[Approved] NEKO Morning Show Podcast-Monthly Funding Request December

NEKO Morning Show Podcast-Monthly Funding Request December

Section 1 - Project Information:


Neko Morning Show - Monthly Funding Request (November)

Established 02/15/22

Section 2. Previous Funding:

  • Neko has received funding for the Neko Morning Show from the below approved proposal.

  • Neko does not receive any additional funding from other sources.

[Approved] NEKO Morning Show Podcast-Monthly Funding Request October [Edited 10/22/23]

Section 3. Project URLs:

Twitter: 26,989 Followers

TikTok For Live Podcast: 8,839 Followers

Instagram: 415 Followers

Youtube: 725 Followers

Reddit : 290 Followers

Twitch 106 Followers

Kick: 31 Followers

Spotify 15 Followers

FaceBook 7 likes • 11 Followers

NEAR Social: 75 Followers

The Neko Morning Show is meant to target all regions and countries with a time frame Tuesday- Thursday @ 8 AM UTC which allows a larger international presence in the viewers as opposed to typical U.S. based spaces or Podcast.

Section 4. Applicant Information:

Noah Major (Neko) / Sohib Mihyar (Neko)

Section 5. Team Members:

Hosts: Noah Major, Sohib Mihyar

Social Links:

NEKO Twitter: 27,000 Followers

nono mediakit:19,000 Followers

Soos Twitter: 1,034 Followers

Noah Major - Host & Coordination:

Noah has been making content for Neko since July 2022, and has been creating his own educational content on Tiktok since July of 2020. He has grown his Tiktok platform to more than 8k followers and has achieved millions of total views. He has built up his personal following to more than 19k.

Noah is currently the PR Manager/Social Media Manager for Neko and JumpDefi, host of the Neko Morning Show and a Neko Content Creator.

Noah has loved getting the chance to have a voice in the NEAR ecosystem, and ever makes the effort to serve the Neko and larger NEAR community through alpha calls, stats-based informatives on NEAR, ecosystem highlights, and job opportunities to get the community more involved in the decentralization experiment that is NEAR. He is excited to continue the growth and development of the NEAR ecosystem, from the inside out, in an immutable, accessible, silver-platter-brought-to-your-doorstep fashion with Neko. He firmly believes that NEAR is the future, and will continue to endeavor to ever make it so.

Sohib Mihyar - Host & Coordination:

Soos, with a background in aviation as a pilot, decided to put his pilot career on hold to pursue his newfound passion for web3 and NEAR Protocol. His unwavering dedication shines through in everything he does, making him an invaluable asset to the Neko team and a driving force behind its growth and success.

Soos’ commitment to education and knowledge-sharing has inspired and empowered countless individuals to begin their own web3 journey.

Soos is the Learn2Earn Manager for Neko, host of the Neko Morning Show, Co-Host for Boneyard Gaming and Neko content creator.

Section 6. Experience:

What related qualifications, experience or track record does your team bring to this initiative?

Nono has been managing the JumpDefi / Neko Social Media’s since December of 2022 as well as acting as their PR Manager. He has succinctly rolled out important updates and news related to the companies, while at the same fostering high engagement on Twitter and creating hundreds of Tiktok educational videos (the team has put out 503).

Soos has been leading the Learn2Earn side of NEKO, creating quality content to help onboard users in the NEAR ecosystem.

As the Learn2Earn Manager for Neko, Soos has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the Learn2Earn program. Through his innovative strategies and dedication, he has brought immense value to the program, helping countless users grasp the intricacies of web3 and NEAR, empowering them to earn and grow within the ecosystem, and making sure that rewards are distributed to participants.

Soos and Nono successfully led 4 Seasons the Neko Morning Show
(4 funded) & (1 unfunded) NEKOMorningShow.

The Season 3 Neko Morning Show (October) we held 8 NEKO Morning Shows which had a total of (7,740 views) with an average of (967.5 views), and a total of
(120,252 impressions) with an average of (15,031 impressions per show) across multiple streaming platforms.

