[Report] Telegram AMA's Sept 2021 Report

Hello there. I wanted to post this report earlier but had to postpone the last AMA to the 4th so the rewards distribution took some time.

Right after the approval and receiving funding [Approved-Proposal] Telegram AMA Proposals for Sept 2021
I gave AMA’s hosts go and decided the dates right away.

Processing: AMA COLLECTION - Copy.xlsx…

I took them on an exchange and converted 304 Nears for 2300 USDT approx. (@ ~7.56) that day.

spared 750 for the rewards 7 groups in total 7*100= 700 USDT to be given for the rewards

sent the rest 1550 BUSD to the 7 different hosts

(details can be seen on the excel chart I uploaded above, feel free to contact their representatives and confirm this)

Starting on 28th of Sept the final one was on 4th of Oct. (this can also be seen on the excel chart above)
I belive I have successfully carried out this duty. AMA’s were fun and educative for both me and for the participants as I also had to do some extra research about Near and the Ecosystem. It was beneficial for the larger groups, the attendance and excitement was good.

I took this screenshot of our Telegram Official and Twitter just before the AMA announcements

and this is right after the last one

to monitor the difference on the follower count.
surely there are many variables and good news affecting this data, I wanted to share it anyways.
maybe for the next time we can try measuring this using link trackers.

after successful completion of AMA’s I have converted back 800$ stable coins for 94 Nears (@ 7.97)
and sent to yns.near then distributed them to the winners of the AMA’s near wallet addresses

supposed to be 70 (10$ usd 10 x 7) winners but one group has distributed rewards from the host fee I’ve sent so I kept those funs. Sent the rest to the 58 winners Near Wallet addresses (two were disqualified by host) details can be seen here
58 x 1.35 N (10.7$ worth) each = 78.3 N sent. 94-78.3= 15.7 N still remaining in the wallet
can be seen here NEAR Explorer | Account


I believe these AMA’s were really helpful for the spread the word about near community and raise awareness.
I have learned a lot the first thing is this is a really time consuming and not an easy task but definitely teaches you a lot because you also need to prepare for the pre-asked questions not mentioning the ones you get during the AMA part 2 telegram the good thing is that you can choose the best ones among them.
I am not an AMA expert but this was definitely a teaching and both tiring experience and these was the first of mine.
I believe we should focus on bigger communities more, yes small communities matter but I really don’t think it’s worth for the effort and the cash we spent.

Lessons learnt.

  1. AMA’s are super beneficial but requires extra time and commitment.
  2. Reaching out to oldest and Largest (older than 2-3 years old and preferably +50k) communities should be the goal (we have already discussed this on the bi-weekly telegram meeting)
  3. We should always ask detailed statistics of that community channel and predict amount of bots and real person interaction with also monitoring for a week or more.
  4. Checking out their twitter follower count is also very important. Because it’s where they make the announcements and have influence about their followers and others too. i.e. largest crypto communities are usually interact on twitter and telegram (for Turkey).
  5. to avoid extra workload and to make it easier to track, Payments too should be offered in Nears instead of stablecoins

I would like to hear your feedbacks and what do you think about my last thoughts, thank you for your time.

@David_NEAR @jcatnear @JMaenen @3UN1C3 @grace @cryptocredit @Benz_Near @stanisnear @satojandro @Dacha

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You and all admins do excellent job. I see how tg moderators team pay attention to every member. Tons of interesting up to date information Thank You.

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Hello @KriptoRaptor thank you!

This is exactly the level of detail and transparency that is greatly valued in reporting activities and initiatives in the forum. Thank you for this awesome AMA idea in TG.

I think we should continue with this type of engagement and invite as many communities as possible to be part of the conversation.

keep doing GREAT work! :star_struck:


thank you grace! didn’t want to miss any details. also wanted to post SS from the events but it will be a mess and difficult to arrange that huge data. tho if friends want to ask anymore questions they shouldn’t hesitate :hugs:

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Excellent job friend! This proved to increase community engagement, and it´s a great activity to increase NEAR reach all over the world! And as Grace said, i love how detailed this report is! Keep up the good work mate :slight_smile:

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