[Approved] Telegram AMA Proposals for Sept 2021

Hey there, this is Yunus from Near Protocol Moderator Team

For the last month We’ve been collecting Google Forms: Sign-in and filtering telegram Marketing Proposals
in cooperation with @jcatnear @Benz_Near @stanisnear

We would like to give a start for local AMA sessions.

We have chosen 7 small Community Groups for this month
These groups have around 1-10k members each and require 200-400$ to host an AMA on their channels.

You can see all the details on the chart below for each group.



İletişim bilgileri Zaman damgası,Your Organization and Representative Name,MY Approval,Contact Person Telegram Handle,Your Main Telegram Community Channel Link,Your Twitter Channel Link,Your Discord Channel Link,Your target audience i.e…

What will be done:
1- the host will create a banner and post a tweet about AMA. 2-3 days prior to the AMA
2- collect questions about the AMA under this tweet (also asking to join our telegram and follow our twitter - (as this way decrease the AMA attendance we also consider getting some questions during the AMA by opening a 5 minute window)
3- before the day of the AMA we will receive and prepare answers for the questions on both their local language and in English as well.
4- the group will host the AMA on their community chat and in the end the rewards will be distributed to the eligible participants

goal: is to raise awareness of Near Protocol in Local Communities and attract new community members to our Community Channels.

Note: these communities were chosen among 12 proposals and was monitored for a few days for their activity and actual interaction.

expected reach of audience after these event series: 100k~ people
expected follower return after event completion: 5-10k people.

Total Requested amount for 7 AMA’s (host+rewards) is 2250$ which is (at the time of posting 1N=8.1$) 278 NEARS


Hey @KriptoRaptor,

This seems all up to scratch to me. I’ll move it to approved if nobody has any objections.

Other MarketingDAO council members are free to chime in if they like

cc @cryptocredit @norah.near @satojandro

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thanks @David_NEAR I really believe these low budget marketing campaigns will help people get to know Near Protocol and Near Ecosystem better, And bring in more enthusiast members into our community.

We are going to discuss some details on application of these AMA’s with @jcatnear at 10pm (UTC) tomorrow 22nd of Sept. I have some ideas to implement into these AMA’s.

And I am having talks with largest Turkish telegram community representatives for our next Telegram Marketing Campaign. This can take a few more days.

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@David_NEAR @KriptoRaptor all looks good to me too!

Nice to see a well drafted proposal with simple and clear goals - will be interesting to see the results :slightly_smiling_face:


an update for the payout: total requested amount in Near is 2250$/7.4 = 304N (1N=7.40) will be directly delivered to the AMA hosts right after is the Payout is approved. And I will give a start for the AMA’s as planned the rest 100$x7= 700 USD will be distributed to the AMA participants Near wallets. I will post the txid’s under this topic. NEAR Protocol price today, NEAR to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap

@jcpacion @David_NEAR @cryptocredit @norah.near

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