The Season 4 Neko Morning Show (November), we held 8 NEKO Morning Shows which had a total of (5,019 views) with an average of (786 views), and a total of (108,508 Impressions) with an average of (13,563 Impressions per show) across multiple streaming platforms with 3 (No Data/Experimenting with a new feature) Episodes.

Total impressions and viewership was with a cost of $0.88 per view and $0.04 per impression.

Not only did they lead a highly successful Neko Morning Show with impressive numbers but they also made a significant contribution as content creators to the NEKO social media accounts. They created a total of Hundreds of short videos across multiple social platforms,as well as expanding and growing NEKO Media to 9 different social media platforms all aimed at educating and onboarding more users to the NEAR Protocol.

With the new implementation of very successful interactive tasks that aimed to funnel viewership to on-chain transactions and active users, the NMS successfully drove users into NEAR-native dApps and projects such as NEAR Social, HEROES Build, JumpDefi, NEKO, namesky, MetaPool and many more .<Report>

The Neko Social accounts serve as the main hub for educating the NEAR community and acts as a gateway for new users to join the NEAR Ecosystem.

Section 7. Project Goals:

Project Description:

The Neko Morning Show is a pioneering multi-platform Morning Streaming show, uniquely positioned to reach a diverse global audience. Our unwavering commitment is to keep our viewers well-informed about the NEAR Ecosystem, including new project releases, updates, and comprehensive educational content. Our approach goes beyond mere explanations; we demonstrate real-time actions and processes, ensuring that our audience can easily follow along.

Our core objective is to establish trust and relatability with our audience by delivering consistent, informative live broadcasts enriched with real-time demonstrations. Our primary goal is to reach a broad audience on web3/web2 across all platforms to educate and onboard more people to the NEAR Protocol. We aim to bridge the knowledge gap and cultivate understanding among a wide-ranging audience, encompassing both web3 and web2 users across various platforms. Our mission is to elevate both short and long-form content, ensuring that NEAR remains at the forefront of news and reports in the blockchain world, while also facilitating user onboarding to the NEAR Protocol.

In sum total, we are constantly pushing to increase transaction counts on NEAR, interact with as many DAPPs as possible, and we want to transition viewers and listeners into onchain users.

We are truly grateful for the tremendous support of our audience and the Marketing DAO, whose collaboration and contributions have been invaluable in helping us reach and engage with a wider audience.

What Problems Are You Aiming to Solve?

True to the same spirit that NEAR itself was founded in, we are trying to solve the accessibility problem of Web3 Education and the difficulty of onboarding new users into web3. We achieve this by providing a high-quality podcast complemented by real-time demonstrations and interactive tasks for viewers to learn on whatever platform they can access across the world, whether it’s live or recorded, audio or video podcast.

Problems we are Solving:

  • Social media app restrictions in some countries.

  • Lack of actual demonstrations on how to interact with new blockchain DApps or smart contracts.

  • Overwhelming information for new and existing Web3 users.

  • Trustability issues in Web3.

  • Traditional Engagement, Education and Onboarding.

In summary, we are the podcast equivalent of the lab practical that follows a lecture. We truly believe in the hands-on approach to teaching and learning, as well as learning side by side with our community. A lecture or presentation alone is worthless, which is why we are so adamant about diving headlong into these interactive tasks.

How Does This Project Help Solve the Problems You’ve Listed

  • The NEKOMorningShow initially began on TikTok, but we encountered limitations in reaching a broader audience due to countries restrictions and user preferences.

By expanding our show to multi-streaming platforms to reach people across various social media platforms around the world whether they are from Web2 or Web3. This expansion has significantly enhanced accessibility for our audience and helps to increase our total impact.

  • One of the distinctive features of our NEKO Morning Show is the live demonstrations we provide for the topics we cover. This enables us to engage with our viewers and demonstrate in real-time how to embark on their NEAR Protocol journey, surpassing conventional audio explanations. This approach empowers our audience to actively participate and simplifies Web3 education, making it more accessible and comprehensible.

