[Closed] January 2023

Hello. I am Maxim.

It has been in the Near ecosystem for over a year now. 
I actively follow projects and chats. I am a member of many cryptogroups of Near Telegram channels and other blockchains. The ecosystems around them have a problem with attracting users and a huge problem with working with influencers. 

I know how I can solve this problem, namely - Holding contests, writing and compiling news posts (including graphics), inviting bloggers, influencers and other projects to AMA sessions. Cooperation with other blockchains, from small competitions to large-scale hackathons. 
What will it bring to the ecosystem? Practice shows that with the invitation of new influential people, news about this project is better distributed through those channels where Ryadom has not even been heard of. 

At the moment there are 900+ projects in Middle. Many projects enjoy a very dubious reputation. We will personally test these projects, invite their teams to AMA sessions, ask about implementation difficulties or delays. The community will ask their questions. This will allow you to write articles about the stages of the project, give the community the opportunity to personally learn about the news of interesting projects, share their wishes and criticize low-cost projects.

Expected Result:
Telegram chat 600 subscribers

Discord 300 subscribers 

Tiktok 100 followers. 

Twitter 300 followers. 

2 to 4 AMA sessions per month.
Conducting various competitions within the community and 1 collaboration with another blockchain.
Conducting colloquia will provide an opportunity to see the strengths of competitors and the weaknesses of our blockchain. We will be able to attract new developers and influencers to us.

Expenses for 1 month:
AMA sessions are rewarded with $100.
Community Competition Rewards - $500.
Collaboration with other blockchains - $200.
Organization of events, maintaining Telegram channels, Twitter, incl. etc. including moderators salary - $600

We want to spend Ama with influencers and bloggers. AMA of this kind with influencers is good marketing for new users. We are planning cooperation with such blockchains as Ton, Aptos, Solana. Regarding competitions, we want to hold tournaments like chess, creative contests to attract new users.

Total: $1400


Hello! Thank you for your proposal. Could you please fill out the form Marketing DAO Proposal Application ?

And update links on your project.

Hello,updated link ser.

Hello! Could you please give no details here?

  • AMA - with whom?
  • Competition- what kind of competitions?
  • Collaborations with other blockchains - what is the list?

Thank you!

There’s not enough detail for me to support this proposal in this format. Please review the guidelines and consider updating.

Hi @Stardust thnak you for your proposal.

I also would suggest that you review the guidelines linked by @so608

Unable to support in current form

Hi @Stardust,

Thank you for your proposal. I agree with @so608 and @cryptocredit, there’s not enough detail in this proposal or examples of previous work to warrant moving forward. Unfortunately, I cannot support your proposal at this time.

Added an answer to the questions
@so608 @Dacha @cryptocredit @Klintl
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: