[Approved] Telegram AMA Proposals for Oct 2021

Hello there.
We have successfully completed the last batch of AMA’s on Sept and Introduced our Protocol and Ecosystem to the communities.

We’re aiming higher this time.
Our goal is to introduce Near Protocol and it’s Unique features by highlighting it’s Superior Climate Neutral Sharded Blockchain Architecture, high speed and low fee transactions, awesome dApps, user friendly wallet and strong community to the Turkish Audience.

This time I propose 4 different communities.

1- Coinmühendisi (one of the largest and most active communities)

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @Coinmuhendisi - 52K members
Twitter: https://twitter.com/coinmuhendisim 143K followers
Telegram representative: @ coinmuhendisidestek
Telegram Stats: 3 weeks old.

Total requested fee: 220 Nears= 120 for the tweets and hosting and 100 for Community Rewards (to be given to 10 people)

  1. Respect Trade (a reputable old community)

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @RespectTrade 14.6 K
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KriptoDayii 67k and https://twitter.com/RespectTrade 7.2K
Telegram Representative: @ Mir_Yildiz
Telegram Stats: a week old

Total Requested fee: 150 Nears 100N for the tweets+hosting and 50 for rewards (for 10 ppl) I will distribute the rewards.

  1. Tutulamayanlar

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @tutulamayanlar 24.6 K
Twitter: https://twitter.com/_tutulamayanlar 16.6 K
Telegram representative: @ akincnr
Recap will be published here: https://www.tutulamayanlar.com/
Telegram Stats: 3 weeks old

Total requested amount: 170 Nears= 120 for the tweets+hosting+recap and 50 (for 10 ppl) for rewards.

  1. Koinsaati

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @koinsaati 14.6 K
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KoinSaati 10K
Telegram Representative: @ brshcgl
Telegram Stats: ps. it’s four weeks old
Recap will be published here: https://koinsaati.com/category/ama/

Total requested amount: 120 Nears= 70 for tweets+hosting+recap 50 for rewards (for 10 ppl).

If we plan to do an AMA in each of these groups it will cost us ~660 Nears.

They will post and make an announcement of the event from their twitter accounts and will host the AMA (some will also publish the recap) Some will also publish a recap after the event.
I’m going to deliver the hosting fee and rewards in Nears myself from the wallet yns.near if approved. I will post the Date and Time of the AMA’s and further updates here.

Please let me know what do you think of each group and the proposal in general.
We don’t have to schedule them all at once.
We can choose some and discard others or plan for another month.
But if you think it’s worth for all four I’ll make the plan right away and settle on a date.
@David_NEAR @JMaenen @jcatnear @cryptocredit @Benz_Near @stanisnear @grace


btw, these prices were already bargained with.
Our Telegram Official Stats for comparison.

Wonderful post, as always.

Looks great to me! Got my support.

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I really like this proposals, specially the first and the second one! You also got my support :wink:

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660NEAR total for 3 groups? Sounds reasonable. Are we redirecting them to the Turkey group or our main group or both?


Yes 660N, and they’re actually 4 groups (and I might probably be returning some of that amount depending on the exchange rate of the day of delivery, because two of them insisted on Stablecoins. Even then they accept Nears I will be converting it and keeping the rest) I will post the Transaction ID’s nevertheless

I was thinking of linking them to the telegram Official and both Near Turkey @cizi31 .
What is your proposal?

According to my experience 95% of Turkish Crypto People doesn’t speak English very well, they often follow influencers and analysts

Linking to both works for me.

fine then. it has been 19 days since I put down the proposal here and more than a 6-7 weeks since we first contacted to these people.

if all of them sound good, I change post to approved and asking for funding.

@jcatnear @David_NEAR @cryptocredit @JMaenen @grace @aleadorjan

hey there!
we are going to do the first one on 17th of November, 06.00PM at Telegram: Contact @Coinmuhendisi @David_NEAR will representing us and I will also be there. Feel free to accompany us


we will do the second AMA here Telegram: Contact @RespectTrade
tomorrow 20th of Nov 06.00 pm UTC- 09.00 PM Tr time

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the third ama is here today 29th of Nov 05.00 PM UTC. Telegram: Contact @koinsaati

the last one is on Wednesday 1st of Dec 05.00 PM UTC Telegram: Contact @kriptobi (45K members) actually this last one was supposed to be here Telegram: Contact @tutulamayanlar (25k Members) but due to some problems/disagreements we had to move it to their partner group. which is even more active.