  • The Neko Morning Show serves as an educational platform and a valuable resource for onboarding new users to the NEAR Ecosystem. Our show provides essential information to kickstart their journey by guiding them towards the right DApps, featuring new project releases, and shedding light on existing projects within the NEAR Protocol.

We leverage various tools, such as QR code scans, to direct viewers straight to the websites or social media accounts we are covering. Additionally, our consistently updated tickers and captions for each episode serve as effective reminders for viewers regarding important news. This consistent highlighting during each episode of the show helps both new and existing viewers stay updated on the latest developments within the NEAR Ecosystem, enabling them to catch up quickly.

-Building trust through informative and transparent content is one of the show’s goals with On-camera hosts facilitating live demonstrations of the dApps and smart contracts we cover, allowing us to directly interact with our viewers and establish trust. We also leverage various tools, such as QR code scans, to swiftly direct viewers to the respective websites. This eliminates the need for extensive searching and reduces the risk of accessing potentially unsafe sites related to the dApps we discuss.

  • By creating Interactive tasks that involve viewers in practical activities related to the NEAR Protocol, such as using DApps or understanding blockchain concepts, this makes the show more engaging for viewers. We encourage active participation, such as creating memes, participating in contests, or completing tasks, which enhances the overall viewing experience.These tasks provide a hands-on learning experience. Viewers can directly engage with the topics being discussed, which can help them better understand and retain the information and assist in onboarding new users to the NEAR ecosystem by making complex ideas more accessible.

Neko Morning Show Goals:

Expand Reach Across Web2 and Web3:

  • Broaden the audience on various social media platforms with diverse content formats such as live podcasts, short videos, TLDR Threads & TLDR videos, and audio.

Diversify Podcast Options:

  • Introduce additional podcast options, incorporating audio podcast feedback and TLDR content formats in video/audio/threads across all NEKO Social Media.

Increase OnChain Transactions and User Engagement:

  • Utilize interactive tasks and bounties through DApps like HEROES Build and NEAR Socials (ShardDogs, JumpDefi, NEKO, etc.) to increase on-chain transactions and active users.

Support NEAR Ecosystem Projects:

  • Aid all projects building on NEAR Protocol to strengthen and contribute to the NEAR ecosystem.

Onboard More Users:

  • Facilitate the onboarding of both new and existing NEAR community members to various NEAR projects.

Promote NEAR NFT Projects:

  • Generate interest and participation in NEAR NFT projects among users through NFT Project floor sweep for Interactive task rewards and bounties.

Educate on NDC Governance and NEAR BOS:

  • Educate and provide insights into NDC Governance and NEAR BOS, emphasizing their benefits and inspire more community participation in all NEAR-centric objectives and pushes.

Build Community and Retention:

  • Foster a stronger sense of community among NEAR Protocol users and Web3 enthusiasts, aiming for user retention and long-term engagement.

Produce Short-Form Content for Learn2Earn:

  • Regularly upload short-form content on TikTok/IG/YouTube, focusing on NEAR Ecosystem news and updates for Learn2Earn.

Contribute to Constant Growth:

  • Maintain continuous growth, contribute value to the NEAR community, demystify complex topics, and enhance NEAR’s reputation as the preferred location for a seamless onboarding process.

Scale Neko Audience Impact:

  • Consistently scale the Neko audience and impact through short-form, long-form, and streaming content, including TLDR Threads, benefiting all NEAR users and developers.

Section 8. Project Deliverables:

  • Conducting 8 Live Streams per month, featuring a diverse array of guests from both inside and outside the NEAR ecosystem, with the objective of enhancing viewers’ understanding of NEAR.

  • Hosting projects and developers within the NEAR Ecosystem, and incorporating influential Web3 personas with a large following to enrich the content.

  • Expanding our reach to a broader audience, encompassing both Web2 and Web3.

