official members of the community! Announcing the winner here.

Other Notables:

  • Secured an IRL “VanDAO Studio” in Lisbon :partying_face:
  • Creation of the Rare Vandal profile on :notes: Tamago is live!
  • Submission in for the MetaBUILD :building_construction: Hackathon for TROACO!
  • Rare Vandal x Dj Lethal Skillz Entry for NearNauts x BeatDAO Anthem Hunt :rocket:

March is going to be very eventful! Thanks for riding with me :100:


Well done, More to come​:+1:
Any chance of foreigners becoming members?

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What’s a foreigner? We’re all Web3 here, no matter where we’re from on this planet! Just join the Telegram and we’ll see you there :slight_smile:

This is very accommodating

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