[Report] Telegram AMA Oct/Nov 2021

Hello there
this is the report of

[Approved] Telegram AMA Proposals for Oct 2021

first one was done on 17th of Nov. We started a bit late due to Nearcon event during which the sputnikdao proposal expired several times. @David_NEAR and I carried out together David represented us. the AMA was in English and they translated it into Turkish during the live (text) AMA.
i think it was worth. It attracted attention from Turkish investors and both active crypto users.
here is a ss from the announcement tweet:

-87.1 Nears were sent to the first AMA host [talhainfal.near] for hosting fee (1.000$ usd worth)
and 107.76 N (10.76*10) (100$ Each total reward was 1000$ in usd) to the AMA winners as requested by AMA host.

-100.1 Nears were sent to the 2nd AMA host [respecttrade.near]
and 50 Nears for the rewards (10*5)

-73 Nears were sent to the 3rd AMA host [lupo.near] (600$ usd worth)
and 50 Nears for the rewards (10*5)

-100 Nears were sent to the 3rd AMA host [ranzerf.near]
and 50 Nears for the rewards (5*10)

Toal Spent: 618.7 Total Requested was 660N : Remaining funds on the wallet yns.near: 41.3

all subject transactions above can be seen here: https://explorer.mainnet.near.org/accounts/yns.near

**in between these transactions you can see sending 0.25 *4=1N extra spent which was spent for Nearcon Poster event. Those guys were making some trouble on the main chat and complaining a lot. So i did a quick image search and wallet check and sent each 0.25 after making sure they aren’t asking multiple times.

The second, third, and the fourth was in Turkish. I represented us and tried my best, feedback were positive. (you may visit their groups and ask for feedbacks)

the third AMA recap was published here as we agreed on https://koinsaati.com/near-protocol-projesi-topluluk-yoneticisi-kripto-raptor-ile-ama-etkinligi/