  • Introducing diverse podcast options, including audio podcast feedback and TLDR content formats, specifically tailored for Spotify and Spotify podcasts.

  • Onboarding more users to NEAR projects, catering to both newcomers and existing members of the NEAR community.

  • Transitioning viewers and listeners into on-chain users by utilizing interactive tasks as well as DApps like HEROES Build.

  • Generating greater interest among users in NEAR NFT Projects, A sweep at the end of the show for interactive tasks and bonties supporting the project and the ecosystem.

  • Producing regular short-form content uploaded to TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify for Learn2Earn, with a focus on highlighting NEAR ecosystem news and updates.

  • Creating TLDR Threads on NEAR Social for each episode to provide concise summaries and highlights.

  • Implementing bounties for interactive tasks to increase active user engagement on NEAR Utilizing Product like HEROES Build.

  • Enhancing DApps interaction within the NEAR ecosystem to further enrich user experiences and engagement.

The Neko Morning Show aligns with MDAO, HOM, COA directives by prioritizing (KPIs) that educate viewers about the NDC, active projects, and the BOS. Additionally, we aim to boost active users and transactions by converting views into active users, utilizing our tools for effective demonstration and community education. Progress will be monitored through metrics like views and impressions across all supported social media platforms.

The Neko Morning Show has effectively cultivated a devoted and expanding community of attendees. Its impact extends beyond mere viewership statistics, as it has made a substantial contribution to the growth and engagement to NEAR Ecosystem through our social media presence. We are delighted to observe a substantial rise in our audience size and their active participation across multiple social media platforms. .<Report>

Section 9. Budget:

  1. Live Stream Podcast:

We are on a mission to stream on as many social media apps as we can to reach a broader audience across the globe, encompassing both Web2 and Web3. Our goal is to educate the community and onboard new users to the NEAR Protocol. We have expanded our reach by streaming on 9 platforms, including TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Kick, Facebook, Spotify, Spotify Podcast as well as
NEAR Social.

Work Breakdown:
Research hours (per week) Time/Pay breakdowns of 2 Hosts:

Noah Major (Nono): 3 hrs of Research / 1 hr of Collaboration & Guest Coordination / Organization per Stream / Host Stream up to 2 hrs while monitoring 7+ Socials / 1 hr of Graphics Creation for Marketing (7 hrs total) = $200

Sohib Mihyar (Soos): 1 hr of Research / 2 hr of Interactive Task Delegation & Learn to Earn / 1 Audio/Video Setup per Stream / Host Stream up to 2 hrs while monitoring 7+ socials / 1 hr of notifying communities and organizing attendance. (7 hrs total) = $200


Multi-platform Stream $400 per stream (8x per month, $3200 total cost)

  1. Short-Form (TLDR) Videos, Audio and Threads for Spotify,Spotify Podcast, NEAR Socials and other social media accounts:

The NEKOMorningShow podcast is meticulously edited to spotlight crucial information and news. This option is perfect for those with limited time who can’t dedicate 1.5 to 2 hours for the pre-recorded podcast or catch the live broadcast. Our content is available on Spotify, featuring both video and audio formats. Additionally, we share the TLDR videos on social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube as well TikTok.

For those who prefer to read, we create a concise TLDR thread that we share on NEAR Social and Twitter. This approach provides a flexible choice for our audience, allowing them to listen, watch, or read the TLDR for each podcast. Our multi-platform strategy aims to cater to diverse preferences and make our content accessible to a wider audience. We’re keen on refining and adapting our approach based on valuable feedback to continually enhance the overall user experience.


For each episode, we produce 5-7 TLDR videos and 1 thread, highlighting key information and news from NEKOMorningShow. The short videos usually vary from 1 to 3 minutes, generating a minimum of 40 TLDR videos and 8 threads. Our existing TLDR short bank comprises a Total of 111 shorts ( 58 TLDR Audio/Video Season 4 alone).

($25 short video +1 Thread each episode ) (4 -7 videos per stream + 1 Thread = $100) 8 episodes 32 TLDR Short videos Minimum + 8 Threads = $800 Total Cost.

  1. Production Costs:
    Premium Streaming Service / Production Upgrades / Automation / Mod = $400 / Month

Total Amount requested: $4,400

Wallet: Nekotoken.near

Start date of the proposal will be December 5. If approved. @marketingdao-council


The #nekomorningshow is not just onboarding users to near protocol but also helps to sharpen skills for those eager to excel within Near protocol. It’s really really a fascinating show and the numbers show for it.


latest News update,
Work/Learn to earn,
all from the Neko Morning Show.
Big love :heart::heart::heart:


"Grateful for the Neko Morning Show! :sunrise::cat: I learn more about near ecosystem and more about crypto, thanks for the insightful lesson is really amazing and also thanks to our amazing host soos and nono they are the best, they make learning fun and accessible. Each episode is a valuable journey into the world of cryptocurrency. Keep up the fantastic work! :clap: #NekoMorningShow #Nekomorningshowisthealpha


So strong keep going! :heart_eyes:


The NMS is the home of alpha on NearProtocol and web3. The show should continue been broadcasted.


The Neko morning show is a great way to find all of what is Near. The team are well organised professional’s educating a whole range of audiences from all over the world, great knowledge and great competitions. I’ve been attending from s1 and seeing it grow and grow.
Keep up the great work Neko, I’m looking forward to next season and more!


The Neko morning show delivers great opportunities to its viewers to get involved with the show and in the near eco system.

Providing upto date topics, news and alpha in every researched episode.

Soos and Nono deliver this in such a friendly environment with the viewers and the viewers are always getting involved in the chat.

From great news, alpha and security in navigating the eco system they wrap it all up in these episodes

Keep doing great guys, you’re a staple in the near eco system.


NEKO Mornign Show is deffo one of the best educational projects in the exosystem, real OG’s and a fully-dedicated team!

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Thank you for your proposal and outstanding work.

Before I recommend and support your proposal for December funding, I have a quick question. Your social impressions are really great, and your channels have improved over the past month. How did you keep track of on-chain interactions and account retentions?

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Hello @Bakaka, regarding the matric tracking on the onchain data and account retentions, our report covers all the activities aimed at guiding standard viewers towards an active onchain wallet for NEAR users. while we dont have an exact numbers, I’ll provide a brief explanation and average data here:

The interactive tasks aim to onboard and assist new users in starting their journey on the NEAR Protocol and empower existent users and content creator. Our tasks can range from simple activities like tweet campaigns to editing TLDRs, videos, and memes. There is a variety of activities that we engage our viewers in towards this goal. To achieve onchain data and account retentions, we leverage Dapps such as Heroes Build and ShardDog As well NEAR Socials.

So far, we have initiated more than 31 bounties on Heroes Build, distributing over 9.3 million NEKO Tokens as bounties rewards.

On a weekly basis, we feature approximately three bounties, with two reserved for whitelisted users and one open to the public.

Anyone can be whitelisted if they are interested in creating a TLDR. However, they must undergo a series of training sessions on editing before being whitelisted to participate.

TLDRs typically involve around nine participants, while the public bounty is open to submissions to everyone and winners will be ranging between 2 to 10 people. To engage with the bounty, participants are required to have NEAR Tokens as a bond before interacting.

about 95% of the people engage on our Interactive task are reclaiming bounties weekly.

We have eight ShardDogs available for claiming, with one released in each episode throughout the entire eight-episode season. Previously, viewers could claim each ShardDog through a QR code provided live on the NEKOMorningShow. However, for this season, starting from the launch of NEKOMorningShow to NEAR Socials, we have made a slight adjustment to encourage new users to sign up for NEAR Social and actively engage with it.

Now, the QR code presented on the show will redirect users to NEAR Social, where they need to engage with the TLDR thread, and finding the ShardDog link for the NEKOMorningShow within the thread to claim it.

In an effort to encourage participation, we are also offering the chance to win 1 Classy Kangaroo NFT. This NFT can be staked on the JumpDefi website, and the lucky winner will be selected from those who have actively interacted with NEAR SOCIAL and successfully claimed all ShardDogs.

On average, we consistently see 7-10 people actively engaging with each new TLDR thread, which also applies to ShardDog claims.

NFT Sweep every end of the season:

The NEKOMorningShow strongly believes in the NFT community and the remarkable results and benefits it brings to the ecosystem. We take this opportunity to express our support for the NFTWG and its mission to foster the growth of NFT projects and the community on NEAR.

At the end of each season, we select one Active collection to support the project and ecosystem, facilitating the onboarding of new users while contributing to overall ecosystem development. To date, we have distributed numerous NFT collections, including 19 Thinker Union and 20 Cafe Citizens NFTs, along with various others such as MMC, FF, GFF, Rogue Foxes, and more throughout all our shows. We always like to select a collection that is
These NFT distributions serve as rewards for active participation in our interactive tasks (limited to on-chain users). Each participant is eligible to win only one of these NFTs, with an average reward of 19 to 30 NFTs per user per season.

In the Future we plan to work with the NFTWG to help us select the right NFT project for each season

Stakeable Token Rewards:

At the conclusion of each episode, we offer tokens to those actively engaging with us during the show and following our screen demonstrations. As mentioned in our previous reports, an illustrative example includes an episode where we discussed Namesky, sharing our screen to guide viewers on creating NEAR Domains, listing them, and making purchases. We provided Stakeable token rewards to those who visited the Namesky dapp and acquired a domain wallet during the show. This practice extends to all the dapps we feature and host throughout the show, such as Octopus Network, El-Cafe, Marmaj, and more. The average number of participants and reward distribution is around 8 users each episode.

The NEKOMorningShow will consistently prioritize onboarding, on-chain interaction, and account retention while empowering the community. We are always open to improvements and the implementation of new ideas from both the community and the @marketingdao-council , advisors, and HOM | COA.


Full support to the team that revived Memes & NFTs on NEAR! Keep doing the good work lads! :heart::raised_hands:


Thanks for the clarity, happy to recommend for next funding round

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@NEKO @Soos thanks for the proposal and detailed breakdown of the ways you are driving on-chain activity with your content. The use of interactive tasks, QR codes, token rewards for specific actions, ShardDogs and Heroes bounties are best practice use cases for aligning with KPIs outlined by the NDC.

I can support this for December funding. For transparency, we will be announcing a bounty program and updates to content creator funding soon (hopefully this week). These changes may affect the way we will be able to fund your project in the future.

In the meantime, keep up the good work.


Hi @Soos thanks for your proposal. I recognise the work you are doing and am happy to support your funding request for December. Please note the comments from @so608 regarding changes to content creator funding starting in January.


NEKO’s consistent contribution is impressive; looking forward to more shows!


Thank you for your support. We will do our best to keep bringing value to the ecosystem.

Noted, Thank You for the support

More to come for sure ;), Thank you for the support we appreciate it

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Dear Neko team! Your proposal was approved :rocket:!

Marketing (Eco) DAO December’s funding procedure:

  1. :green_circle: December 18 - 22nd time for proposals from the Community, updates accordingly to NDC Metrics;
  2. :green_circle: December 22-24th reviewing by MDAO councils, approval on governance forum, and creation post-request to NDC (HOM, CoA, NDC trust);
  3. :yellow_circle: December 25 -29th reviewing by HOM members ans voting on-chain;
  4. :red_circle: First week of January, in case of successful approval by HOM, HOM will pass the request to CoA to vote on-chain;
  5. :red_circle: First week of January – reviewing and voting by CoA;
  6. :red_circle: Once the CoA gives its approval, the Trustees will carry out the transaction, provided that the expenses align with the Trust’s objectives;
  7. KYC can be required for new applicants.